1. add lsof, strace, tcpdump to base deps (details)
  2. add `--prune=all` to `git gc` (details)
Commit f02ce83f260f84c90356e579e3b7609465c6bdc7 by Jim Minter
add lsof, strace, tcpdump to base deps
The file was modifiedlib/vagrant-openshift/action/install_origin_base_dependencies.rb (diff)
Commit d1ad0f028983d632374168ba4b9402d5075a9d88 by John Lamb
add `--prune=all` to `git gc`
`git gc` leaves 2 weeks of refs by default, but with a heavily-used repo
that means loads of "`dangling commit`" messages in the git fsck output.
Adding `--prune=all` cleans up all commits, so we should only get one or
a couple of dangling commits in the output on the next run.
The file was modifiedlib/vagrant-openshift/helper/command_helper.rb (diff)