1. Removed `yum update` step from Origin installation (details)
Commit aa56658e7a3b8783ce52ba9dcaab69b147f4da49 by Steve Kuznetsov
Removed `yum update` step from Origin installation
Now that we require environments to have a specific version of Docker
and/or Golang installed, one that is not guaranteed to be the latest
version available, we must not do broad `yum update` actions after the
dependency installation step is complete. With a properly functioning
system, all stages of the VM images are published at regular intervals
and it is unlikely that the versions of base dependencies in these
images will lag significantly behind what is available in repositories.
We can therefore achieve the `yum update` by simply consuming newer
image stages as they become available.
Signed-off-by: Steve Kuznetsov <>
The file was modifiedlib/vagrant-openshift/action.rb (diff)