AtomicOpenShift Sprints Overview

Table of Contents


Sprint 1 (0 pts)
(2018-03-05 - 2018-03-23)
Sprint 1 Goals
Create dockerhub organization for AnsibleApps work
Implement Catalog, Provision, and Unprovision for Ansible Service Broker Business Logic (Q&S)
Create YouTube channel for AnsibleApps team to share screencasts
Generate Design Documentation for a developer understanding the architecture of an AnsibleApp
Generate Documentation for a partner or ISV highlighting the steps they need to perform to package an AnsibleApp
Setup discussions for learning about Red Hat Container Catalog integration with Ansible Service Broker
3 node MariaDB Galera cluster in Kubernetes
Record screencast deploying etherpad-ansible-app with Ansible Service Broker
Build pipeline for mariadb vessel
MariaDB vessel template
MariaDB container
MariaDB pod template
Convert MariaDB config files into configmaps
Generate Design Document example of using catalog, provision, unprovision APIs in Ansible Service Broker
File issue clarifying deprovision against openservicebrokerapi
File issue to have plan explained against openservicebrokerapi
File issue proposing pagination with catalog api against openservicebrokerapi
Create an etherpad ansible-app so we may deploy etherpad in our cluster by executing the meta-container for install
Setup github repository for example ansible apps with support so ansibleapps get built automatically and published to dockerhub on source code commits
Update etherpad-ansible-app so that it may be consumed by Ansible Service Broker
Begin Design Documentation on how AnsibleApps will handle parameters
Generate Design Document for Ansible Service Broker <-> Ansible App interaction.
Vessel testing pipeline
Begin Design Document for interaction with Red Hat Container Catalog & Ansible Service Broker
Record screencast creating etherpad-ansible-app from existing galaxy ansible role
Integration testing of Catalog/Provision/Unprovision of AnsibleApps with Ansible Service Broker
Sprint 2 (15 pts)
(2018-03-26 - 2018-04-13)
Sprint 2 Goals
Create draft for an AnsibleApps introduction blog post scheduled to post to PNT NewsLetter end of Feb, deadline of submission is 2/21.
Use init container to create a vessel
Proper vessel exit
MariaDB Galera lights out recovery workflow
MariaDB ThirdPartyResource template
MariaDB Galera self-healing demo
Reference architecture and docs for Mariadb vessel
Update example apps so they follow container best practices
Implement ability to embed queryable metadata on ansibleapp containers.
(5) Document Use Case example for External Service [5]
Vessels V2 Design Diagrams
safe_to_bootstrap logic
Package GaleraDB as an AnsibleApp
Implement ability for AnsibleServiceBroker to communicate with DockerHub to learn about available AnsibleApps
Implement small script to drive broker from the perspective of a cluster user
Record screencast demonstrating ability to query DockerHub to learn of available AnsibleApps
Record screencast demonstrating ability to learn what parameters are available in an AnsibleApp from the AnsibleServiceBroker.
Record screencast demonstrating ability to pass in parameters for provisioning an AnsibleApp from the ServiceBroker
(5) Document Use Case Example for Bind/Unbind. [8]
(5) Implement ability for AnsibleApp creation to provide parameter usage during invocation of provision/unprovision/bind/unbind [3]
Design Documentation on Red Hat Container Catalog <-> Ansible Service Broker interaction.
Sprint 3 (31 pts)
(2018-04-16 - 2018-05-04)
Sprint 3 Goals
Create AnsbileApp with optional and typed parameters
(2) Enable flake8 on ansibleapp repo [1]
(2) Add tito configs and rpm spec file to package ansibleapp as an rpm [2]
Package Wordpress HA deployment as AnsibleApp (Example using Stateful Sets in Kubernetes)
(1) Review context proposal to openservicebroker api [1]
Demonstrate an ansibleapp upgrade using Foreman
(2) Review parameter schema proposal to openservicebroker api [2]
Create man page for ansibleapp tool
(5) Setup automated builds for service broker containers and make it available for easy deployment inside openshift. [5]
(13) Implement bind with Ansible Service Broker [20]
Package Pulp as an AnsibleApp, mhrivnak has a repo with pulp on k8s available as a starting point.
Create google sheet slides outlining process of creating podified ManageIQ to an AnsibleApp. Note any gotchas
Record screen cast of bring up cluster, asbcli up, asbcli list, asbcli provision manageIQ, log into manageIQ
Test Packaging and Deployment of CloudForms
Simple Vessel run loop in Go
Monitoring pkg
TPR vessel package
Basic logging pkg for the Vessel
Create an AnsibleApp for mLab external service
Add "package" to ansibleapp
(5) Create an example webapp to use mLab as an external service and package as an AnsibleApp
Agree on a common development environment to share with team.
(1) Record demo of binding to a mLab external service and using those credentials in a simple webapp.
Sprint 4 (16 pts)
(2018-05-07 - 2018-05-25)
Sprint 4 Goals
Develop Abstract for OSS Conference Session on ASB + APBs.
Get involved in effort to generate a set of upstream kube/openshift ansible modules [apbs]
Integrate ASB with k8s incubator catalog project [asb]
Manually deploy Gluster CNS on a multi-node vagrant OCP cluster [gluster]
(3) Ensure travis, codeclimate etc can catch a broken build [3]
(1) change ansibleapp package name to APB [3]
Handle bind error cases [asb]
(5) Package Ansible Service Broker [5]
(3) Investigate gaps in AnsibleApp design/implementation versus Helm, Atomicapp, and KPM. [3]
(1) Add Automated RPM Builds [1]
(3) Work with RCM and test drive their image building toolchain, to ensure that APBs can be built using it.
Script out deployment of service catalog to capture Paul Morie's work
Scrub PNT BlogPost for external publishing and add to ansibleapp github repo as a markdown file
Sprint 5 (100 pts)
(2018-05-28 - 2017-05-26)
(5) Rework deploying of Ansible Service Broker from asbcli up to use a YAML resource file [asb][sp5]
(1) Add a note to ASB repo in README to state the code is intended to be rewritten onto Broker SDK. as per pmorie's request [asb] [sp5] [0.5]
(2) Etcd, do we want our own etcd or should we use someone elses [asb][sp5]
Broker endpoint validation [asb][sp5]
(5) Create 2-3 Example APBs [apb-examples][sp5]
Improve Dockerfile caching [asb][sp5]
(8) Work with RCM to build broker images and publish to redhat registry. [asb][sp5][5]
(3) Work with PM and determine list of APBs needed for OCP 3.6 Tech Preview and Priorities [apbs] [apb-examples][sp5] [3]
(2) Launch ASB from a single YAML file with an "oc create -f". Ok to manually edit the file first to edit a few vars.[asb][sp5]
(13) Demo/Test Environment - Enhance catasb [apb-devx][sp5]
(13) apb tooling [apb-devx][sp5]
(3) Github Clean Up [apb-devx][sp5]
(8) Walkthrough Guide (start to finish) [apb-devx][sp5]
(3) Cleanup build process so it's easier for others to rebuild [asb][sp5]
(8) Create a Kubernetes client to talk to Kube/OCP [asb][sp5]
(1) apb tool -> RPM packaging for apb tool, build in brew [apb-devx][sp5][2]
(3) Update apb-base so it is RPM based and contains the ansible runtime environment with k8s/ocp modules. [apbs][apb-examples][sp5][3]
Pull script logic into the broker [asb][sp5]
(3) Investigate if we can reduce the size of APB images, currently seeing them be 600-900MBs [apbs] [sp5][2]
(3) Revisit deprovision in existing APBs under our 'library'. Saw several examples deleting a project instead of backing out created entities [apb-examples][sp5][5]
(3) Update Example APBs to show reuse of existing images on dockerhub, i.e. don't rebuild every image we use. Has confused others who are new to project [apb-examples] [sp5][1]
(2) apb tool -> Publish to cheeseshop so available with 'pip install' [apb-devx][sp5]
(5) Design/Background Guides - Ensure existing docs are up-to-date [apb-devx][sp5]
(3) Document how to contribute to apb-examples [apb-devx][docs][sp5]
(3) Run Catalog API Label query against RHCC red hat images, (Crane) and document issues [cc][sp5]
Sprint 133 (123 pts)
(2017-05-29 - 2017-06-22)
Screencast: Create a new APB with apb tooling, publish, and consume/deploy with Svc Cat WebUI.[apb-devx]
(3) Follow up on RHCC related Action Items for Dirk [cc][sp5]
Add a --verbose or --debug option to Ansible Service Broker to aid in troubleshooting issues.
Investigate launching example APBs (MediaWiki and Postgres) from ServiceAccount credentials mounted into Pod opposed to credentials in environment variable passed in[apb-examples]
(5) Update ASB to create a dynamic ServiceAccount per APB action invoked.[asb]
(1) Build dumb-init upstream and downstream [apb-examples][sp6][0.5]
Cluster multinode tools rework [devenv]
(3) Transfer ASB GitHub Repo to OpenShift Organization [asb][sp5] [5]
(8) Complete rel-eng work for ASB, MediaWiki, and Postgres built and published to RHCC.
(3) Fix ansible-service-broker rpm builds [asb][sp6][3]
Use the client object to replace oc create
(1) Get to the bottom of https hangs on rpm based apb-base image [apb-examples][sp6][3]
Create a COPR Repo for APB Tooling.[apb-devx][sp6][0.5]
(1) Get FAS group created and create a project copr repo to replace my personal asb copr repo [asb][sp6][3]
Security cleanup of asb code
(1) Complete downstream builds of apb containers [apb-examples][sp6][3]
(8) Replace oc shell commands by talking to the Kubernetes APIs (Split into 3 cards)
(1) Build apb role/script packages upstream and downstream [apb-examples][sp6][1]
(13) Handle restarts while persisting state [asb][sp5] [13]
(2) Update catasb to a newer version of Origin [apb-devx] [2]
(2) Update diagrams to move to APB and away from AnsibleApps, also update overview presentation with newer images [docs][sp5]
Need a plan for Bind for TechPreview. Issue is lack of async support for Bind in current OSB API spec.
