Test Result : Configure nodes

0 failures , 6 skipped
84 tests
Took 1 min 30 sec.

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Test nameDurationStatus
[localhost] Gathering Facts0.85 secPassed
[localhost] nickhammond.logrotate : nickhammond.logrotate | Install logrotate0.61 secPassed
[localhost] nickhammond.logrotate : nickhammond.logrotate | Setup logrotate.d scripts18 msPassed
[localhost] openshift_cloud_provider : Create cloudprovider config dir19 msPassed
[localhost] openshift_cloud_provider : Set cloud provider facts19 msPassed
[localhost] openshift_cloud_provider : include the defined cloud provider files19 msPassed
[localhost] openshift_node : Add firewalld allow rules0.13 secSkipped
[localhost] openshift_node : Add iptables allow rules2 secPassed
[localhost] openshift_node : Add network manager configuration1.3 secPassed
[localhost] openshift_node : Add network manager configuration34 msSkipped
[localhost] openshift_node : Add network manager configuration0.95 secPassed
[localhost] openshift_node : Add network manager configuration0.59 secPassed
[localhost] openshift_node : Add network manager configuration0.31 secPassed
[localhost] openshift_node : Check for NetworkManager service0.2 secPassed
[localhost] openshift_node : Check for credentials file for registry auth19 msPassed
[localhost] openshift_node : Check for existence of fusefs sebooleans0.37 secPassed
[localhost] openshift_node : Check for existence of nfs sebooleans0.37 secPassed
[localhost] openshift_node : Check status of node image pre-pull16 msPassed
[localhost] openshift_node : Check status of node pod image pre-pull21 msPassed
[localhost] openshift_node : Check that node image is present0.23 secPassed
[localhost] openshift_node : Check that pod image is present0.22 secPassed
[localhost] openshift_node : Checking for journald.conf0.19 secPassed
[localhost] openshift_node : Configure AWS Cloud Provider Settings42 msPassed
[localhost] openshift_node : Configure Node Environment Variables18 msPassed
[localhost] openshift_node : Configure Node settings0.75 secPassed
[localhost] openshift_node : Configure Proxy Settings56 msSkipped
[localhost] openshift_node : Copy node container image to ostree storage17 msPassed
[localhost] openshift_node : Copy node script to the node0.32 secPassed
[localhost] openshift_node : Copy systemd dnsmasq unit override file0.34 secPassed
[localhost] openshift_node : Create credentials for any additional registries15 msPassed
[localhost] openshift_node : Create credentials for registry auth17 msPassed
[localhost] openshift_node : Create flexvolume directory when running on atomic18 msPassed
[localhost] openshift_node : Create journald persistence directories0.18 secPassed
[localhost] openshift_node : Create override dnsmasq systemd unit directory0.28 secPassed
[localhost] openshift_node : Deploy additional dnsmasq.conf20 msPassed
[localhost] openshift_node : Disable swap0.4 secPassed
[localhost] openshift_node : Enable and start multipath0.25 secPassed
[localhost] openshift_node : Enable dnsmasq0.5 secPassed
[localhost] openshift_node : Ensure old system path is set41 msSkipped
[localhost] openshift_node : Ensure the node static pod directory exists0.2 secPassed
[localhost] openshift_node : Install Ceph storage plugin dependencies10 secPassed
[localhost] openshift_node : Install GlusterFS storage plugin dependencies12 secPassed
[localhost] openshift_node : Install NFS storage plugin dependencies8.5 secPassed
[localhost] openshift_node : Install NetworkManager during node_bootstrap provisioning18 msPassed
[localhost] openshift_node : Install Node service file0.34 secPassed
[localhost] openshift_node : Install dnsmasq4.5 secPassed
[localhost] openshift_node : Install dnsmasq configuration0.55 secPassed
[localhost] openshift_node : Install iSCSI storage plugin dependencies7.5 secPassed
[localhost] openshift_node : Install network manager dispatch script0.46 secPassed
[localhost] openshift_node : Install network manager dispatch script18 msPassed
[localhost] openshift_node : Install node, clients, and conntrack packages19 secPassed
[localhost] openshift_node : Install or Update node system container17 msPassed
[localhost] openshift_node : Pre-pull node image20 msPassed
[localhost] openshift_node : Remove firewalld allow rules16 msPassed
[localhost] openshift_node : Remove iptables rules16 msPassed
[localhost] openshift_node : Restart cri-o16 msPassed
[localhost] openshift_node : Restart journald0.27 secPassed
[localhost] openshift_node : Restart network manager to ensure networking configuration is in place16 msPassed
[localhost] openshift_node : Set fact using_network_manager33 msPassed
[localhost] openshift_node : Set seboolean to allow gluster storage plugin access from containers1.4 secPassed
[localhost] openshift_node : Set seboolean to allow gluster storage plugin access from containers (python 3)0.23 secSkipped
[localhost] openshift_node : Set seboolean to allow nfs storage plugin access from containers0.23 secPassed
[localhost] openshift_node : Set seboolean to allow nfs storage plugin access from containers (python 3)61 msSkipped
[localhost] openshift_node : Setting sebool container_manage_cgroup0.9 secPassed
[localhost] openshift_node : Setup ro mount of /root/.docker for containerized hosts16 msPassed
[localhost] openshift_node : Template multipath configuration0.32 secPassed
[localhost] openshift_node : Update journald setup2.3 secPassed
[localhost] openshift_node : ensure origin/node directory exists0.57 secPassed
[localhost] openshift_node : fail20 msPassed
[localhost] openshift_node : openshift_facts0.9 secPassed
[localhost] openshift_node : pre-pull pod image20 msPassed
[localhost] openshift_node : restart NetworkManager to ensure resolv.conf is present0.26 secPassed
[localhost] openshift_node : restart services0.76 secPassed
[localhost] openshift_node : sysctl0.4 secPassed
[localhost] openshift_storage_glusterfs : Ensure device mapper modules loaded0.33 secPassed
[localhost] openshift_storage_glusterfs : Install kernel modules package on Fedora20 msPassed
[localhost] openshift_storage_glusterfs : load kernel modules0.58 secPassed
[localhost] openshift_storage_glusterfs : load kernel modules0.29 secPassed
[localhost] tuned : Check for tuned package0.21 secPassed
[localhost] tuned : Ensure directory structure exists0.59 secPassed
[localhost] tuned : Ensure files are populated from templates1.3 secPassed
[localhost] tuned : Make tuned use the recommended tuned profile on restart0.36 secPassed
[localhost] tuned : Restart tuned service1.3 secPassed
[localhost] tuned : Set tuned OpenShift variables31 msPassed