Test Result : Upgrade master

0 failures
75 tests
Took 57 sec.

All Tests

Test nameDurationStatus
[localhost] Check for ca-bundle.crt0.16 secPassed
[localhost] Check for ca.crt0.16 secPassed
[localhost] Check for credentials file for registry auth20 msPassed
[localhost] Checking for journald.conf0.15 secPassed
[localhost] Create credentials for registry auth17 msPassed
[localhost] Create journald persistence directories0.16 secPassed
[localhost] Create the ha systemd unit files0.84 secPassed
[localhost] Create the master api service env file0.44 secPassed
[localhost] Create the master controllers service env file0.44 secPassed
[localhost] Disable the legacy master service if it exists0.4 secPassed
[localhost] Gathering Facts1 secPassed
[localhost] Init HA Service Info27 msPassed
[localhost] Link ca.crt to ca-bundle.crt19 msPassed
[localhost] Migrate ca.crt to ca-bundle.crt19 msPassed
[localhost] Post master upgrade - Upgrade clusterpolicies storage0.34 secPassed
[localhost] Pre-pull master image20 msPassed
[localhost] Preserve Master API AWS options0.16 secPassed
[localhost] Preserve Master API Proxy Config options0.16 secPassed
[localhost] Preserve Master Controllers AWS options0.16 secPassed
[localhost] Preserve Master Controllers Proxy Config options0.16 secPassed
[localhost] Remove the legacy master service if it exists0.17 secPassed
[localhost] Restart journald0.23 secPassed
[localhost] Restart master API27 msPassed
[localhost] Restart master controllers26 msPassed
[localhost] Restart master system19 msPassed
[localhost] Restore Master API AWS Options16 msPassed
[localhost] Restore Master API Proxy Config Options16 msPassed
[localhost] Restore Master Controllers AWS Options15 msPassed
[localhost] Restore Master Controllers Proxy Config Options17 msPassed
[localhost] Set HA Service Info for containerized installs20 msPassed
[localhost] Set openshift_master_config_dir if unset28 msPassed
[localhost] Set openshift_master_debug_level29 msPassed
[localhost] Set r_openshift_master_data_dir if unset30 msPassed
[localhost] Setup ro mount of /root/.docker for containerized hosts20 msPassed
[localhost] Update journald setup1.8 secPassed
[localhost] Update oreg value0.26 secPassed
[localhost] Update scheduler config20 msPassed
[localhost] Upgrade master packages31 secPassed
[localhost] Upgrade node packages26 msPassed
[localhost] Wait for master API to come back online21 msPassed
[localhost] Wait for master API to come back online27 msPassed
[localhost] Wait for master to restart24 msPassed
[localhost] command0.21 secPassed
[localhost] debug20 msPassed
[localhost] debug18 msPassed
[localhost] debug19 msPassed
[localhost] debug24 msPassed
[localhost] debug20 msPassed
[localhost] debug19 msPassed
[localhost] debug23 msPassed
[localhost] debug20 msPassed
[localhost] debug18 msPassed
[localhost] enable master services0.44 secPassed
[localhost] include19 msPassed
[localhost] include20 msPassed
[localhost] include18 msPassed
[localhost] include19 msPassed
[localhost] include_vars23 msPassed
[localhost] include_vars25 msPassed
[localhost] modify_yaml0.4 secPassed
[localhost] modify_yaml0.2 secPassed
[localhost] modify_yaml0.2 secPassed
[localhost] modify_yaml0.22 secPassed
[localhost] set_fact35 msPassed
[localhost] set_fact22 msPassed
[localhost] set_fact31 msPassed
[localhost] set_fact35 msPassed
[localhost] set_fact4.7 secPassed
[localhost] set_fact6.1 secPassed
[localhost] set_fact5.6 secPassed
[localhost] set_fact21 msPassed
[localhost] set_fact24 msPassed
[localhost] set_fact28 msPassed
[localhost] set_fact21 msPassed
[localhost] set_fact29 msPassed