1. Add a missing : to if line (commit: 377ac1e) (details)
  2. Update image local build script (#14599) (commit: fcd56bc) (details)
Commit 377ac1e8bae2aa5198f9c4735ad40e394e6ad599 by Ben Bennett
Add a missing : to if line
There was a missing : that was breaking the script.  This corrects it.
(commit: 377ac1e)
The file was modifiedhack/ (diff)
Commit fcd56bc28981f4f8292894ac7d43805ebe01646c by Ben Parees
Update image local build script (#14599)
* Use the full image name for local image build FROM
When we are writing the `FROM` statement for the local image build
Dockerfile, we need to use the fully qualified name of the image we
building on top of.
Signed-off-by: Steve Kuznetsov <>

* Ensure local image tmp dirs are cleaned up on error
When the script fails to build an image, we need to ensure that the
Signed-off-by: Steve Kuznetsov <>

* Removed extraneous comma from local build debugging output
Signed-off-by: Steve Kuznetsov <>
(commit: fcd56bc)
The file was modifiedhack/ (diff)