Test Result : (root)

0 failures , 83 skipped
2,427 tests
Took 29 min.

All Tests

Additional master configuration19 sec011+1148+4859+59
Approve any pending CSR requests from inventory nodes2.2 sec004+44+4
Auto-heal84 ms003+33+3
Auto-heal Install Checkpoint End25 ms001+11+1
Auto-heal Install Checkpoint Start27 ms001+11+1
Cluster Auto Scaler Install Checkpoint End24 ms001+11+1
Cluster Auto Scaler Install Checkpoint Start29 ms001+11+1
Cluster Monitoring Operator Checkpoint End27 ms001+11+1
Cluster Monitoring Operator Checkpoint Start26 ms001+11+1
Configure Cluster Monitoring Operator82 ms003+33+3
Configure GlusterFS5.3 sec08+8168+168176+176
Configure Monitor Availability78 ms003+33+3
Configure etcd7 sec03+334+3437+37
Configure masters2 min 29 sec013+13212+212225+225
Configure nodes1 min 29 sec06+678+7884+84
Configure os_firewall17 sec01+113+1314+14
Console17 sec0030+3030+30
Console Install Checkpoint End53 ms001+11+1
Console Install Checkpoint Start53 ms001+11+1
Create Hosted Resources - Persistent Local Storage Classes1.5 sec002+22+2
Create Hosted Resources - Persistent Local Storage Provider1.5 sec0011+1111+11
Create Hosted Resources - cockpit-ui4.9 sec009+99+9
Create Hosted Resources - openshift projects4.3 sec003+33+3
Create Hosted Resources - openshift_default_storage_class1.4 sec003+33+3
Create Hosted Resources - persistent volumes2 sec0011+1111+11
Create Hosted Resources - registry14 sec02+233+3335+35
Create Hosted Resources - registry storage1.9 sec004+44+4
Create Hosted Resources - router12 sec0014+1414+14
Create OpenShift certificates for master hosts30 sec06+670+7076+76
Create additional node network plugin groups1.3 sec002+22+2
Create etcd client certificates for master hosts4.8 sec0016+1616+16
Create etcd server certificates for etcd hosts19 sec0033+3333+33
Deploy the central bootstrap configuration19 sec01+132+3233+33
Descheduler Install Checkpoint End25 ms001+11+1
Descheduler Install Checkpoint Start27 ms001+11+1
Determine openshift_version to configure on first master5.9 sec0042+4242+42
Disable excluders2 sec0034+3434+34
Disable excluders and gather facts4.2 sec0036+3636+36
Disable web console if required72 ms003+33+3
Distribute bootstrap and start nodes0.92 sec006+66+6
Enable sebool container_manage_cgroup26 ms001+11+1
Ensure any inventory labels are applied to the nodes2.6 sec006+66+6
Ensure inventory labels are assigned to masters1.6 sec005+55+5
Ensure that all non-node hosts are accessible4.2 sec003+33+3
Fail openshift_kubelet_name_override for new hosts2.1 sec002+22+2
Generate new etcd CA6.5 sec0011+1111+11
Generate or retrieve existing session secrets1.3 sec005+55+5
Get OpenShift information from the first master4.2 sec0015+1515+15
GlusterFS Install Checkpoint End26 ms001+11+1
GlusterFS Install Checkpoint Start26 ms001+11+1
Health Check Checkpoint End40 ms001+11+1
Health Check Checkpoint Start42 ms001+11+1
Hosted Install Checkpoint End57 ms001+11+1
Hosted Install Checkpoint Start50 ms001+11+1
Initialization Checkpoint End0.12 sec003+33+3
Initialization Checkpoint Start0.1 sec003+33+3
Initialize basic host facts7.3 sec0084+8484+84
Initialize cluster facts13 sec0021+2121+21
Initialize etcd host variables4.3 sec009+99+9
Initialize special first-master variables3.7 sec009+99+9
Install Openshift Metering51 ms002+22+2
Install and configure NetworkManager3.2 sec005+55+5