(2) Update catasb to use latest Service Catalog[apb-devx] [2]
(5) Devise a method for allowing a user to build an APB locally and see it get picked up by the ASB and available to use from the Service Catalog. [asb][apb-devx] [3]
(3) Need a mechanism to pass in namespace to apbs [apb] [asb] [3]
(8) Update service broker to handle parameter schema [asb] [8]
(2) Create a ServiceAccount for running the Ansible Service Broker, update the yaml resource files to leverage the Service Account[asb]
(1) Update rpm specs for apb and asb to work well for both downstream and upstream [asb][sp6][0.5]
Update github Docs to reflect configuration options for ASB.
Remove RefreshLoginToken
Integration testing of rel-eng built, full workflow launching MediaWiki & Postgres APB from RCM built images published to RHCC.
Remove the incluster pod creation path
Update Broker to incorporate workaround for lack of async bind.
(2) Create a document explaining security concerns with Ansible Service Broker and Plan for addressing in tech preview [docs][sp5]
(3) Update ASB code to work with latest Service Catalog, we expect name changes to have occurred and some fields will change.[asb]
(3) Ensure our etcd data will be persisted between restarts, node relocation, etc.[asb][3]
(2) Revisit Bind Workflow/Implementation
(5) Generate Design Documentation on how APB will handle dependencies [apbs][docs][sp5]
(5) Test/Support all API methods for OpenService Broker API and our implementation of Ansible Service Broker. [asb]
(13) Implement unbind with Ansible Service Broker [asb][8]
(3) Integration testing of parameter support with apb-examples and service catalog webui [asb][apb-examples]
(5) RHCC Integration - Implement go-client code to talk to RHCC to source APBs[asb] [5]
(0.5) Update our etcd image to use rhel produced etcd [0.5]
s2i for APB
Document new parameter schema way of handling parameters in the ansible playbook bundle. This is for APB developers.
(8) Update OCP ansible installer to install Ansible Service Broker.[asb][13]
(1) Screencast: Deploy Mediawiki & Postgres bind example from RHCC through latest WebUI.[apb-examples]
Sprint 134 (39 pts)
(2017-06-26 - 2017-07-14)
(5) Clean up fusor/apb-examples so all examples are up to date and working.
(5) Vagrant environment for testing openshift-ansible installing OCP with Service Catalog and Ansible Service Broker.[13]
Revisit method for passing data to ASB (broker) from bind call on APB [asb][sp5]
(2) Update catasb branches so master becomes our latest development work and the summit2017 demo is branched to 'summit2017'
(2) Cleanup Makefile Targets for Broker [5]
(13) Setup a development RHCC testing server [13]
Get an answer on how we should treat Upstream/Downstream APBs. i.e. can we use rhel7 for upstream APBs and publish to dockerhub, do we need to use centos7 for dockerhub instead?[apbs]
Document "APB Test" case
(1) Revisit Automated Builds for Broker
(2) Fix golint errors in Broker source code
Bug 1470622 - When provision mediawiki success/failed there is no return in catalog console
(3) Refactor k8s client code in broker
(1) Update catasb to incorporate the new "oc cluster up --service-catalog=true" [3]
(5) APB Image Dependencies - Phase I
In Progress (470 pts)
(2017-07-17 - 2018-08-17)
(5) Create a Openshift 3.11 Envs [5]
(13) Support new authentication workflow for with Token [broker-rhcc-auth]
RHUI: libcurl issue causing 401s when installing updated libcurl from rhel-7-next
(0.5) Add PostgreSQL 10 to APB [0.5]
(0.5) Remove deprecated application containers from DB APB options [0.5]
Integrate Ansible Runner with apb-base
Bootstrap should not delete all specs
Update APBs with Ansible 2.6 and dynamic client
(13) Support discovering/running APB sources published to Galaxy from the Automation Broker [broker-ansible-galaxy]
Provide mechanism for overriding the application container image URL
(5) Update database example APBs so more than 1 instance may be deployed in same namespace, i.e. requires parameterization of service name and possible other variables.
Investigate '' an EBS volume failed and CDS is in bad state
(0.5) Add v3.10 --rcm Jenkins task [0.5]
Prep for ansible operator presentation at August's SIG Operator Framework
(13) Create APB examples using HEAT templates to deploy OpenStack VM's and services [13]
Add Quay adapter to bundle-lib
Blog Post on APB extending Helm story
Automatically set the owner reference on resources created by an APB
Create upstream documentation for namespaced service brokers in the catalog.
(5) Add support for JFrog Artifactory Adapter.
(3) Create a devstack instance suitable for use with testing heat templates in API's.
Investigate possible Service Catalog issue with Orphan Mitigation, related to an edge case template broker issue.
Blog Post on Helm v2 support with Automation Broker
Add dashboard URL changes to openshift-ansible as an alpha feature disabled by default and ensure upstream Docs exist
Automation Operator - Create config map structure for the operator
Need to add migration path for openshift-ansible from etcd to crds
Address concerns with apb tool and remote cluster usage
(21) Create an APB for openshift-logging and test/submit a PR to oc cluster --add/enable that leverages the APB for deploying openshift-logging. [21]
(21) Remove etcd from Broker and move to using CRDs
Fix APBs so that when removing a pod that does not exist does not exit in error
Sprint 149 Tag + Latest Images + Release Notes
Update broker-apb with dashboard-redirector
(3) Async bind jobs busted [3]
Add dynamic client to openshift-restclient-python
Develop story of extending Helm chart and obtaining value with ServiceBundle
Update ansible modules to use dynamic client
Create several example APBs in galaxy
Add support for discovery of APBs from partner registry.
[5][iaas_broker] Ability to return dashboard_url during provision AND update. Desire is to see Web Console display the link on the service instance.
OpenShift Registry Adapter for QE private registry
(3) AWS Broker RFE: make serviceInstance details available to the playbook #674
(8) AWS Broker RFE: Enhance error messages, so when a provision request fails with a CloudFormation error, the error is preserved and displayed to end user in web console.
(5) Upgrade MediaWiki Example to a newer version, minimum of 1.27 LTS release. [5]
(1) BlogPost with VNC APB, showing it was developed and suggested usages. [1]
Async bind demo
Automation Broker Versioning Strategy and Compatibility Matrix
(5) Create a vm-env/aos-3.10 and Jenkins job to run nightly tests of openshift-ansible 3.10 [8]
Create POC/First pass on making operator for osb-starter-pack
(8) Bucket to address bundle-lib considerations
(5) Plan for broker extension
Investigate the removal of bad ServiceInstances when APBs fail their provision / deprovision.
(1) Review CLI document [1]
(2) Document how AWS would use the vendor [1]
Update minishift addon for 3.9 release
Fix CatASB so that it can deploy with SSL on latest
(0.5) Record demo showing VNC APB example [0.5]
(3) Add support for --enable automation-service-broker to 'oc cluster' [3]
[13][iaas_broker] CFME Custom Registry Adapter for Dynamic ServiceClass/Plans [13]
Minishift usage blogpost
Email info to Ryan @ AWS on async bind how to setup and use with 3.9, also email blog post link from zeus
(8) Bucket to address k8s-osb-kit considerations
POC: Generic APB ALM Operator
Document plan for proof of concept of APB and ALM integration.
(13) Implement Async Bind in Broker [13]
(1) Post PnT blog
(3) Async bind blogpost [1]
(1) Final edits for PnT blog post [1]
Documentation describing the recommended way for writing an APB that uses a proxy.
(0.5) Build svcat rpm in copr [0.5]
(3) Drafting Code of Conduct [1]
(13) Automate scenario for Testing Upgrades from 3.7 to 3.9 release. [13]
Investigate APB provision failures and identify issues.
(3) Async Bind PnT Blog Post Article Due by 3/23 [5]
(1) Fix 3.7 without ASB to 3.9 with ASB upgrade/install. [1]
[0.5] Fix vm_env environments/Jenkins for new ansible 2.4 repo [0.5]
(1) Fix asb-registry selinux errors [1]
Demo of setting up pure k8s with Ansible Broker and running through provision/bind workflow
Verification of minishift with development workflow.
(0.5) Ensure cri-o exec/cp/rsync bug is fixed. [0.5]
Create a CI job in Jenkins to run nightly tests of Broker/APB workflow with the new CRD path
get coalmine working with catasb again.
Record demo of proxy workflow
Create example of APB that uses its proxy settings to configure services that also require usage of the proxy.
Async Bind PnT Blog Post Pitch Due by 3/9
Run through an origin setup with Ansible Broker from openshift-ansible on CentOS. Refer to published documentation, some settings look incorrect.
Prepare CEE Training Material for 3.9, Proxy support and Update database APBs
(5) Implement network isolation proposal for multi-tenet environment.
Sprint 147 Tag + Latest Images + Release Notes
Update Broker when v3.9.0 is released.
Sprint 146 Tag + Latest Images + Release Notes
Create an APB to deploy the Ansible Service Broker
POC: Enabling discovery of APBs and update of ALM inventory
Verify downstream 3.7|3.9 packages
(8) Helm v2 Support in Broker: Investigation
Create a new APB Example to serve as a reference for how to use k8s_raw as well as apb test
Regenerate openshift-restclient-python for k8s 1.9
Sprint 145 Tag + Latest Images + Release Notes
(3) Experiment with 'apb run' command for running APBs outside of Broker
(8) Enhance our database APBs so updating plan or parameter will preserve data. [5]
Upgrade scenario testing 3.7 to 3.9
(8) Create a Jenkins job to run openshift-ansible installs and basic sanity check of provision/bind/deprovision workflow. [8]
Create a Debugging Guide for Ansible Service Broker.
