1. Enable AMI packaging ops on source AMIs (details)
Commit 1ad02615c118302957694fc78c22d079a6e5e22c by John Lamb
Enable AMI packaging ops on source AMIs
This adds `--source-ami` to `oct package ami` so that you can launch an
instance from a non-ready AMI, run acceptance tests, and then mark the
source AMI as ready if the tests pass.
The file was modifiedoct/ansible/oct/playbooks/package/ami-mark-ready.yml (diff)
The file was modifiedoct/ansible/oct/roles/aws-up/tasks/main.yml (diff)
The file was modifiedoct/cli/provision/remote/ (diff)
The file was modifiedoct/cli/package/ (diff)
The file was modifiedoct/ansible/oct/playbooks/provision/aws-up.yml (diff)
The file was modifiedoct/ansible/oct/playbooks/package/ami.yml (diff)