1. Helm Tiller template (commit: 116ce8a) (details)
  2. Decrement retries count during migration (commit: 1cf5bcf) (details)
The file was addedexamples/helm/tiller-template.yaml
Commit 1cf5bcf37929c5f5acf6a0296f4659baeb9692f1 by Mo Khan
Decrement retries count during migration
This change fixes a bug in the migration command that could lead to it
being permanently stuck in a retry loop.  This would only happen if some
other entity continuously changed a resource that was in the process of
being migrated.  The command would then attempt to retry due to the
conflict error.  Since the retry count was never decremented, the
migration would essentially be stuck in an infinite loop.  To avoid
having to mutate global state, retries was removed as a field of
migrateTracker.  It is instead directly passed to the try function and
thus is reset on every invocation of result.Visit.
Signed-off-by: Monis Khan <>
(commit: 1cf5bcf)
The file was modifiedpkg/oc/admin/migrate/migrator.go (diff)