(13) Update ec2-multi in catasb PR to address concerns
Record minishift up and running demo
Proxy testing with AWS APBs in an environment blocking external traffic
(0.5) Document tip on improving how to view names of clusterserviceclasses and clusterserviceplans from CLI. oc get clusterserviceplans,EXTERNAL\ NAME:.spec.externalName
(0.5) Add a note to debug guide on how to get a list of all APBs from Broker through curl command.
(5) Landing page for Ansible Broker project with updated logo
Revisit publishing APB Development blog post
Sprint 144 tags and ReleaseNotes
(1) After upgrade ensure that tag changes to v3.9, currently at v3.7 [0.5]
Update openshift-ansible with options for configuring the broker with proxy
(1) Update openshift-ansible ASB role to use v3.9 for default once that tag is ready to use downstream and test.
(3) Create Errata for OCP 3.9 [1]
(5) Ansible Broker support with environments using a network Proxy
Document required proxy configuration for running the broker behind a proxy.
Improve Ansible Broker's Bind Credential Extraction Process
(5) Investigate running ASB and APB with cri-o instead of docker.
(0.5) Test if we can simplify run_latest and remove needing to change hosting/routing_suffix and use default of
Use the client object to replace oc login [asb]
Create a new Jenkins job to track release branches.
Integrate remote execution for v1 (backwards compat) credential extraction.
(3) Track down possible issues with APB updates failing on subsequent runs [0.5]
(3) Record a video demonstrating how to creating integration tests for an APB
[1] Add AOS 3.9 vm_env env (1)
(13) Agnostic Runtime phase 3
(58) Agnostic Runtime Tracking
broker running on kubernetes CI job
(1) Add a Jenkins job to tag/push working origin images to a specific dockerhub org [1]
Ability to run ASB in a pure Kubernetes clusters without OpenShift
(0.5) Write up issue/bug with problem looking into Delete Namespace, then run deprovision of APB.
Draft blog posts for 3.7 Release
(3) Draft Errata for 3.7 Release
(1) Update upstream repo and container names for APB's to match downstream [1]
(8) Etcd auth changes in openshift-ansible
(25) Agnostic Runtime phase 2
(5) Simplify/Consolidate installing broker as an APB
Sprint 143 Release Notes
[5] Devconf preparation
Build Upstream and Downstream Packages and Container Images
Get up to speed on openshift-restclient-python
(3) Verify openshift-rest-client/k8s module generation working with k8s 1.8 [20]
Address openshift rest client issues related to KubeVirt effort
(5) Investigate and Enhancements to support network isolation in multi-tenant environment
(5) CEE Training for APB Tooling. Due Wed 12/20 @ 9am, delivered via a recorded bluejeans session.
(3) Official add-on to Minishift for Ansible Broker
(8) Hook into Service Catalog tests so larger PRs (rebases) will allow running Ansible Broker provision/bind/unbind/deprovision workflow as part of end-to-end integration.
(1) Added a Jenkins CI slave. Too many 'oc cluster up' jobs taking too long to run & were backing up on the single node. [1]
Document high level plan for Ansible integration
[7] Submit PR against Ansible Galaxy for `apb init` features
[5] Create an APB using new Galaxy format with dependencies
Bug 1541461 deal with old version of service catalogs in regards to scope tokens
(3) Investigate making upstream and downstream APB tool work out of the box. [3]
(13) Integrate APB skeleton generation with ansible-galaxy --init [broker-ansible-galaxy310]
(20) Implement Catalog Access Control so system level APBs are restricted and only shown in a specific namespace. [broker-rbac]
Rewrite of 'apb' tool in golang to reuse 'bundle-lib' functionality for development workflows of directly launching APBs similar to Broker.
Support a namespaced broker install in the broker's APB and make the APB available downstream.
(8) Refactor apb-base so it is built on Ansible Runner
Create BlogPost on Proxy support, workflow, reference youtube demo.
[7] APB Tooling improvements
Create a screencast demonstrating Ansible Galaxy APB with Runner
(5) Create a galaxy-runner image to use for next few months in upstream/downstream until Ansible Runner has been released.
(?) [Cloud Native Infra310] component break out
Investigate approach for Tiller with Helm v2
Sprint 148 Tag + Latest Images + Release Notes
Bucket for sbcli v1.0 work
Sprint 150 Tag + Latest Images + Release Notes
[iaas_broker] Ability for APBs to preserve state between different method calls.
bundle-lib updates for sbcli
Bucket for generic sbcli improvements
Add ability to Broker for saving state that is generated during a step and passed into subsequent actions
(13) Create Openstack APB's that work with our Broker
Blog post on new k8s Ansible modules
Revisit APB Developer documentation
(8) Update Galaxy Registry Adapter [5]
Operator API proxy adds created resources to CR status
Add operator api proxy to operator repo
Operator uses the api proxy
Automation Operator - Write CLI to convert APB spec to CSV/CRD
Operator-SDK work
BZs for 3.10.z related to Upgrade Issues
Bug 1589841 - Kubevirt-apb needs an explicit reference to the hosts file /etc/ansible/hosts
Prepare slides for August Ansible meetup on: Modules, Service Catalog and Operators
Tracking request for changing sandbox role from edit to admin to aid Eclipse CHE
Create DesignDocuments for Template Broker and Automation Broker backed by an Operator.
Terms based registry testing
Document namespaced ASB stories and examples in the ASB repo.
Upstream ASB issue in origin: Error syncing catalog from ServiceBroker #18332
Next (10 pts)
Blog Post on Galaxy Integration
Create slides with galaxy integration approach to aid future CEE training on galaxy integration.
Create an appropriate Status object for operator CRD
Operator uses ansible-runner
Revisit ServiceCatalog tests with Ansible Broker
Investigate upgrade problem from 3.7 to 3.9.19 with template broker and openshift-ansible
---- Divider (cards above are from prior sprint) ---
(5) [osb] Write up proposal for returning binary credentials in OSB spec
(5) [osb] Write up proposal for dealing with dashboard_url during an async bind for the OSB working group
Support grouping created APB resources together.
Bring broker-apb into ansible-service-broker project
Bundle Lib -get a spec for a specific image
Automation Operator - Work on operator to deal with reconcile loop
Automation Operator - Default, and validate parameters based on APB spec
Unit tests for `apb`
Backlog (Top) (5 pts)
Sprint 151 Tag + Latest Images + Release Notes
Propose changes to the Service Bundle Contract based on collected feedback.
Add pagination to catalog api [asb]
(5) Revisit replacing SubjectRulesReview with Subject Access Rule to gain ability to check permissions in pure k8s as well as OpenShift [asb]
Broker needs to perform validation on Services it loads from the registry so valid data is passed on /catalog [asb]
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Sprint 142 (25 pts)
(2017-12-11 - 2017-12-29)
GlusterFS: Full Greenfield Deployment (CNS)
GlusterFS: Full Greenfield Deployment (CRS)
(2) Ansible 2.4 AWS module deprecation
(3) Playbook Consolidation: Initialization [oa-plybk-cons39]
(2) Playbook Consolidation: openshift-nfs [oa-plybk-cons39]
(2) Playbook Consolidation: openshift-hosted [oa-plybk-cons39]
(2) Playbook Consolidation: openshift-loadbalancer [oa-plybk-cons39]
(2) Playbook Consolidation: openshift-service-catalog [oa-plybk-cons39]
(3) Playbook Consolidation: openshift-etcd [oa-plybk-cons39]
(3) Ansible 2.4 `include` deprecation
(3) Playbook Consolidation: openshift-node [oa-plybk-cons39]
(3) Playbook Consolidation: openshift-master [oa-plybk-cons39]
Sprint 143 (15 pts)
(2018-01-01 - 2018-01-19)
(2) Playbook Consolidation: openshift-management [oa-plybk-cons39]
(2) Playbook Consolidation: openshift-cluster redeploy certificates [oa-plybk-cons39]
(3) Playbook Consolidation: byo/config.yml [oa-plybk-cons39]
(2) Playbook Consolidation: openshift-logging [oa-plybk-cons39]
(2) Playbook Consolidation: openshift-provisioners
(2) Playbook Consolidation: openshift-checks [oa-plybk-cons39]
GlusterFS: Brownfield standalone deployment playbook (CNS)
GlusterFS: Brownfield standalone deployment playbook (CRS)
(2) Playbook Consolidation: openshift-glusterfs [oa-plybk-cons39]
Sprint 144 (16 pts)
(2018-01-22 - 2018-02-09)
(2) Reduce the number of tasks that execute non control plane hosts while running control plane upgrade
(5) Clean up node upgrade dependencies on docker roles
(1) Ship CFME 4.6 Beta templates
(2) Playbook Consolidation: openshift-etcd upgrade [oa-plybk-cons39]
(2) Playbook Consolidation: openshift-metrics [oa-plybk-cons39]
(1) 3.7 to 3.8 upgrade
(3) Node Upgrade Improvements
Sprint 145 (6 pts)
(2018-02-12 - 2018-03-02)
GlusterFS: Deploy OCP metrics using glusterblock storage
GlusterFS: Deploy OCP logging using glusterblock storage
(5) Refactor container runtime roles
(1) Validate Ansible 2.4.3 with OpenShift-Ansible
Sprint 146 (8 pts)
(2018-03-05 - 2018-03-23)
(1) GlusterFS: Create glusterblock StorageClass
(5) Automate 3.7 to 3.9 control plane upgrade
(2) GlusterFS: Uninstall playbook (CNS)
Sprint 147 (6 pts)
(2018-03-26 - 2018-04-13)
(1) Remove quick installer from 3.10
[depreciate] Announce quick installer will be removed from OCP 3.10.
