1. Add --rolebinding-name to policy commands (commit: 2b72402) (details)
  2. Update completions (commit: a3ab73a) (details)
Commit 2b7240296852c01a5e37d0ca293d56b9a1a95715 by mrogers
Add --rolebinding-name to policy commands
Add the --rolebinding-name option to the rolebinding and
clusterrolebinding add commands for specifying the name of the
rolebinding to modify.
Signed-off-by: Matt Rogers <>
(commit: 2b72402)
The file was modifiedpkg/oc/admin/policy/policy.go (diff)
The file was modifiedpkg/oc/admin/policy/modify_roles.go (diff)
The file was modifiedtest/cmd/ (diff)
The file was addedpkg/cmd/admin/policy/modify_roles_test.go
The file was modifiedcontrib/completions/zsh/openshift (diff)
The file was modifiedcontrib/completions/bash/oadm (diff)
The file was modifiedcontrib/completions/bash/oc (diff)
The file was modifiedcontrib/completions/zsh/oc (diff)
The file was modifiedcontrib/completions/bash/openshift (diff)
The file was modifiedcontrib/completions/zsh/oadm (diff)