Started by user Brenton Leanhardt [EnvInject] - Loading node environment variables. Building in workspace /var/lib/jenkins/jobs/test-customer-diagnostics/workspace Run condition [And] enabling prebuild for step [BuilderChain] [EnvInject] - Injecting environment variables from a build step. [EnvInject] - Injecting as environment variables the properties content OS=centos7 TESTNAME=crdt GITHUB_REPO=rhcarvalho GIT_BRANCH=pre-flight-checks INSTANCE_TYPE=c4.xlarge OS_ROOT=/data/src/ [EnvInject] - Variables injected successfully. [workspace] $ /bin/sh -xe /tmp/ + vagrant origin-local-checkout --replace --repo openshift-ansible --user rhcarvalho --branch pre-flight-checks You don't seem to have the GOPATH environment variable set on your system. See: 'go help gopath' for more details about GOPATH. Waiting for the cloning process to finish Cloning openshift-ansible ... Cloning From * [new branch] master -> upstream/master * [new branch] ocp-3.4 -> upstream/ocp-3.4 * [new branch] release-1.1 -> upstream/release-1.1 * [new branch] release-1.2 -> upstream/release-1.2 * [new branch] release-1.3 -> upstream/release-1.3 * [new branch] release-1.4 -> upstream/release-1.4 * [new tag] openshift-ansible-3.0.98-1 -> openshift-ansible-3.0.98-1 * [new tag] openshift-ansible-3.2.42-1 -> openshift-ansible-3.2.42-1 * [new tag] openshift-ansible-3.4.10-1 -> openshift-ansible-3.4.10-1 * [new tag] openshift-ansible-3.4.11-1 -> openshift-ansible-3.4.11-1 * [new tag] openshift-ansible-3.4.12-1 -> openshift-ansible-3.4.12-1 * [new tag] openshift-ansible-3.4.13-1 -> openshift-ansible-3.4.13-1 * [new tag] openshift-ansible-3.4.14-1 -> openshift-ansible-3.4.14-1 * [new tag] openshift-ansible-3.4.15-1 -> openshift-ansible-3.4.15-1 * [new tag] openshift-ansible-3.4.16-1 -> openshift-ansible-3.4.16-1 * [new tag] openshift-ansible-3.4.17-1 -> openshift-ansible-3.4.17-1 * [new tag] openshift-ansible-3.4.23-1 -> openshift-ansible-3.4.23-1 From * [new tag] openshift-ansible-3.2.35-1 -> openshift-ansible-3.2.35-1 * [new tag] openshift-ansible-3.2.36-1 -> openshift-ansible-3.2.36-1 * [new tag] openshift-ansible-3.2.37-1 -> openshift-ansible-3.2.37-1 * [new tag] openshift-ansible-3.2.38-1 -> openshift-ansible-3.2.38-1 * [new tag] openshift-ansible-3.2.40-1 -> openshift-ansible-3.2.40-1 * [new tag] openshift-ansible-3.3.38-1 -> openshift-ansible-3.3.38-1 * [new tag] openshift-ansible-3.3.39-1 -> openshift-ansible-3.3.39-1 * [new tag] openshift-ansible-3.3.40-1 -> openshift-ansible-3.3.40-1 * [new tag] openshift-ansible-3.3.41-1 -> openshift-ansible-3.3.41-1 * [new tag] openshift-ansible-3.3.42-1 -> openshift-ansible-3.3.42-1 * [new tag] openshift-ansible-3.3.43-1 -> openshift-ansible-3.3.43-1 * [new tag] openshift-ansible-3.3.44-1 -> openshift-ansible-3.3.44-1 * [new tag] openshift-ansible-3.3.45-1 -> openshift-ansible-3.3.45-1 * [new tag] openshift-ansible-3.3.46-1 -> openshift-ansible-3.3.46-1 * [new tag] openshift-ansible-3.3.47-1 -> openshift-ansible-3.3.47-1 * [new tag] openshift-ansible-3.3.48-1 -> openshift-ansible-3.3.48-1 * [new tag] openshift-ansible-3.3.49-1 -> openshift-ansible-3.3.49-1 * [new tag] openshift-ansible-3.4.18-1 -> openshift-ansible-3.4.18-1 * [new tag] openshift-ansible-3.4.19-1 -> openshift-ansible-3.4.19-1 * [new tag] openshift-ansible-3.4.20-1 -> openshift-ansible-3.4.20-1 * [new tag] openshift-ansible-3.4.21-1 -> openshift-ansible-3.4.21-1 * [new tag] openshift-ansible-3.4.22-1 -> openshift-ansible-3.4.22-1 Origin repositories cloned into /var/lib/jenkins/jobs/test-customer-diagnostics/workspace + '[' -n 3 ']' + set +x *****Locally Merging Pull Request: + test_pull_requests --local_merge_pull_request 3 --repo openshift-ansible --config /var/lib/jenkins/.test_pull_requests_crdt.json Checking if current base repo