1. Make the master endpoint lease ttl configurable (commit: 72514e8) (details)
Commit 72514e8d971133448a621f8105cbb81bad2ed939 by Clayton Coleman
Make the master endpoint lease ttl configurable
Very large clusters can fail to update TTL in a reasonable time.
(commit: 72514e8)
The file was modifiedpkg/cmd/server/api/v1/types.go (diff)
The file was modifiedpkg/cmd/server/kubernetes/master/master_config.go (diff)
The file was modifiedpkg/cmd/server/api/v1/swagger_doc.go (diff)
The file was modifiedpkg/cmd/server/api/v1/conversions.go (diff)
The file was modifiedpkg/cmd/server/api/types.go (diff)
The file was modifiedpkg/cmd/server/kubernetes/master/master_test.go (diff)
The file was modifiedpkg/cmd/server/api/v1/types_test.go (diff)