(spike) Investigate adding dynamic client support to rest-client
(5) [Cloud Native Infra310] reference ansible role for teams to follow
Sprint 148 (0 pts)
(2018-04-16 - 2018-05-04)
(EPIC) Checkpointing the installer
Sprint 149 (3 pts)
(2018-05-07 - 2018-05-25)
(3) Node restart hooks
Sprint 150 (21 pts)
(2018-05-28 - 2018-06-15)
(5) Standardize on{master,compute,infra}=true
(3) Refactor version handling to new format
(13) Run control plane as static pod and enable node bootstrapping by default
Sprint 151 (3 pts)
(2018-06-18 - 2018-07-06)
(EPIC) openshift-ansible to install CRI-O [oa-cri-o]
(1) [3.6] GlusterFS: Full deployment
(1) [3.7] GlusterFS: Deploy OCP metrics using glusterblock storage
(1) [3.7] GlusterFS: Deploy OCP logging using glusterblock storage
Sprint 152 (0 pts)
(2018-07-09 - 2018-07-27)
In Progress (32 pts)
(2018-07-30 - 2018-08-17)
[Multi-AZ] Support Multiple AZs
(?) Document how online upgrades
(5) Integrate CFME 4.6 into OCP Installation
(2) GlusterFS: Deploy gluster-s3
(?) AWS dns hook
(?) Clean up CFME 4.6
(2) aws scale group upgrade
(3) Require that a token is configured for OCP
(5) Normalize Registry Handling
(5) Check for expiring certificates during upgrade
(5) remove all other tech preview system containers (except kubelet/node) from the product
(2) Installer as a System Container fully supported [oa-syscon-support]
Customer installs should always log output
(2) Support Ansible 2.6 in OCP 3.11
(1) aws scale group setup
Next (5 pts)
(3) Clean up example hosts files
(2) Pre-pull container images in pre-upgrade.
Backlog (Top) (5 pts)
[SCCFSI] Nodes utilize TLS bootstrapping for certificate management
(2) GlusterFS: Single-node deployment
(0) GlusterFS: Use gluster-s3 storage
(3) GlusterFS: Uninstall playbook (CRS)
(?) Document openshift-ansible re-entrant behavior
Velocity: 9 / sprint


Sprint 141 (0 pts)
(2017-11-20 - 2017-12-08)
Prototype running openshift-ansible in a Kubernetes pod [2mo]
Pick a Real Team Name [2mo]
Sprint 142 (0 pts)
(2017-12-11 - 2017-12-29)
Investigate if GCP and Azure have concept similar to AWS Scale Groups [2mo]
Prototype Cloud Infrastructure Controller [2mo]
Run Ansible pods without root requirement and SCC elevated perms. [2mo]
Run integration CI tests
Support creating cluster objects in any namespace.
Investigate openshift-ansible provisioning viability [2mo]
Get Merge Robot Running [2mo]
Add appropriate integration/unit tests for infra provisioning controller. [2mo]
Sprint 143 (0 pts)
(2018-01-01 - 2018-01-19)
Sprint 144 (0 pts)
(2018-01-22 - 2018-02-09)
Prototype Master Controller [poc] [control-plane]
Design a Cluster API [2mo]
Setup basic framework for integration tests [2mo]
Write an API server that is launched by `oc cluster up` [2mo]
Link ClusterVersion to ClusterSpec and MachineSets [api] [poc]
Investigate integration testing with an AWS mock solution.
Support setting additional tags on ASG backed instances [2mo]
Add boto3 packages to origin-ansible container image
Prototype MachineSet Controller [poc]
Refactor openshift_aws ELB creation to be included with prerequisites [2mo]
Ensure that AMIs without root user access can be used with openshift-ansible provisioning [poc] [openshift-ansible]
Implement a Version API [poc] [api]
Sprint 145 (0 pts)
(2018-02-12 - 2018-03-02)
Cleanup ansible pod configmaps on job deletion.
Implement mechanism to auto-approve nodes to join cluster [poc]
Ensure node instances have correct hostnames before starting node service
[poc] [api] Implement functional Cluster Versions for initial install
[poc][creation] Create controller to install components (router/registry) after cluster installation.
[poc] [termination] Implement machine set and ELB cleanup during cluster deletion.
Implement cluster deletion/cleanup [poc] [openshift-ansible] [termination]
[creation] [adoption] [upgrade] Design Machine Management
Add optional fail state to node CSR acceptance module
Sprint 146 (0 pts)
(2018-03-05 - 2018-03-23)
[coreos-hackday] Implement hack for users to locate their control plane load balancer.
[poc] [creation] Switch to parallel run of playbooks for machineset provisioning and install
[2mo] [testing] Increase coverage of integration tests.
[poc] [testing] Add unit tests for infra controller.
[6mo] Investigate SAP's Gardener/Node-Controller-Manager
CO must deploy into the 'openshift-cluster-operator' namespace.
Use correct openshift-ansible image for version we're installing / upgrading to.
Break up component install playbooks into parallel jobs.
Sprint 147 (0 pts)
(2018-03-26 - 2018-04-13)
Use labels for parent-child associations.
[ci] [upstream-cluster-api] Write playbook to deploy upstream cluster API controllers
[creation] Integrate openshift_daemonset_config
[ci] [upstream-cluster-api] Update CO to deploy cluster API controllers into remote cluster.
[upstream-cluster-api] [ci] Get upstream cluster API images building and published.
[ci] [upstream-cluster-api] Write AWS actuator for cluster API.
Sprint 148 (0 pts)
(2018-04-16 - 2018-05-04)
[bug] Masters can be created in the "default" SG only
developer flow does not allow creation of 2 clusters at same time
[ci] Transition to OpenShift DeploymentConfigs, Builds, and ImageStreams
trying to load the same cert with a different name causes openshift-ansible to fail
[ci][bug] Infra ELB forwards port 80 to port 443, but the router listens on port 80 for http traffic...
[ci][bug] Infra ELB has proxy protocol enabled, but the router does not
[ci] [upstream-cluster-api] Solve security of AWS creds going into cluster.
Begin deploying 3.10 clusters.
[upstream-cluster-api] Establish direct connection to remote cluster's API server.
Solve cluster-operator-ansible image versioning problems.
[ci][bug] Creating a cluster object which requests an m5.* instance type but uses and AMI without Enhanced Network Adaptor results in leaked launch configs
Sprint 149 (0 pts)
(2018-05-07 - 2018-05-25)
[ci] [upstream-cluster-api] Update CO Cluster Controller to create Cluster and MachineSets in remote Cluster.
have number of registries match the number of infra nodes
Update vendored code and image build process for new upstream Cluster API location [ci]
Configure API server to handle upstream API types. [dedicated-1] [api]
Full integration testing.
[dedicated-1] Design DNS Solution
Run same AWS Actuator Image in Root and Target Cluster
[dedicated-1] [api] Create two instance profiles as part of cluster infra provision/deprovision.
[ci] Prepare for deployment to CI cluster.
Flaky integration test
Sprint 150 (0 pts)
(2018-05-28 - 2018-06-15)
Cleanup all old controllers and make Cluster API the default.
Fix duplicate AWS instances created for one machine. [bug]
Wire up Machine Status
Return to CO ClusterSpec Defining The MachineSets/Deployments To Create
[dedicated-1] Add unique cluster ID validation
Create compute machinesets in remote cluster.
Transition fully to integrated cluster API. [api] [ci] [dedicated-1]
Use Cluster ID instead of ClusterDeployment.Name for Cluster/Machine object prefix
Implement unit tests for AWS actuator using go SDK mocks.
Implement Machine ELB Controller
Implement no-op fake cluster creation with new API and controllers
Sprint 151 (0 pts)
(2018-06-18 - 2018-07-06)
Sprint 152 (0 pts)
(2018-07-09 - 2018-07-27)
Handle stopped/stopping AWS instances.
Add network addresses to cluster-api Machine.Status. [upstream]
Finalize Provider Field Contents [api] [dedicated-1]
Cleanup machines in remote cluster.
Reenable e2e tests.
In Progress (0 pts)
(2018-07-30 - 2018-08-17)
[ci] Analyze API needs vs ops dedicated requirements.
Hookup or remove all of our unused API fields [dedicated-1] [api]
Use cluster operator to run origin conformance tests
Add ability to setup public ssh key in CO and then pass public ssh key to openshift-ansible
Backlog (Top) (0 pts)
[dedicated-1] Back registry by a PV until S3 is ready.
Use S3 storage for registry by default. [dedicated-1]
Expose ELB registration errors in master machine status as a condition.