Install docker gc0.15 sec005+55+5
Install packages necessary for installer30 sec0015+1515+15
Load Balancer Install Checkpoint End23 ms001+11+1
Load Balancer Install Checkpoint Start23 ms001+11+1
Logging Install Checkpoint End85 ms002+22+2
Logging Install Checkpoint Start67 ms002+22+2
Management Install Checkpoint End35 ms001+11+1
Management Install Checkpoint Start26 ms001+11+1
Master Additional Install Checkpoint End46 ms001+11+1
Master Additional Install Checkpoint Start48 ms001+11+1
Master Install Checkpoint End44 ms001+11+1
Master Install Checkpoint Start45 ms001+11+1
Metrics Install Checkpoint End26 ms001+11+1
Metrics Install Checkpoint Start27 ms001+11+1
Monitor Availability End26 ms001+11+1
Monitor Availability Start26 ms001+11+1
NFS Install Checkpoint End23 ms001+11+1
NFS Install Checkpoint Start24 ms001+11+1
Node Bootstrap Preparation Checkpoint End43 ms001+11+1
Node Bootstrap Preparation Checkpoint Start42 ms001+11+1
Node Join Checkpoint End0.21 sec001+11+1
Node Join Checkpoint Start47 ms001+11+1
Node Problem Detector End26 ms001+11+1
Node Problem Detector Install Checkpoint Start27 ms001+11+1
OLM Install Checkpoint End41 ms001+11+1
OLM Install Checkpoint Start45 ms001+11+1
OpenShift Aggregated Logging12 min06+6595+595601+601
OpenShift Cluster Auto Scaler0.54 sec03+37+710+10
OpenShift Descheduler78 ms003+33+3
OpenShift Health Checks0.94 sec003+33+3
OpenShift Metrics0.24 sec009+99+9
OpenShift Node Problem Detector80 ms003+33+3
OpenShift metrics-server0.24 sec008+88+8
Openshift Metering Install Checkpoint End28 ms001+11+1
Openshift Metering Install Checkpoint Start26 ms001+11+1
Operator Lifecycle Manager94 ms003+33+3
Poll for hosted pod deployments1.8 sec06+62+28+8
Populate config host groups2 sec0064+6464+64
Re-enable excluder if it was previously enabled0.76 sec0014+1414+14
Remove created 99-elasticsearch sysctl46 ms002+22+2
Retrieve existing master configs and validate1.4 sec0021+2121+21
Service Catalog1 min 13 sec01+1111+111112+112
Service Catalog Install Checkpoint End56 ms001+11+1
Service Catalog Install Checkpoint Start58 ms001+11+1
Setup CFME0.73 sec03+319+1922+22
Setup yum repositories for all hosts3 sec0018+1818+18
Validate node hostnames1.1 sec004+44+4
Verify Node NetworkManager65 ms003+33+3
Verify Requirements0.19 sec009+99+9
Verify and collect ES hosts5.4 sec01+119+1920+20
Web Console30 sec0033+3333+33
Web Console Install Checkpoint End56 ms001+11+1
Web Console Install Checkpoint Start55 ms001+11+1
clean up local configuration for deprovisioned instances0.14 sec001+11+1
configure vsphere svc account1.3 sec005+55+5
deprovision virtual hosts in EC22.4 sec006+66+6
deprovision virtual hosts locally manged by Vagrant0.27 sec001+11+1
ensure we have the parameters necessary to bring up the AWS EC2 instance0.17 sec02+202+2
ensure we have the parameters necessary to deprovision virtual hosts36 ms01+101+1
etcd Install Checkpoint End45 ms001+11+1
etcd Install Checkpoint Start44 ms001+11+1
install and configure rsyslog on the nodes2 min 25 sec03+337+3740+40
metrics-server Install Checkpoint End57 ms001+11+1
metrics-server Install Checkpoint Start55 ms001+11+1
node bootstrap config38 sec01+114+1415+15
oo_nodes_to_config1 min 3 sec05+582+8287+87
provision an AWS EC2 instance1 min 15 sec0030+3030+30
update vsphere provider master config1.2 sec002+22+2