Test Result : Create Hosted Resources - router

0 failures
14 tests
Took 12 sec.

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Test nameDurationStatus
[localhost] Gathering Facts1.2 secPassed
[localhost] openshift_hosted : Add firewalld allow rules21 msPassed
[localhost] openshift_hosted : Add iptables allow rules21 msPassed
[localhost] openshift_hosted : Create OpenShift router7.1 secPassed
[localhost] openshift_hosted : Create the router service account(s)0.81 secPassed
[localhost] openshift_hosted : Get the certificate contents for router30 msPassed
[localhost] openshift_hosted : Grant the router service account(s) access to the appropriate scc0.57 secPassed
[localhost] openshift_hosted : Remove firewalld allow rules19 msPassed
[localhost] openshift_hosted : Remove iptables rules19 msPassed
[localhost] openshift_hosted : Retrieve list of openshift nodes matching router selector0.42 secPassed
[localhost] openshift_hosted : Set additional permissions for router service account0.81 secPassed
[localhost] openshift_hosted : generate a default wildcard router certificate0.98 secPassed
[localhost] openshift_hosted : set the openshift_hosted_router_certificate54 msPassed
[localhost] openshift_hosted : set_fact replicas35 msPassed