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[workspace] $ /bin/sh -xe /tmp/
+ set +x

*****Testing Pull Request:
    >> Job status: [test_pull_requests_s2i] the 'build only if scm changes' feature is disabled.
Starting build job test_pull_requests_s2i.
Finished Build : #1412 of Job : test_pull_requests_s2i with status : SUCCESS
[workspace] $ /bin/sh -xe /tmp/
+ true
+ test_pull_requests --merge_pull_request 953 --repo source-to-image --config /var/lib/jenkins/.test_pull_requests_s2i.json
WARNING: Cache won't persist between runs.
  *** Starting with empty cache
Rate limit remaining: 4962
  Merging pull request #953 for repo 'source-to-image'
  Test merging pull request #953 for repo 'source-to-image'
  Updating status of 'b5add77bb788b8747221e71425717e64a25c97fe' with state: success
  Updating comment #471684926 with Source To Image Merge Results: SUCCESS ( (Base Commit: ff97a646334bca626f7950dce881acd7c27f2702) (PR Branch Commit: b5add77bb788b8747221e71425717e64a25c97fe)

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Rate limit remaining: 4956; delta: 6
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Would run.
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Finished: SUCCESS