Implement DNS Design [dedicated-1]
[ci][bug] master-config.yaml and console configmap use a single master ec2 instance as the public url instead of the external loadbalancer url
Velocity: 0 / sprint


Sprint 137 (55 pts)
(2017-08-28 - 2017-09-12)
(8) Debian Packaging for buildah
(8) Debian Packaging for crio
(5) Add seccomp functionality from ocitools cli
(5) [CRI-O37] add k8s upstream e2e tests to CI
(2) Containerized docker layered on RHEL 7.4
(2) [buildah] Add buildah version command
(3) [CRI-O][KPOD] Add kpod history command
(3) [CRI-O][KPOD] Add kpod export
(5) [CI][CN] Optimize CRI-O CI Job Runtime [internal-ci37]
(1) [CI] [CRI-O] Run test playbook from cri-o PRs [internal-ci37]
(1) (CI) Document New Test Addition [internal-ci37]
(1) [CI] Roll Up v0.8.7 Docker Autotest [internal-ci37]
[QE] Test cases for --live-restore feature
(3) Test oci-umount as packaged with docker
(1) [CN] [CRI-O] Only run PR tests if author on whitelist [internal-ci37]
(1) [CN] Add overlay/overlay2 VMs to 'full' CI job [internal-ci37]
(1) [CN][CRI-O] Verify result/job relationship [internal-ci37]
(2) [CN][CRI-O] Only PR comment authors whitelisted [internal-ci37]
(3) OpenShift Online Runner
Sprint 138 (17 pts)
(2017-09-18 - 2017-10-03)
(8)[CN] Create runc integration tests for our test infrastructure [internal-ci37]
(1) [CI] Validate Bug 1404450 - unable to disable oci-systemd-hook on Atomic Host
(3) [CI][CN][CRI-o] Update CRI-O int. test PB for independence [internal-ci37]
(5) 2017 RDU QECampX Ansible Workshop
Sprint 139 (6 pts)
(2017-10-09 - 2017-10-20)
(5) Silence known CI failures
(1) [CRI-O] Write HOWTO test w/ OpenShift
Figure out partitioning
Sprint 140 (41 pts)
(2017-10-23 - 2017-11-15)
Create cards for Ubuntu testing of CRI-O
(3) [CRI-O] Installer testing
(3) [CRI-O] Bump kubernetes to 1.9
(3) [CRI-O] Pass critest validation
(8) Finish updating buildah to newer logrus
(8) [CRI-O] update to kube 1.8
(8) [CRI-O39][KPOD] Implement libpod create
(2) [CRI-O] Maintain Google doc for HOWTO test OpenShift CRI-O
(3) CRI-O RHEL container build
(1) [CRI-O] Create crio systemcontainer building VM
(2) Add papr job for testing libpod
Sprint 141 (56 pts)
(2017-11-20 - 2017-12-05)
(8) [CRI-O39][KPOD] Implement libpod disk-backed state
(3) [CRI-O] wire critest in our CI
(2) Create Buildah rpm test
(2) Create Buildah baseline test
Add container-storage-setup.rpm as dependency to atomic.rpm
(1) Update Skopeo for clarity
(5) CRI-O 1.9
(3) [CRI-O][KPOD] Add kpod save command
(8) [Buildah] Add "dockah build-using-dockerfile" aka "buildah bud"
Buildah should use credentials from kpod login
(8) [Buildah] buildah CLI overhaul
(5) Implement oci-archive transport
Skopeo should use credentials from kpod login
(3) [CRI-O39] Run conmon under cgroups
(8) [CRI-O39] Openshift e2e tests
Sprint 142 (52 pts)
(2017-12-11 - 2017-12-22)
(3) [CRI-O][KPOD] Add kpod load command
(3) [CRI-O] kubeadm reset: use crictl instead of docker
[CRI-O39] [spike] Initial integration with Openshift
(5) Make docker available as a system container [system-container]
(5) [CRI-O] abstract kubeadm checks to use the CRI
(3) [CRI-O] 1.8 OpenShift Installer testing
(5) Add Labeling support to cgroup file system
(3) [CI] [CRI-O] Set SELinux types on cri-o files
(?) [CRI-O] Update test grid to list CRI-O
(?) [CRI-O39] Tackle remaining k8s e2e tests
(5) [CRI-O39][KPOD] Add Image Command
(3) [buildah] Split committing and pushing into separate operations
(5) [CRI-O39] kubeadm support
(2) Buildah Sizing (Get Fit) Blog
(3) [CRI-O39][KPOD] Add KPOD RMI Command
(2) fix kpod error reporting
(1) Create blog for kpod pause and unpause
(1) [CRI-O][KPOD] Clear up fragments of libkpod
[spike] Test RHEL system container on Fedora Atomic Host and identify functional gaps if it does not work
(3) Add --lvsize to atomic storage modify.
Sprint 143 (13 pts)
(2017-12-25 - 2018-01-12)
(3) Add authentication to buildah push and buildah commit commands
(1) [CRI-O][KPOD] Add Artifacts directory
(3) [CRI-O][KPOD] Add podman import
(5) [CRI-O][KPOD] Add podman ps command
[CRI-O][KPOD] Implement podman stats
(1) b/p build -q [demo]
[Installation Criteria] OpenShift3.7/RHEL 7.4.4
Sprint 144 (17 pts)
(2018-01-15 - 2018-02-28)
(2) Change the default backend for docker-storage-setup to overlay2 in Fedora 26 [container-storage-setup]
(1) b/p install latest go-md2man
(1) Verify Buildah/Podman build options match Docker's.
(1) Validate and fix buildah params that take values
(2) Buildah Blog - Using dockerhub with buildah
(5) Implement Pods in libpod
(5) Implement BoltDB backed state for libpod
[SPIKE] (3) Multi-userns, commit+push+pull with consistent UIDs/GIDs
Sprint 145 (22 pts)
(2018-03-05 - 2018-03-16)
(5) [CRI-O39] Prototype nvidia GPU support in cri-o
(5) [CRI-O39][KPOD] Add KPOD pull command
(1) [kpod] Provide kpod unpause - see comments for qe tips
(2) [kpod] Provide kpod pause - complete qe tips in comments
(3) [DEMO] Use newer ubuntu for containers/storage CI [internal-ci39]
(3) [CRI-O39][KPOD] Add KPOD Mount Command
(3) [CRI-O39][KPOD] Add KPOD umount Command
Sprint 148 (74 pts)
(2018-03-19 - 2018-04-06)
(3) [kpod-run] Implement podman run CLI option: --kernel-memory=""
(3) [kpod-run] Implement podman run CLI option: --memory-swappiness=""
(3) [kpod-run] Implement podman run CLI option: --memory-reservation=""
(3) [kpod-run] Implement podman run CLI option: --sysctl=SYSCTL
(3) [kpod-run] Implement podman run CLI option: --cpuset-mems=""
(3) [kpod-run] Implement podman run CLI option: --cpuset-cpus=""
(5) [CN] [DEMO] ADEPT can run by crond VM
(3) [kpod-run] Implement podman run CLI option: --cpus=0.0
(5) [CRI-O][KPOD] Implement podman push command
(3) [CI] docker userns testing, RHEL 7.5
[CN/CI] oci-umount test over upgrade
(5) [CRI-O][KPOD] Implement podman inspect command
[CRI-O][KPOD] Implement PODMAN diff
(3) [podman] Implement podman run/create CLI option: --group-add=[]
(3) podman restart [kpod]
(3) podman needs to support sd_notify
(3) [CRI-O] Move test images for CRI-O integration tests to quay.
(1) [podman] Add secrets support
[buildah] Blog for best of OpenSource collaboration
(2) buildah 1.0 release
OpenShift Installer + CRI-O testing
(3) [podman] Implement podman run/create CLI option: --device-write-iops=[]
(3) [podman] Implement podman run/create CLI option: --device-write-bps=[]
(3) [podman] Implement podman run/create CLI option: --device-read-iops=[]
(3) [podman] Implement podman run/create CLI option: --device-read-bps=[]
(5) [CN] Job failure notices
(3) ADEPT - preserve VMs on error [internal-ci310]
Sprint 149 (16 pts)
(2018-04-09 - 2018-04-27)
(8) [CI] Initial podman System Testing
OCP 3.10 manual QE installation/upgrades/etc using CRI-O
[SPIKE] Test container runtime with xfs reflink enabled and quantify benefits
(5) [CRI-O][KPOD] Implement podman rm
(3) podman needs to support socket activation
In Progress (390 pts)
(2018-04-30 - 2018-07-02)
(3) OpenShift Online Runner
(3) Validate/Fix Registries.conf usage/doc in RHEL
(?) CRI-O OpenShift-Ansible CI failing
(3) sysctl max_user_namespaces handled for Docker in RHEL 7.5+
podman testing
[buildah] support "run" inside of a container
(?) [spike] add podman pod command
(3) Bug fixes
(8) Rewrite libpod file locks to be removable
(8) [CRI-O] Block PRs into origin CI on CRI-O tests
CRI-O origin CI with usernamespace turned on.
(5) Add documentation for debugging a node using crictl
(3) Move to runc 1.0
(2) Fix intermittent CRI-O e2e CI failures
(1) Create BUILDAH ONBUILD blog from tutorial
(3) Add integration tests to verify overlayfs with quota works appropriately [intern]
(1) podman mount many [demo]
(2) podman umount --all/many [demo]
(3) buildah/podman build --no-cache [demo]
(5) buildah/podman build --layers [demo]
(8) Make containers play nice together between Buildah and Podman [demo]
(2) Create Buildah ONBUILD tutorial
[buildah] unprivileged mode
(3) buildah/podman build --squash [experimental] [demo]
(5) Podman refresh
(5) buildah/podman build --network= [demo]
(1) Add buildah/podman build --disable-content-trust [demo]
(2) Buildah Demo Problems Blog
(2) [CRI-O] Make capabilities a crio.conf option
(3) [CRI-O] Add secrets patch
(3) Add authentication to Buildah 'From'
(1) Turn Dtype on Overlay error check back on when CI supports it
(3) Handle OnBuild instructions in Buildah [demo]
(3) [online-crio] provide overlayxfs quota support from container storage
(3) [buildah] Fix potential symlink traversal problem when looking up numeric IDs for USER settings
(3) Secrets support for buildah
(2) [online-crio] Add --network=ns:/path/to/ns to docker
(8) Registry patch in CRI-O
(8) Make sure that cadvisor can report stats for crio pods/containers
(5) [CRI-O] Volume management
[CRI-O] Add metrics support
[CRI-O][KPOD] Implement KPOD logs
(5) [containers/image] Add a "tarball" transport
(1) Fix image name being saved in oci
(5) SELinux support in CRI-O
(3) [online-crio] [CRI-O] Allow limiting log size in common
(3) [online-crio] Backport overlayxfs quota support from moby to docker 1.12
(8) Containers/storage needs to back port moby/moby support for quota support.
