1. Collapse gce-provisioning into a single role (commit: 15b511f) (details)
  2. Use inventory group vars instead of playbook group vars (commit: 641f225) (details)
Commit 15b511fb8c502f85988a5c23491c594ddd801fff by Clayton Coleman
Collapse gce-provisioning into a single role
(commit: 15b511f)
The file was addedplaybooks/roles/gce-provision/templates/
The file was removedplaybooks/roles/gce-provision-remove/templates/
The file was removedplaybooks/roles/gce-provision-remove/tasks/main.yaml
The file was modifiedplaybooks/roles/gce-provision/tasks/main.yaml (diff)
The file was modifiedplaybooks/deprovision.yaml (diff)
Commit 641f2250a7515b9847af76eb6398daa21ff712ac by Clayton Coleman
Use inventory group vars instead of playbook group vars
At entrypoint startup, symlink inventory directories back to
playbooks/files (preserving existing behavior) but being more inline
with Ansible conventions. This allows variables to reference
`inventory_dir` and have it work all they way down the stack (today,
`playbook_dir` changes when you include a playbook).
Files mounted into playbook/files/ will be accessible at
    inventory_dir + "file.ext"
which makes it possible for origin-gce to correctly set
openshift-ansible variables that are used for named certificates and
(commit: 641f225)
The file was modifiedDockerfile (diff)
The file was modifiedplaybooks/configure.yaml (diff)
The file was modifiedansible.cfg (diff)
The file was addedinventory/none
The file was modifiedplaybooks/files/vars.yaml (diff)
The file was
The file was addedinventory/hosts
The file was modifiedplaybooks/roles/gce-dynamic-inventory/templates/ (diff)
The file was removedinventory/empty.json
The file was removedplaybooks/group_vars/all/defaults.yaml
The file was (diff)
The file was modifiedplaybooks/roles/gce-dynamic-inventory/tasks/main.yaml (diff)
The file was removedplaybooks/roles/gce-cluster-variables/vars/main.yaml
The file was removedplaybooks/group_vars/all/00_playbook_defaults.yaml
The file was addedinventory/group_vars/all/00_defaults.yaml
The file was removedplaybooks/roles/gce-cluster-variables/tasks/main.yaml