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(3) [Reliability] Audit Metrics + Alerts + SOPs Backlog Ansible Service Broker
(8) [Cloud Native Infra] Component Lifecycle Backlog Ansible Service Broker
Package DockerHooks program to run system provided Container Hooks. Closed, but not merged Containers
Throw an error when daemon option (--storage-opt dm.basesize) is passed to anything other than devicemapper. Closed, but not merged Containers
(3) Add authentication to docker daemon Closed, but not merged Containers
(3) [Reliability] Audit Metrics + Alerts + SOPs New Containers
(8) [Cloud Native Infra] Component Lifecycle New Containers
(?) Add support for optional throttling to CRI-O. New Containers
(3) Use libpod to attach to CRI-O containers Backlog Containers
(?) [SPIKE][CRI-O] External Fedora Package build testing for CRI-O + OpenShift Backlog Containers cri-o
(3) Add support for strace using annotation in CRI-O Backlog Containers
(3) [kpod-run] Implement podman run CLI option: --pod="" Backlog Containers
(5) [CRI-O] automate CRI-O system container re-build for the Origin CI Backlog Containers
(?) podman update [kpod] Backlog Containers
(3) Move to runc 1.0 Pending Upstream Containers
(5) Merge Alec's logging PRs against docker upstream from the projectatomic branch PRs that won't get merged Container Security
Allow for easy registry configuration [entitlement] New Container Security
(2) rhel-init for rhel8 Backlog Container Security
(3) package moby-engine for Fedora Backlog Container Security
(3) [kpod-run] Implement kpod run CLI option: --userns="" [QE Hints] Backlog Container Security
[SPIKE] rhel modules for golang and cri-o Backlog Container Security
Test existing cert authentication approach against test CDN environment provided by Rel-Eng [qe tips] Backlog Container Security
Packaging gvisor for fedora Backlog Container Security
(13) Local-signed filesystem verification Backlog Container Security
(5) docker/docker support [friction] [layer federation] Backlog Container Security
(8) atomic command: Add pushing an OCI bundle to a Docker Registry Backlog Container Security
(5) docker/distribution: redirect on external layer URL direct fetch Backlog Container Security
(?) [signing] Signing of Base Images Backlog Container Security signing-images
(?) Skip unmapped volumes when running containers Backlog Container Security
[crio-atomic] Function parity between crio-backend and docker in the Atomic CLI Backlog Container Security
(3) [kpod-run] Implement kpod run CLI option: --ip6="" Backlog Container Security
(?) [DOCKER|CRI-O] Default to run containers with group in image if no group provided at run time Backlog Container Security
(?) [SPIKE] skopeo should be able to return be the catalog from a docker-distribution based registry. Backlog Container Security
(3) [CI-Testing] Kube Storage CI Tests in CI Backlog Continuous Infra internal-ci
[Ci-Testing] Add in Docker conformance tests to PR CI workflow Complete Continuous Infra
(3) [CI-Testing] Add github bot to runc and cri-o testing Complete Continuous Infra internal-ci
(3) [CI-Testing] Add github bot to runc and cri-o testing Complete Continuous Infra internal-ci
(8) Provide oadm sign-image command [imagestreams] Backlog Developer Experience signing-images
(?) Support prioritization of triggered builds [builds] Backlog Developer Experience
(5) Leverage jenkins plugin manager proxy settings in openshift plugins [jenkins_integration] DevTools Candidates Developer Experience
[registry][Reliability] Implement Metrics + Alerts + SOPs Next Developer Experience
(1) Cloud Access ami's do not mount / with gquota Waiting for Upstream e2e Provider Integration
(?) Move to fluentd 1.x (from current fluentd 0.12) New Logging and Metrics
(?) Close Indices to extend retention time Backlog Logging and Metrics
(5) Limit ES pods to at most eligible masters [epic-stability] Backlog Logging and Metrics
(5) Adopt using cert generation service [logging][epic-ois-agl-exp] Backlog Logging and Metrics
(?) Deploy fluentd without Elasticsearch and Kibana[logging][epic-ois-agl-ux] Backlog Logging and Metrics
(5) Adopt StatefulSets for logging [logging][epic-ois-agl-exp] Backlog Logging and Metrics
(8) Logging API fallback [logging][epic-ois-hl][cda] Backlog Logging and Metrics
(1) rsyslog - implement support for ratelimiting in imfile [logging][tracking][epic-ois-rsyslog][cda] Backlog Logging and Metrics
(8) [Reliability] Implement Metrics, alerts, SOPs Next Logging and Metrics
Org Templates New Master
(3) [Reliability] Audit Metrics + Alerts + SOPs New Master
(8) [Cloud Native Infra] Component Lifecycle New Master
(5) Ability to mark/flag images so they're excluded from image pruning Backlog Master
Enable server-side API compression by default Backlog Master
Direct VXLAN connection to external firewall [egress] [sdn] New Networking
(8) [Cloud Native Infra] Component Lifecycle New Networking
(3) [idling] Install OVS rules for any port a service points at on a pod so that we can monitor for traffic on that port Backlog Networking
Implement kube 1.8 NetworkPolicy ingress CIDR support [policy][routing] Backlog Networking
(0) Productize the Juniper Integration [Epic][partners] Backlog Networking
Fix constant iptables resyncing now that we have firewalld [techdebt] Backlog Networking
(5) Float IP addresses on AWS/Azure Backlog Networking
Router listener that updates DDNS [ingress] New Network Edge
Move to a version of HAProxy with Lua Capability New Network Edge
[multi-host-mgr] Integrate authorized-kube-keys into AMHM New Atomic
single layer image for system containers New Atomic
Better OSTree Porcelain Old Backlog Atomic
(5) Enable package-layering with Anaconda in fedora Backlog Atomic
[papr-on-ocp] work to move PAPR to an OpenShift cluster Backlog Atomic
Create initial POC of pungi configuration to generate RHELAH artifacts Next Atomic
Bring a RHEL7 based koji builder online in brew to prepare for fully automated artifact generation. In Progress Atomic
[control-plane] RC/Deployment Min/Max Scale Backlog Pod
(0) [Cloud Native Infra] Component Lifecycle Next Pod
(8) [Cloud Native Infra] Component Lifecycle New Security
(3) [Reliability] Audit Metrics + Alerts + SOPs Backlog Security
User Namespaces - default to RunAsNonRoot [user namespace] Backlog Security
[PSP] Migrate from SCC to PSP Backlog Security
Audit end-to-end authentication/authorization flow for service catalog, template service broker Backlog Security
(8) [Keycloak] BitBucket Oauth provider Backlog Security
[FIPS] Add OCI hook to bind mount /etc file to enable FIPS mode in conformant containers Next Security
(5) [FUTROUBLE] Implement deny authorizer for online In Progress Security
[spike] Enable volume relabeling by default [techdebt] New Storage
fsGroup mapping in user namespaces New Storage
[Manila External Provisioner] (Automated) Testing Backlog Storage
Move Ceph/Gluster client mount drivers to containers [gluster][ceph] [client container] Backlog Storage
[Reliability] [metrics] Audit Metrics + Alerts + SOPs In Progress Storage
(8) [Cloud Native Infra] Component Lifecycle Don't Move User Interface
(?) [Cloud Native Infra] install/upgrade CI Don't Move User Interface
(?) [Cloud Native Infra] component break out Don't Move User Interface
Group resources owned by a provisioned service [web-catalog] Don't Move User Interface
(2) Run 'oc' commands from the browser [evg] [usability] Don't Move User Interface
(2) Enable retry for deployments Don't Move User Interface
Paginate tables of data [usability] Don't Move User Interface
(?) Support fuzzy search for images [images] Don't Move User Interface
(?) Improve UX using new SCC access check APIs [usability] Don't Move User Interface
(?) Enhance StatefulSets when APIs become available [post-rebase] Don't Move User Interface
Multi-watch websockets [techdebt] Don't Move User Interface
Update console quota checks for priority quota [kubernetes] Don't Move User Interface
Handle resource priority and priority class in console [kubernetes] Don't Move User Interface
Download logs [monitoring] Don't Move User Interface
Web Console: create resources based on external template_url, supporting links into the create/fromtemplate page [evg] [onboarding] Don't Move User Interface
R&D - Prometheus [monitoring] Don't Move User Interface
(?) Check git connection on "Add to project" for allowing to create a secret [build] Don't Move User Interface
Manual approval steps in pipelines directly from the console [ci-cd] Don't Move User Interface
Add arbitrary labels to docker images [build] Don't Move User Interface
Aggregated logs / historical logs directly in console [monitoring] Don't Move User Interface
Namespace scoped ServiceClasses [web-catalog] Next User Interface