[docker] Provide a knob to limit image size
(5) Add support for OCI hooks to cri-o [CRI-O]
(3) [online-crio] Make sure oci-umount fixes issues with leaked file descriptors under CRI-O [CRI-O]
[CM-OPS-Tools][CRI-0] Containers Prometheus endpoint coverage
(8) [CRI-O] minikube integration
(5) Modify dir transport to support manifest type conversion between v2s2, oci, and v2s1
(5) [CRI-O][KPOD] Move a bunch of kpod commands to use new libpod state
(3) [CRI-O][KPOD] Implement --volume flag for kpod create and run
(1) [CRI-O][KPOD] Add manifest type conversion to kpod push
(5) support mount propagation [CRI-O] [high]
[5] Fix runc/containerd /dev/console issue
(3) [CRI-O] Support sharing PID namespace in a pod
(13) Teach containers/image to take advantage of newer containers/storage features [buildah]
(5) [CRI-O][KPOD] Add podman login command
(1) [CRI-O][KPOD] Add podman logout command
(3) [kpod-run] Implement kpod run CLI option: --ulimit=[]
(3) [kpod-run] Implement kpod run CLI option: --memory-swap="LIMIT"
(3) [kpod-run] Implement kpod run CLI option: --cpu-quota=0
(3) [kpod-run] Implement kpod run CLI option: --cpu-period=0
(3) [kpod-run] Implement kpod run CLI option: --blkio-weight=0
(3) [kpod-run] Implement kpod run CLI option: --cpu-shares=0
(1) [CRI-O][KPOD] Add dir transport to kpod save
(3) Request password if not provided and a username is - Buildah [Demo]
[CRI-O] [Exec] Exec (streaming)
(8) [CRI-O] Attach
(3) [CRI-O] Add support for OOM
(2) [CRI-O] Provide a pids-limit option for cri-o
(3) [kpod-run] Add --seccomp support for dropped capabilities? [QE TIPS]
(3) [buildah] Implement buildah bud and from CLI option: --security-opt=[]
(3) [kpod-run] Implement podman run CLI option: --security-opt=[]
(1) buildah bud and from --cpuset-mems=CPUSET-MEMS
(1) buildah bud and from --cgroup-parent=CGROUP-PARENT
(1) buildah bud and from --cpuset-cpus=CPUSET-CPUS
(1) buildah bud and from build --memory-swap
(1) buildah bud and from --ulimit
(2) Buildah Builds itself Blog
(3) [kpod-run] Add support to pull/create volumes from image
(1) buildah bud and from --volume
(1) buildah bud and from --shm-size=SHM-SIZE
(1) [CRI-O] Enable per pod pid namespace setting
(1) Create podman baseline test script
(3) Buildah authenticate to registries [demo]
(5) Add support for preserving rotated logs in crio
(5) [containers/storage] Fix overlay native diff on post-4.10 kernels
(3) Add partial line annotation to CRI logs
(5) Bump CRI-O to k8s 1.10
(3) [buildah] buildah from should support multiple transports
(3) [CRI-O] Readonly mode for running containers
(3) [podman] Implement podman run/create CLI option: --blkio-weight-device=[]
(3) [buildah] buildah bud should be able to walk symlinks [demo]
(5) [containers/storage] Support ID mapping in the storage library
[buildah] [spike] Support multi-stage builds, for feature parity with "docker build"
(.5) buildah/podman build --isolation [demo]
(3) podman build --cpuset-mems=CPUSET-MEMS
(3) podman build --cgroup-parent=CGROUP-PARENT
(5) podman build --cpu-period=0
(3) podman build --shm-size=SHM-SIZE
(3) podman build --ulimit
(3) podman build --volume
(3) podman build --cpu-quota=0
(3) podman build --cpu-shares=0
(3) podman build --cpuset-cpus=CPUSET-CPUS
(2) buildah/podman build --iidfile [demo]
(2) podman build --memory-swap [demo]
[spike] CRI-O Support for User Namespaces
[container-storage-setup] Fix versioning issues
(5) [buildah] Support creating and using network namespaces
(3) [buildah] Add --cgroup-parent and namespace options
(3) [buildah] Support reading ID mapping settings from the storage library
(3) buildah bud/podman build --force-rm [demo]
(3) buildah bud/podman build --rm [demo]
(3) buildah/podman images --all
(3) podman run CLI option --volumes-from
(3) Add job to create crio cluster on GCE
(1) Add OnBuild tests to podaman/buildah baseline tests
(1) Add usernamespace tests to Podman baseline tests
(3) podman rmi for cached images
(3) [kpod] Add podman search command
(8) Fedora CI for cri-o
(3) buildah/podman build --label [demo]
(?) buildah/podman build --annotation [demo]
(3) podman build --add-host
(1) buildah bud and from --add-host
(1) buildah/podman build --compress [demo]
(1) buildah bud and from --cpu-period=0
(1) buildah bud and from --cpu-shares=0
(1) buildah bud and from --cpu-quota=0
(1) buildah bud and from --memory
(2) podman build --memory
Next (13 pts)
(5) [CRI-O] Move CRI-O to kubernetes-sigs organization
(8) [buildah] Setup tests to compare buildah with docker
Backlog (Top) (18 pts)
(5) [CN] [CRI-O] Collect and convert results into jUnit format
(?) [EPIC] Ensure all container tooling is prepared to handle authentication for registries
(5) Use libpod to create CRI-O containers and pods
(5) Use libpod to start and stop CRI-O containers and pods
(3) Use libpod to attach to CRI-O containers
Velocity: 33 / sprint


Sprint 138 (16 pts)
(2017-09-18 - 2017-10-03)
(5) Atomic diff: Move from shallow comparison to hybrid deep comparison.
(3) [container-storage-setup] For rhel7.4, rebase to latest container-storage-setup
(3) inspect container [crio-atomic]
(5) Skopeo support for schema1/s2 autodetection
Sprint 139 (0 pts)
(2017-10-09 - 2017-10-24)
Sprint 140 (0 pts)
(2017-10-30 - 2017-11-15)
Sprint 141 (22 pts)
(2017-11-20 - 2017-12-05)
(2) OCID: Add seccomp support (localhost/)
(1) Docker needs to mount /var/lib/docker/containers as a private bind mount
(8) Track and backport
(3) update buildah images|containers to output json [buildah][CRI-O39]
(5) rhel6-init container
(3) Port registries from C to Python and add TOML support
Sprint 142 (21 pts)
(2017-12-11 - 2017-12-22)
(2) [Dbus] Get verify working on DBus API
(3) Make atomic scan async [dbus]
(8) [CRI-O] Extend and modify the secret patch
(8) [CRI-O39][KPOD] Create kpod attach library for use with run
Sprint 143 (9 pts)
(2017-12-25 - 2018-01-12)
(1) Make HAProxy 1.8 available in OpenShift channels
(2) package oci-umount
(3) Package Podman
(3) Package buildah for RHEL
Sprint 144 (11 pts)
(2018-01-15 - 2018-02-28)
(8) Migrate libpod test suite from bats to ginkgo
(3) [CRI-O] Secure your Kubernetes cluster blog post
Sprint 145 (5 pts)
(2018-03-05 - 2018-03-16)
(5) [CRI-O310][KPOD] Implement podman stop
Support Docker 1.13 in Origin CI
Sprint 147 (4 pts)
(2018-03-19 - 2018-04-06)
Image resolution - stage 4
(2) [SPIKE] Investigate a management API for Podman
(2) [SPIKE] Obsolete/Conflicts docker-latest package
Sprint 148 (2 pts)
(2018-04-09 - 2018-04-27)
(?) Container storage should default to OverlayFS on RHEL and Atomic Host
(1) podman commit should use vendored buildah
(1) podman build should use vendored buildah
Varlink: create from container
Sprint 149 (6 pts)
(2018-04-30 - 2018-05-18)
CRI-O CI testing with usernamespace turned on
(3) Varlink: build image
(3) Move /etc/containers/registries.conf to skopeo-containers
In Progress (274 pts)
(2018-05-21 - 2018-07-02)
(8) Storing verification data for dockerd images
(5) Shut down all containers on system poweroff
(?) varlink client supporting remote service
(3) Categorize CIS Benchmark Checks
(2) [spike] Determine best practices for securely running and configuring container hosts
[spike] Package Kata Containers for Fedora
fix debuginfo in containernetworking-plugins
[5] rootless podman with managed storage
(3) remove buildah dependency on btrfs for rhel8
enable multiarch build for rsyslog, sadc, rhel7-init, rhel7-atomic images
Review oci-umount, podman, buildah, gomtree for rhel8 in PELC
(8) Docker save/load for OCI V1 images [friction]
[5] rootless podman for exploded containers
(3) remove docker dependency on btrfs for rhel8
Testing usernamespace re: containers/storage
(?) containers/storage: trade disk space for userns chown speed
(?) Container Security Bench for RHEL / Atomic Host
(5) varlink attach python bindings
(2) maitai process for containernetworking-plugins
(3) Varlink client: create from container
(5) Usernamespace support in crio
(5) Support for devicemapper in podman
(3) [kpod-run] Implement kpod run CLI option: --log-opt=[] [qe tips]
(5) podman varlink images API
(8) Add podman varlink subcommand
(3) refactor buildah build
(3) [kpod-run] Add oci-hooks handling
(3) [kpod-run] Implement kpod run CLI option: --cgroup-parent=""
(5) Support consuming manifest lists in containers/image
(3) Buildah support for selinux
(3) [kpod-run] Implement kpod run CLI option: --shm-size=""
(3) Add ability to remediate from atomic scan
(1) stop container [crio-atomic]
(3) prune [crio-atomic]
(3) [kpod-run] Implement kpod run CLI option:--storage-opt=[]
(5) Secrets patch with Swarm integration
(8) Containers image to add Network File System support
version [crio-atomic]
