1. UPSTREAM: 52127: Fix deployment timeout reporting (commit: 08520b5) (details)
Commit 08520b5bef21a991d39e9bbd0cf28f27c308373b by mkargaki
UPSTREAM: 52127: Fix deployment timeout reporting
If the previous condition has been a successful rollout then we
shouldn't try to estimate any progress. Scenario:
* progressDeadlineSeconds is smaller than the difference between
now and the time the last rollout finished in the past.
* the creation of a new ReplicaSet triggers a resync of the
Deployment prior to the cached copy of the Deployment getting
updated with the status.condition that indicates the creation
  of the new ReplicaSet.
The Deployment will be resynced and eventually its Progressing condition
will catch up with the state of the world.
Signed-off-by: Michail Kargakis <>
(commit: 08520b5)
The file was modifiedvendor/ (diff)
The file was modifiedvendor/ (diff)