commit ID matches what we expect Retrying... attempt: 2 Retrying... attempt: 3 Retrying... attempt: 4 Retrying... attempt: 5 No matching bot comment was found for pull request #3 on repo openshift-ansible Local merging pull request #3 for repo 'openshift-ansible' + pushd openshift-ansible + git checkout pre-flight-checks Already on 'pre-flight-checks' + git checkout -b tpr_pre-flight-checks_brenton Switched to a new branch 'tpr_pre-flight-checks_brenton' + git pull pre-flight-checks From * branch pre-flight-checks -> FETCH_HEAD + git pull pre-flight-checks --tags From * branch pre-flight-checks -> FETCH_HEAD + git checkout pre-flight-checks Switched to branch 'pre-flight-checks' + git merge tpr_pre-flight-checks_brenton + git submodule update --recursive + popd ~/jobs/test-customer-diagnostics/workspace/openshift-ansible ~/jobs/test-customer-diagnostics/workspace Merge made by the 'recursive' strategy. Makefile | 2 +- 1 file changed, 1 insertion(+), 1 deletion(-) Already up-to-date. Updating 86a8c39..be434c8 Fast-forward Makefile | 2 +- 1 file changed, 1 insertion(+), 1 deletion(-) ~/jobs/test-customer-diagnostics/workspace + vagrant origin-local-checkout --replace You don't seem to have the GOPATH environment variable set on your system. See: 'go help gopath' for more details about GOPATH. Waiting for the cloning process to finish Cloning origin ... Cloning source-to-image ... Cloning origin-web-console ... Origin repositories cloned into /var/lib/jenkins/jobs/test-customer-diagnostics/workspace + pushd origin ~/jobs/test-customer-diagnostics/workspace/origin ~/jobs/test-customer-diagnostics/workspace + INSTANCE_NAME=origin_crdt-centos7-5 + GIT_URL= ++ echo ++ sed s,https://,, + + CRDT_DIR=/data/src/ + env + sort _=/bin/env BUILD_CAUSE=MANUALTRIGGER BUILD_CAUSE_MANUALTRIGGER=true BUILD_DISPLAY_NAME=#5 BUILD_ID=5 BUILD_NUMBER=5 BUILD_TAG=jenkins-test-customer-diagnostics-5 BUILD_URL= CRDT_PULL_ID=3 EXECUTOR_NUMBER=32 GIT_BRANCH=pre-flight-checks GITHUB_REPO=rhcarvalho HOME=/var/lib/jenkins HUDSON_COOKIE=ec81fd5a-0034-42fc-97ab-0b1619422dd5 HUDSON_HOME=/var/lib/jenkins HUDSON_SERVER_COOKIE=ec11f8b2841c966f HUDSON_URL= INSTANCE_TYPE=c4.xlarge JENKINS_HOME=/var/lib/jenkins JENKINS_SERVER_COOKIE=ec11f8b2841c966f JENKINS_URL= JOB_BASE_NAME=test-customer-diagnostics JOB_NAME=test-customer-diagnostics JOB_URL= LANG=en_US.UTF-8 LOGNAME=jenkins MERGE=false NLSPATH=/usr/dt/lib/nls/msg/%L/ NODE_LABELS=master NODE_NAME=master OLDPWD=/var/lib/jenkins/jobs/test-customer-diagnostics/workspace OS=centos7 OS_ROOT=/data/src/ PATH=/sbin:/usr/sbin:/bin:/usr/bin PWD=/var/lib/jenkins/jobs/test-customer-diagnostics/workspace/origin ROOT_BUILD_CAUSE=MANUALTRIGGER ROOT_BUILD_CAUSE_MANUALTRIGGER=true SHELL=/bin/bash SHLVL=3 TESTNAME=crdt USER=jenkins WORKSPACE=/var/lib/jenkins/jobs/test-customer-diagnostics/workspace XFILESEARCHPATH=/usr/dt/app-defaults/%L/Dt + vagrant origin-init --stage deps --os centos7 --instance-type c4.xlarge origin_crdt-centos7-5 Reading AWS credentials from /var/lib/jenkins/.awscred Searching for latest base AMI Found: ami-5e456949 (devenv-centos7-base_2503) ++ seq 0 2 + for i in '$(seq 0 2)' + vagrant up --provider aws Bringing machine 'openshiftdev' up with 'aws' provider... ==> openshiftdev: Warning! The AWS provider doesn't support any of the Vagrant ==> openshiftdev: high-level network configurations (``). They ==> openshiftdev: will be silently ignored. ==> openshiftdev: Warning! You're launching this instance into a VPC without an ==> openshiftdev: elastic IP. Please verify you're properly connected to a VPN so ==> openshiftdev: you can access this machine, otherwise Vagrant will not be able ==> openshiftdev: to SSH into it. ==> openshiftdev: Launching an instance with the following settings... ==> openshiftdev: -- Type: c4.xlarge ==> openshiftdev: -- AMI: ami-5e456949 ==> openshiftdev: -- Region: us-east-1 ==> openshiftdev: -- Keypair: libra ==> openshiftdev: -- Subnet ID: subnet-cf57c596 ==> openshiftdev: -- User Data: yes ==> openshiftdev: -- User Data: ==> openshiftdev: #cloud-config ==> openshiftdev: ==> openshiftdev: growpart: ==> openshiftdev: mode: auto ==> openshiftdev: devices: ['/'] ==> openshiftdev: runcmd: ==> openshiftdev: - [ sh, -xc, "sed -i s/^Defaults.