inspect image [crio-atomic]
(5) Revise sigstore schema to address reserved characters
delete_image [crio-atomic]
pull_image [crio-atomic]
(3) Fix SELinux and User Namespace working together
list containers [crio-atomic]
list images [crio-atomic]
(1) tag [crio-atomic]
(3) [kpod-run] Implement podman run CLI option: --network="bridge"
(3) [kpod-run] Add /etc/resolv.conf /etc/hosts handling
(3) [kpod-run] Implement podman run CLI option: --detach-keys=""
(3) [kpod-run] Implement podman run CLI option: --stop-timeout=10
(3) [kpod-run] Implement podman run CLI option: --cidfile=""
(3) [kpod-run] Implement podman run CLI option: --pids-limit=""
(3) Change docker default in RHEL7.5 to overlay2
(3) [kpod-run] Implement podman run CLI option: --name=""
(5) [CRI-O][KPOD] Implement podman kill
(9) [CRI-O][KPOD] Implement kpod create
(3) [kpod-run] Implement podman run CLI option: --add-host=[]
(3) [kpod-run] Implement podman run CLI option: --dns-search=[]
(3) [kpod-run] Implement podman run CLI option: --dns-option=[]
(3) [kpod-run] Implement podman run CLI option: --dns=[]
(3) [kpod-run] Implement podman run CLI option: --hostname=""
(3) [kpod-run] Implement podman run CLI option: --expose=[]
(3) [kpod-run] Implement podman run CLI option: --read-only=true|false
(3) [kpod-run] Add support to expose ports from image metadata
(3) [kpod-run] Implement podman run CLI option: --cap-drop=[]
(3) [kpod-run] Implement podman run CLI option: --privileged=true|false
(3) [kpod-run] Implement podman run CLI option: --cap-add=[]
(3) [kpod-run] Implement podman run CLI option: --rm=true|false
(5) [kpod-run] Resolve podman run performance issues
(3) [kpod-run] Implement podman run CLI option: --stop-signal=SIGTERM
(3) [kpod-run] Implement podman run CLI option: --pid=""
(3) [kpod-run] Implement podman run CLI option: --ipc=""
(3) [kpod-run] Implement podman run CLI option: --help
(3) [kpod-run] Implement podman run CLI option: --volume
(3) [kpod-run] Implement podman run CLI option: --oom-kill-disable=true|false
(3) [kpod-run] Implement podman run CLI option: --oom-score-adj=""
(3) [kpod-run] Implement podman run CLI option: --label-file=[]
(3) [kpod-run] Implement podman run CLI option: --env-file=[]
(3) [kpod-run] Implement podman run CLI option: --device=[]
(3) [kpod-run] Add support to podman run pull defaults from image
(3) [kpod-run] Implement podman run CLI option: --tmpfs=[]
(?) [kpod] podman port support
(3) package crictl
(3) [kpod-run] Add Networking CNI Support
(5) Add delete image support to atomic command
Image Resolution - Stage 1
Image resolution - stage 3
(3) Enable live-restore in Fedora docker
(3) [podman] Implement podman run/create CLI option: --entrypoint=""
(3) Package podman for RHEL
rpm/deb automation in Travis CI
(3) podman varlink system API
(5) podman varlink containers API
generate dynamic varlink api docs
(8) Usernamespace support in podman
(3) Develop pylibpod - python bindings/sugar to podman varlink API
Next (3 pts)
(3) enable PPA builds for Ubuntu 18.04
OCP rpm packaging for dockertested
Create separate python-podman spec rpm
Backlog (Top) (15 pts)
(2) rhel-init for rhel8
(3) package moby-engine for Fedora
(2) Test - Shut down all containers on system poweroff
(5) podman varlink exec API
(3) [signing] Make signature enforcement on by default for rhel8
Velocity: 8 / sprint


Sprint 114 (8 pts)
(2016-05-02 - 2016-05-18)
[CI-Infrastructure] Set of playbooks to setup CI Infrastructure
(8) [CI] Automate builds of RPMS / images to enable other groups to pull e2e tested components
Sprint 115 (21 pts)
(2016-05-23 - 2016-06-07)
(5) [CI-provisioning] Integrate CI Provisioner for Duffy
(8) [CI-structure] Update Committed/PR jobs to be in multijob/matrix format
(8) [CI-infrastructure] CI/CD running POC in Centos infrastructure
Sprint 116 (17 pts)
(2016-06-13 - 2016-06-28)
(1) [CI-infrastructure] consolidate all rhel-atomic repos for continuous and autobrew in atomic-ci-jobs
(8) [CI-Infrastructure] ELK stack for internal Jenkins instance
(8) [CI-CD] Generate os-tree and images for different atomic versions
Sprint 117 (19 pts)
(2016-07-04 - 2016-07-19)
[5] [CI-Testing] duffy ansible module for CentOS CI
(8) [CI-Infrastructure] Initial setup of integrations testing of atomic components
(3) [CI-Testing] Cockpit Integration Tests running continuously
(8) [CI-provisioning] CI provisioner version 2.0 will use Ansible
Sprint 118 (11 pts)
(2016-07-25 - 2016-08-09)
(5) [CI-Testing] Etcd Integration Tests
(1) [CI-Provisioning] Feature add-ons linch-pin : libvirt
(5) [CI-Testing] runc Integration Tests
Sprint 119 (26 pts)
(2016-08-15 - 2016-08-30)
(5) [CI-Testing] e2e conformance testing with OSE cluster testing
(1) [CI-Infrastructure] Update gate job for atomic-ci-jobs that recursively checks all existing jobs for collisions
(5) [CI-Internal] Need a Docker pipeline for our own Docker images.
(5) [CI-Testing] Kubernetes Integration Tests
(5) [CI-Provisioning] Linch-pin feature add on aysnc provisioning
(5) [CI-Provisioning] Linch-pin fixes
Sprint 120 (5 pts)
(2016-09-05 - 2016-09-20)
(5) [CI-testing] Centos PaaS needs e2e RPMs through the e2e conformance tests running for newly generated origin RPMs
Sprint 121 (22 pts)
(2016-09-26 - 2016-10-11)
(8) [CI-Provisioning] Add-on roles for configuration using output of linch-pin [internal-ci34]
[CI-Provisioning] Inventory_gen role [internal-ci34]
(5) [CI-Testing] e2e Provider CI Openshift on AWS [internal-ci34]
(3) [CI-Testing] Atomic Metrics Listener [internal-ci34]
(3) [CI-Testing] Fix Kubernetes Integration Tests [internal-ci34]
(3) [CI-CD-design] Document and diagram showing the CI/CD flow [internal-ci34]
Sprint 122 (17 pts)
(2016-10-17 - 2016-11-01)
(1) [CI-Testing] cri-o Integration Tests [internal-ci34]
Linchpin Fixes [internal-ci34]
(8) [CI-Testing] Linch-pin unit test framework [internal-ci34]
(3) [CI-Provisioning] integrate existing duffy filter into inventory_gen role [internal-ci34]
(5) [CI-Infrastructure] Playbooks to setup all slaves for our continuous-infra jobs [internal-ci34]
Sprint 123 (13 pts)
(2016-11-07 - 2016-11-22)
(5) [CI-Testing] Atomic Command Integration Testing [internal-ci34]
(3) [CI-testing] [upstream-first] Find a spot upstream to migrate our tests to
(5) [CI-Infrastructure] Build openshift-ansible and publish repo daily [internal-ci34]
Sprint 124 (30 pts)
(2016-11-28 - 2016-12-13)
(1) [CI-Testing] Make atomic integration tests ansible 2.2 compatible and change the jobs to use a virtual environment [internal-ci35]
(3) [CD] CBS for Origin and Openshift-Ansible RPMs [internal-ci35]
(8) [CI-Provisioning] linch-pin - libvirt expanded support (libvirt_node) [internal-ci35]
(8) Linch-pin CLI [internal-ci35]
Linch-Pin API refactor [internal-ci35]
(5) Automate installation and testing of openshift-ansible from testing repo upon release [internal-ci35]
(5) [CI-Testing] e2e Provider CI Openshift on AWS PR Jobs [internal-ci34]
Sprint 125 (28 pts)
(2016-12-19 - 2017-01-23)
(5) [CI-Provisioning] Linchpin API and CLI Unit tests [internal-ci35]
(3) [CI-Provisoning] Linch-pin PEP8 and CI [internal-ci35]
(5) [CI-Provisioning] Linch-pin Auth driver [internal-ci35]
(5) [CI-Testing] building fedora atomic with fedora rpms
(5) [CI-Testing] building centos atomic with centos rpms
(5) [CI-Provisioner] Linch-pin look into floating ip bug [internal-ci35]
Sprint 126 (19 pts)
(2017-01-30 - 2017-02-14)
(3) [CI-Infrastructure] Jenkins Pipeline plugin POC [internal-ci35]
(8) [CI-Provisioning] Linch-pin Performance fixes Openstack/GCE instances [internal-ci35]
(8) [CI-Developer] Setup a CI/CD Developer environment [internal-ci35]
In Progress (56 pts)
(2017-02-20 - 2017-03-03)
Ganttify: hide list
Ganttify: hide list
(5) [CI-Testing] Running cockpit tests for PRs and committed into production
[Ci-Testing] Add in Docker conformance tests to PR CI workflow
[CI-Testing] Add pr testing of projectatomic/docker prs
(8) [CI-Build] Das Host Atomic Trigger
(8) [CI-Provisioning] Linch-Pin: Create libvirt_network tooling (nat, routed)
(5) [CI-Provisioning] Linch-pin: CLI feature revision
(5) [CI-Provisioning] Linch-Pin: Teardown all libvirt objects
(3) [CI-Infrastructure] Prep Work for getting pipeline into Centos CI
[CI-Testing] Add pr comments for integration testing
(3) [CI-Testing] Add github bot to runc and cri-o testing
(5) [CI-Testing] Running cockpit tests for PRs and committed into production
[CI-Testing] Add pr testing of projectatomic/docker prs
(8) [CI-Build] Das Host Atomic Trigger
(3) [CI-Infrastructure] Prep Work for getting pipeline into Centos CI
[CI-Testing] Add pr comments for integration testing
(3) [CI-Testing] Add github bot to runc and cri-o testing
Velocity: 18 / sprint


Sprint 142 (26 pts)
