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1 failures (+1) , 5,168 skipped (+5165)
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Took 4 hr 30 min.

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 Kubernetes e2e suite.[sig-network] Networking Granular Checks: Services should function for endpoint-Service: http20 sec1

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Kubernetes e2e suite4 hr 29 min1+15165+5165605+6055771+5771
clean up local configuration for deprovisioned instances0.17 sec0011
deprovision virtual hosts in EC23 sec0066
deprovision virtual hosts locally manged by Vagrant0.34 sec0011
ensure we have the parameters necessary to bring up the AWS EC2 instance0.15 sec0202
ensure we have the parameters necessary to deprovision virtual hosts38 ms0101
provision an AWS EC2 instance1 min 25 sec003030