Test Result : Create Hosted Resources - registry

0 failures , 2 skipped
35 tests
Took 12 sec.

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Test nameDurationStatus
[localhost] Gathering Facts1.2 secPassed
[localhost] openshift_hosted : Add firewalld allow rules50 msSkipped
[localhost] openshift_hosted : Add iptables allow rules59 msSkipped
[localhost] openshift_hosted : Add the secret to the registry's pod service accounts1.7 secPassed
[localhost] openshift_hosted : Configure a passthrough route for docker-registry0.99 secPassed
[localhost] openshift_hosted : Configure provided ca certificate file path23 msPassed
[localhost] openshift_hosted : Configure provided certificate file paths24 msPassed
[localhost] openshift_hosted : Configure self-signed certificate file paths45 msPassed
[localhost] openshift_hosted : Create OpenShift registry1.3 secPassed
[localhost] openshift_hosted : Create the registry service account0.83 secPassed
[localhost] openshift_hosted : Create the secret for the registry certificates0.68 secPassed
[localhost] openshift_hosted : Detect if there has been certificate changes42 msPassed
[localhost] openshift_hosted : Fetch the docker-registry route0.39 secPassed
[localhost] openshift_hosted : Generate certificate bundle0.34 secPassed
[localhost] openshift_hosted : Generate self-signed docker-registry certificates0.71 secPassed
[localhost] openshift_hosted : Grant the registry service account access to the appropriate scc0.62 secPassed
[localhost] openshift_hosted : Include passthrough route configuration26 msPassed
[localhost] openshift_hosted : Include reencrypt route configuration27 msPassed
[localhost] openshift_hosted : Remove firewalld allow rules20 msPassed
[localhost] openshift_hosted : Remove iptables rules26 msPassed
[localhost] openshift_hosted : Reset the certificate path to use the bundle39 msPassed
[localhost] openshift_hosted : Retrieve certificate files to generate certificate bundle0.4 secPassed
[localhost] openshift_hosted : Retrieve provided certificate files20 msPassed
[localhost] openshift_hosted : Retrieve registry service for the clusterip0.39 secPassed
[localhost] openshift_hosted : Set facts for secure registry42 msPassed
[localhost] openshift_hosted : Update openshift_hosted facts for persistent volumes25 msPassed
[localhost] openshift_hosted : Update openshift_hosted facts with secure registry variables46 msPassed
[localhost] openshift_hosted : Update registry environment variables when pushing via dns45 msPassed
[localhost] openshift_hosted : Update registry proxy settings for dc/docker-registry32 msPassed
[localhost] openshift_hosted : create the default registry service1.2 secPassed
[localhost] openshift_hosted : include_tasks23 msPassed
[localhost] openshift_hosted : include_tasks24 msPassed
[localhost] openshift_hosted : include_tasks27 msPassed
[localhost] openshift_hosted : oc adm policy add-cluster-role-to-user system:registry system:serviceaccount:default:registry0.63 secPassed
[localhost] openshift_hosted : set openshift_hosted facts45 msPassed