1. ipfailover - control preempt strategy (commit: 80f1713) (details)
Commit 80f1713b8375dfdc523230098434a9eebd93d160 by pcameron
ipfailover - control preempt strategy
This allows the admin to control the VRRP preempt strategy. The default
strategy, preempt_delay <sec>, switches to the higher priority master
after a <sec> (default 300) delay. The second strategy, nopreempt,
suppresses switchin when a higher priority host becomes available.
The 'oc adm ipfailover --preempt-strategy' option can set the desired
strategy. --preempt-strategy sets the OPENSHIFT_HA_PREEMPTION
environment variable.
bug 1465987
openshift docs PR 4674
(commit: 80f1713)
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