Test Result : Additional master configuration

0 failures , 9 skipped
48 tests
Took 18 sec.

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Test nameDurationStatus
[localhost] Gathering Facts1.1 secPassed
[localhost] cockpit : Add firewalld allow rules38 msSkipped
[localhost] cockpit : Add iptables allow rules38 msSkipped
[localhost] cockpit : Enable cockpit-ws26 msPassed
[localhost] cockpit : Install cockpit-ws69 msSkipped
[localhost] cockpit : Remove firewalld allow rules25 msPassed
[localhost] cockpit : Remove iptables rules24 msPassed
[localhost] flannel_register : Assures /etc/flannel dir exists22 msPassed
[localhost] flannel_register : Generate etcd configuration for etcd22 msPassed
[localhost] flannel_register : Insert flannel configuration into etcd22 msPassed
[localhost] openshift_examples : Chmod local temp dir for OpenShift examples copy34 msPassed
[localhost] openshift_examples : Chmod local temp dir for OpenShift examples copy43 msPassed
[localhost] openshift_examples : Cleanup the OpenShift Examples temp dir38 msPassed
[localhost] openshift_examples : Create local temp dir for OpenShift examples copy24 msPassed
[localhost] openshift_examples : Create tar of OpenShift examples46 msPassed
[localhost] openshift_examples : Create the remote OpenShift examples directory30 msPassed
[localhost] openshift_examples : Import Centos Image streams66 msSkipped
[localhost] openshift_examples : Import RHEL streams50 msSkipped
[localhost] openshift_examples : Import db templates32 msPassed
[localhost] openshift_examples : Import quickstart-templates52 msPassed
[localhost] openshift_examples : Import xPaas image streams27 msPassed
[localhost] openshift_examples : Import xPaas templates27 msPassed
[localhost] openshift_examples : Modify registry paths if registry_url is not registry.access.redhat.com24 msPassed
[localhost] openshift_examples : Remove defunct quickstart template files79 msSkipped
[localhost] openshift_examples : Remove defunct quickstart templates from openshift namespace98 msSkipped
[localhost] openshift_examples : Remove old xPaas template files52 msSkipped
[localhost] openshift_examples : Remove old xPaas templates from openshift namespace36 msSkipped
[localhost] openshift_examples : Unarchive the OpenShift examples on the remote24 msPassed
[localhost] openshift_manageiq : Add Management Infrastructure project1.1 secPassed
[localhost] openshift_manageiq : Configure 3_2 role/user permissions0.63 secPassed
[localhost] openshift_manageiq : Configure role/user permissions5.5 secPassed
[localhost] openshift_manageiq : Create Admin and Image Inspector Service Account1.8 secPassed
[localhost] openshift_manageiq : Create Hawkular Metrics Admin Cluster Role0.93 secPassed
[localhost] openshift_manageiq : Create manageiq cluster role1.2 secPassed
[localhost] openshift_project_request_template : Apply template modifications32 msPassed
[localhost] openshift_project_request_template : Create or update project request template22 msPassed
[localhost] openshift_project_request_template : Create temp file for template31 msPassed
[localhost] openshift_project_request_template : Delete temp file28 msPassed
[localhost] openshift_project_request_template : Generate default project template28 msPassed
[localhost] openshift_project_request_template : Write default project template to file22 msPassed
[localhost] openshift_sdn : Apply the config0.67 secPassed
[localhost] openshift_sdn : Copy templates to temp directory1.5 secPassed
[localhost] openshift_sdn : Ensure project exists1 secPassed
[localhost] openshift_sdn : Ensure the service account can run privileged0.64 secPassed
[localhost] openshift_sdn : Make temp directory for templates0.24 secPassed
[localhost] openshift_sdn : Remove temp directory0.29 secPassed
[localhost] openshift_sdn : Remove the image stream tag0.46 secPassed
[localhost] openshift_sdn : Update the image tag0.27 secPassed