Test Result : install and configure rsyslog on the nodes

0 failures , 1 skipped
25 tests
Took 1 min 55 sec.

All Tests

Test nameDurationStatus
[localhost] Comment out rsyslog.conf IMJournalStateFile0.26 secPassed
[localhost] Gathering Facts2.7 secPassed
[localhost] Update rsyslog.conf imjournal0.46 secPassed
[localhost] build policy1 min 9 secPassed
[localhost] copy selinux policy files2.3 secPassed
[localhost] create rsyslog viaq subdir0.45 secPassed
[localhost] disable rsyslog0.61 secPassed
[localhost] enable and run rsyslog-container.service1.4 secPassed
[localhost] get rsyslog image12 secPassed
[localhost] install CA cert file0.55 secPassed
[localhost] install ES CA cert file0.68 secPassed
[localhost] install ES client cert file0.57 secPassed
[localhost] install ES client key file0.53 secPassed
[localhost] install config files3.1 secPassed
[localhost] install main viaq config file0.48 secPassed
[localhost] install prereqs15 secPassed
[localhost] install rsyslog container systemd service0.53 secPassed
[localhost] install rsyslog packages44 msSkipped
[localhost] install template config files0.59 secPassed
[localhost] install template config files0.49 secPassed
[localhost] install token file0.74 secPassed
[localhost] set_fact30 msPassed
[localhost] set_fact43 msPassed
[localhost] setup host alias for es ip0.52 secPassed
[localhost] setup host alias for es-ops ip0.48 secPassed