*requiretty/#Defaults requiretty/g /etc/sudoers"] ==> openshiftdev: ==> openshiftdev: -- Block Device Mapping: [{"DeviceName"=>"/dev/sda1", "Ebs.VolumeSize"=>25, "Ebs.VolumeType"=>"gp2"}, {"DeviceName"=>"/dev/sdb", "Ebs.VolumeSize"=>25, "Ebs.VolumeType"=>"gp2"}] ==> openshiftdev: -- Terminate On Shutdown: false ==> openshiftdev: -- Monitoring: false ==> openshiftdev: -- EBS optimized: false ==> openshiftdev: -- Assigning a public IP address in a VPC: false ==> openshiftdev: Waiting for instance to become "ready"... ==> openshiftdev: Waiting for SSH to become available... ==> openshiftdev: Machine is booted and ready for use! ==> openshiftdev: Running provisioner: setup (shell)... openshiftdev: Running: /tmp/ + break + vagrant sync-customer-diagnostics -c -s Running ssh/sudo command 'rm -rf /data/src/; ' with timeout 14400. Attempt #0 Running ssh/sudo command 'mkdir -p /centos/.ssh; mv /tmp/file20161114-12045-1ucl17o /centos/.ssh/config && chown centos:centos /centos/.ssh/config && chmod 0600 /centos/.ssh/config' with timeout 14400. Attempt #0 Running ssh/sudo command 'mkdir -p /data/src/' with timeout 14400. Attempt #0 Running ssh/sudo command 'mkdir -p /data/src/ && chown -R centos:centos /data/src/' with timeout 14400. Attempt #0 Running ssh/sudo command 'set -e rm -fr /data/src/; if [ ! -d /data/src/ ]; then git clone --quiet --bare /data/src/ >/dev/null fi ' with timeout 14400. Attempt #0 Synchronizing local sources Synchronizing [openshift-ansible@pre-flight-checks] from openshift-ansible... Warning: Permanently added '' (ECDSA) to the list of known hosts. Running ssh/sudo command 'set -e if [ -d /data/src/ ]; then rm -rf /data/src/ echo 'Cloning openshift-ansible ...' git clone --quiet --recurse-submodules /data/src/ /data/src/ else MISSING_REPO+='openshift-ansible-bare' fi if [ -n "$MISSING_REPO" ]; then echo 'Missing required upstream repositories:' echo $MISSING_REPO echo 'To fix, execute command: vagrant clone-upstream-repos' fi ' with timeout 14400. Attempt #0 Cloning openshift-ansible ... + vagrant ssh -c 'cd /data/src/; git checkout -b pre-flight-checks origin/pre-flight-checks' fatal: Cannot update paths and switch to branch 'pre-flight-checks' at the same time. Did you intend to checkout 'origin/pre-flight-checks' which can not be resolved as commit? Build step 'Execute shell' marked build as failure Publish artifacts to S3 Bucket Build is still running Publish artifacts to S3 Bucket Using S3 profile: Jenkins-AWS Publish artifacts to S3 Bucket No file(s) found: origin/artifacts/** Publish artifacts to S3 Bucket ‘origin/artifacts/**’ doesn’t match anything, but ‘**’ does. Perhaps that’s what you mean? [description-setter] Could not determine description. [PostBuildScript] - Execution post build scripts. [workspace] $ /bin/sh -xe /tmp/ + INSTANCE_NAME=origin_crdt-centos7-5 + pushd origin ~/jobs/test-customer-diagnostics/workspace/origin ~/jobs/test-customer-diagnostics/workspace + '[' -f .vagrant-openshift.json ']' + /usr/bin/vagrant destroy -f ==> openshiftdev: Terminating the instance... ==> openshiftdev: Running cleanup tasks for 'shell' provisioner... + popd ~/jobs/test-customer-diagnostics/workspace [BFA] Scanning build for known causes... [BFA] No failure causes found [BFA] Done. 0s Finished: FAILURE