Project push_images_s2i

This job will fetch GIT repositories for all images defined in OpenShift Vagrant plugin (constants.rb) and get the GIT short ref for each repository. It will then attempt to fetch the the image from our private local registry using the GIT short ref as an Docker image tag. If the Docker image with that tag exists, it is noop. In case there is no image built with the tag, it will perform a docker build, tag the image and then push it into local private registry. Centos images are also pushed to dockerhub. This job specifically builds the s2i images (images based on sti-base)

This job runs hourly. You can manually trigger it if you need latest images pushed to registry ASAP.

To add a new image repo:
  • create the repository on dockerhub
  • add an appropriate description to the new repository
  • add the openshiftpusher collaborator to the new repository
  • add an entry for the new image/version to the parameters below. the format is:
    centos_docker_namespace;rhel_docker_namespace;docker_repository_name;version; eg:
This project is currently disabled
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