Test Result : Inspect state of first master config settings

0 failures , 2 skipped
35 tests
Took 5 sec.

All Tests

Test nameDurationStatus
[localhost] Check for existing configuration0.14 secPassed
[localhost] Check if atomic-openshift-master sysconfig exists yet0.14 secPassed
[localhost] Check if atomic-openshift-master-api sysconfig exists yet0.14 secPassed
[localhost] Check if atomic-openshift-master-controllers sysconfig exists yet0.14 secPassed
[localhost] Determine if etcd3 storage is in use0.15 secPassed
[localhost] Gathering Facts0.61 secPassed
[localhost] Preserve OPENSHIFT_DEFAULT_REGISTRY master parameter if present16 msPassed
[localhost] Preserve OPENSHIFT_DEFAULT_REGISTRY master-api parameter if present17 msPassed
[localhost] Preserve OPENSHIFT_DEFAULT_REGISTRY master-controllers parameter if present17 msPassed
[localhost] Set clean install fact23 msPassed
[localhost] Set etcd3 fact22 msPassed
[localhost] Update facts with OPENSHIFT_DEFAULT_REGISTRY value23 msPassed
[localhost] openshift_facts1.4 secPassed
[localhost] openshift_facts : Detecting Operating System0.15 secPassed
[localhost] openshift_facts : Determine Atomic Host Docker Version18 msPassed
[localhost] openshift_facts : Ensure various deps are installed51 msSkipped
[localhost] openshift_facts : Ensure various deps for running system containers are installed42 msSkipped
[localhost] openshift_facts : Gather Cluster facts and set is_containerized if needed1.4 secPassed
[localhost] openshift_facts : Load variables26 msPassed
[localhost] openshift_facts : Register that this already ran19 msPassed
[localhost] openshift_facts : Set repoquery command23 msPassed
[localhost] openshift_facts : Validate python version17 msPassed
[localhost] openshift_facts : Validate python version20 msPassed
[localhost] openshift_facts : assert16 msPassed
[localhost] openshift_facts : set_fact21 msPassed
[localhost] openshift_facts : set_fact24 msPassed
[localhost] openshift_facts : set_fact35 msPassed
[localhost] openshift_facts : set_fact24 msPassed
[localhost] openshift_sanitize_inventory : Abort when conflicting deployment type variables are set23 msPassed
[localhost] openshift_sanitize_inventory : Abort when deployment type is invalid17 msPassed
[localhost] openshift_sanitize_inventory : Abort when openshift_release is invalid16 msPassed
[localhost] openshift_sanitize_inventory : Ensure that openshift_node_dnsmasq_install_network_manager_hook is true21 msPassed
[localhost] openshift_sanitize_inventory : Ensure that openshift_use_dnsmasq is true20 msPassed
[localhost] openshift_sanitize_inventory : Normalize openshift_release15 msPassed
[localhost] openshift_sanitize_inventory : Standardize on latest variable names22 msPassed