ubernetes[federation] Epic Backlog Storage


(13) Add support for defining volumes for build pods [builds] Backlog Developer Experience seamless-devexp
(3) Align image and template naming and metadata [techdebt] Backlog Developer Experience
(3) Provide pipeline build annotation that lists declarative pipeline stages before they are executed [pipeline_integration] DevTools Candidates Developer Experience
Support s2i on logging images[logging][epic-ois-lux] New Logging and Metrics
(5) Web Console Historical Logs [logging][evg][epic-ois-hl] Backlog Logging and Metrics
(3) [deployments] UPSTREAM provide the ability to automatically rollback Backlog Master
Launch web browser from CLI when OAuth flow cannot be completed with challenges New Security
Improve UX of `oc login` with non-challenge IDPs New Security
[FUTROUBLE] Warn when adding permissions to something that doesn't exist Backlog Security
Reconcile 'oc login' with kubectl authn plugins Backlog Security
Cluster reader and custom resources Next Security
(0) [FUTROUBLE] Improve upstream global error handling Next Security
Make Cluster Reader an aggregated cluster role In Progress Security
Add --remove-extra-* flags to auth reconcile In Progress Security add -dry-run to auth reconcile Accepted Security
Easier way to find readiness and liveness probe editors [usability] Backlog User Interface
Summary view should show metrics for each pod even when the pod count exceeds 5 [monitoring] Backlog User Interface
Group resources owned by a provisioned service [web-catalog] Don't Move User Interface
(?) Integrate with OSIO/RHOAR launcher Don't Move User Interface
Treat jobs and other run-once pods as special compared to other pods. [kubernetes] Don't Move User Interface
(?) Allow to add / edit labels [kubernetes] Don't Move User Interface
(?) Unified experience across all pages Don't Move User Interface
===== Questions above this card = Don't Move User Interface
Get usability feedback on the project overview at large scales Don't Move User Interface
Provide image grades from RHCC Don't Move User Interface
(3) Support showing PodPreset env on Environment tab [kubernetes] Don't Move User Interface
(?) Improved project list page with alerts / stats [evg] [monitoring] [web-catalog] Don't Move User Interface
Advanced Filtering of Catalog [UX-detailed-design] Don't Move User Interface
(2) Visual enhancements to a objects marked for deletion [usability] Don't Move User Interface
Address usability concerns with tile subcategories in the catalog Next User Interface
(3) Increase size of PV [storage] Accepted User Interface

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