(2017-12-11 - 2017-12-29)
(5) Image soft prune [imagestreams]
(2) oc describe templateinstance foo should show a description [techdebt]
(3) [online-crio39] Build toleration for CRI-O/Docker hybrid mode
(3) Extended Tests Monitoring + Online Support + Tech Debt
(13) Registry repository split [registry]
Sprint 143 (34 pts)
(2018-01-01 - 2018-01-19)
(8) Switch builders to use external client [techdebt]
(5) Make openshift secrets available in jenkins as credentials [jenkins_integration] [evg39]
(5) Ability to specify default tolerations via the buildconfig defaulter [builds]
(8) Jenkins memory cleanup [evg39]
(5) Jenkins memory usage tuning guide [evg39]
(3) Extended Tests Monitoring + Online Support + Tech Debt
Sprint 144 (27 pts)
(2018-01-22 - 2018-02-09)
(5) Remove origin deps from registry [registry]
(5) Registry mirror should allow pulling images when source registry is unavailable [registry][techdebt]
(3) Tech debt
(3) Tech debt
(3) Tech debt
(3) Extended Tests Monitoring + Online Support + Tech Debt
(5) Registry fsck R&D/Prototype [registry]
Sprint 145 (14 pts)
(2018-02-12 - 2018-03-02)
(1) SRE+Monitoring background
(1) SRE+Monitoring background
(1) SRE+Monitoring background
(1) SRE+Monitoring background
(2) Define candidate metrics+alerts for image registry
(2) Define candidate metrics+alerts for Templates
(2) Define candidate metrics+alerts for builds
(3) Extended Tests Monitoring + Online Support + Tech Debt
(1) SRE+Monitoring background
Sprint 146 (10 pts)
(2018-03-05 - 2018-03-23)
(3) Imagestream/example repo refactoring
(1) SRE+Monitoring background
New Member Onboarding
(3) Extended Tests Monitoring + Online Support + Tech Debt
(3) ALM spike team work R&D
Sprint 147 (22 pts)
(2018-03-26 - 2018-04-13)
New Member Onboarding
(2) Update imagestreams to use local reference [imagestreams]
(1) SRE+Monitoring background
(5) Jenkins slave SCL dep updates[jenkins_integration]
(3) Support additional EXPOSE values in new-app [app_creation]
(5) Expose registry metrics with openshift auth [registry]
(1) SRE+Monitoring background
(5) Smoketest/metric/alert for imagestreams [imagestreams] R&D
Sprint 148 (27 pts)
(2018-04-16 - 2018-05-04)
(5) Smoketest/metric/alert for templates [templates] R&D
(1) SRE+Monitoring background
(3) Extended Tests Monitoring + Online Support + Tech Debt
(5) Smoketest/metric/alert for jenkins [jenkins] R&D
(3) Extended Tests Monitoring + Online Support + Tech Debt
(5) Smoketest/metric/alert for builds [builds] R&D
(5) Smoketest/metric/alert for registry [registry] R&D
Sprint 149 (9 pts)
(2018-05-07 - 2018-05-25)
(3) Extended Tests Monitoring + Online Support + Tech Debt
(3) Assess current install for registry R&D [registry]
(3) Removing a Build object should remove the corresponding Jenkins job [jenkins_integration]
Sprint 150 (6 pts)
(2018-05-28 - 2018-06-15)
(3) Extended Tests Monitoring + Online Support + Tech Debt
(3) Tech debt
Sprint 151 (5 pts)
(2018-06-18 - 2018-07-06)
(2) Define candidate metrics+alerts for ImageStream controllers
(3) Extended Tests Monitoring + Online Support + Tech Debt
Sprint 152 (85 pts)
(2018-07-09 - 2018-07-27)
(3) Update fabric k8s client in jenkins sync plugin [jenkins_integration]
(5) Capability to produce a dockerfile from an s2i build [builds]
(5) Allow using a ConfigMap as an input to a build [builds]
(3) Add pod tolerations to slave pods [jenkins_integration]
(5) Mirror an [imagestream] to other registries in bulk
(8) Run Jenkins extended tests in Jenkins repo [tech_debt][jenkins_integration]
(5) [registry] - implement _catalog api call
(3) Ability to set ImageChange triggers in BuildConfig without triggering a build automatically
(3) Extended Tests Monitoring + Online Support + Tech Debt
(3) Pruning for pipeline builds [pipeline_integration]
(8) [registry] Registry Operator R&D
(8) Implement recommended registry metrics [registry]
(3) Reuse existing imagestreams with new-app [app_creation][tech_debt]
(5) [builds] S2I Incremental Build as Dockerfile
(13) Make default registry logging less verbose [registry]
(5) Jenkins slave pod debug [evg] [jenkins_integration]
In Progress (5 pts)
(2018-07-30 - 2018-08-17)
(5) Tolerate auth-enabled redhat registry [builds]
Next (8 pts)
[jenkins_integration] initiate deprecation process for slave_maven and slave_nodejs images when 3.10 GA happens
(8) [Cloud Native Infra] Component install/upgrade [registry]
[registry][Reliability] Implement Metrics + Alerts + SOPs
[builds] PostCommitHook as a dockerfile command
Backlog (Top) (11 pts)
(3) Extended Tests Monitoring + Online Support + Tech Debt (template)
New Member Onboarding (template)
New Member Registry Onboarding (Template)
(3) Tech debt (template)
(5) [quay_registry] Add support for manifest list R&D
Velocity: 24 / sprint


Sprint 140 (40 pts)
(2017-12-11 - 2017-12-29)
(3) Adjust docker-storage-setup role for Atomic [epic-rhv]
(8) Deploy logging on GCE [epic-gce] [3.7-OCP-SUP]
(3) External docker registries support for OCP (images & imagestreams)[epic-day2-ops]
(5) OpenStack Summit demo creation
(5) Disconnected OpenShift install validation [3.7-OSP-SUP]
(8) Atomic on VMware [3.8-OCP-SUP] [epic-VMWare]
(3) Add new etcd hosts [epic-day2-ops][3.7-OCP-SUP]
(5) Backup & restore project objects [epic-day2-ops][3.7-OCP-SUP]
Sprint 141 (75 pts)
(2018-01-01 - 2018-01-19)
(3) SPIKE: Replacing OpenShift Node [epic-day2-ops][3.7-OCP-SUP]
(3) Test failure scenarios of OpenShift on Openstack [3.7-OCP-SUP] [epic-OSP]
(5) OCP environment health check[3.7-OCP-SUP][epic-day2-ops]
(5) OCP on Atomic on RHV [epic-rhv]
(3) Fix Containerized Load Balancer for [epic-rhv]
(3) Pruning containers and images in OCP nodes [epic-day2-ops][3.7-OCP-SUP]
[spike] (3) Collect status of DFG OpenShift on Openstack ansible playbooks
(2) Replace an OCP node [3.7-OCP-SUP][epic-day2-ops]
(5) SPIKE: Pruning containers and images [epic-day2-ops][3.7-OCP-SUP]
(1) VMWare cloud provider in openshif-ansible
(2) summit presentation - CNS storage
(1) Deprecate an OCP master [3.7-OCP-SUP][epic-day2-ops]
(5) Backup EFK stack (config)[epic-day2-ops][3.7-OCP-SUP]
(2) summit presentation - OpenShift and tower
(2) summit presentation - ocp on aws
(2) summit presentation - blockchain
(5) Backup Metrics stack (config)[epic-day2-ops][3.7-OCP-SUP]
(5) OCP flannel network ranges [3.7-OCP-SUP]
(2) Backup OCP nodes [3.7-OCP-SUP][epic-day2-ops]
(2) OCP node maintenance [3.7-OCP-SUP][epic-day2-ops]
(2) Backup OCP masters [3.7-OCP-SUP][epic-day2-ops]
(1) etcd replacement [epic-day2-ops][3.7-OCP-SUP]
(5) Spike - SSO Deployment is failing
(3) Backup & restore pvc content [epic-day2-ops][3.7-OCP-SUP]
(2) Add labels to nodes [3.7-OCP-SUP][epic-day2-ops]
(2) Deprecate an OCP node [3.7-OCP-SUP][epic-day2-ops]
(2) OpenSource Days Presentationss
Sprint 142 (13 pts)
(2018-01-22 - 2018-02-09)
(3) Deploying quotas and resources limits [epic-day2-ops]
(3) Create blog post regarding ha haproxy OCP deploying using keepalived
(3) OCP requisites for a proper environment [epic-day2-ops]
(3) Gather and report RFEs for Ansible for GCP ref. arch. [epic-tower]
(1) VMWare default storage provider in openshift-ansible [epic-vmware][3.9-OCP-SUP]
Day 2 Ops review [epic-day2-ops]
Sprint 143 (50 pts)
(2018-02-12 - 2018-03-02)
(1) AIE OCP environment issues regarding sizing
(1) Fix Azure ref. arch. links
(5) Update OpenShift for Admin test drive to 3.7
(2) Azure ref. arch. feedback
(8) Update to latest OSP10 Bits for PIT chassis
(3) Dell FX RHEV network config update
(8) UpShift deploy OpenShift
(2) UpShift add nodes
SPIKE - 3.7 Appears to be failing because of new checks - resolve
(2) UpShift add masters
(1) Documentation update for vsphere cloud provider
(3) Update ansible playbooks for vsphere to support 3.7
(3) Update imagefactory plugin to add vsphere_os_type for ovf building
(1) Reinstall OCP lab
(5) Update AIT environments to latest OSP10 GA
(5) devconf presentation
Sprint 144 (100 pts)
(2018-03-05 - 2018-03-23)
How this column is used
(1) Add official drawing to RHV paper [epic-rhv]
(3) Deploy PIT openshift environment
(3) Update origin deployment in AIT
(8) Common document
(3) deploy grafana in aie deployments
(5) vSphere master config fix and vsphere svc account fix for 3.9
(1) add prometheus to ait clusters
(5) Keep the Origin AIT environment with a recent release [3.9-OCP-SUP]
(8) CNS test drive update to 3.9
(3) OSP10 AIT environment cinder problems
(5) Keep the OCP AIT environments with a recent release [3.9-OCP-SUP]
DevConf - Jan 26-28, Presentation - OpenShift "the good, the bad, the ugly"
(13) Katacoda new scenarios
(1) External Day 2 Ops review [epic-days2-ops]
(8) Spectrum vsphere OCP case
(5) 3.9 cluster installation for storage team
(3) Atomic 7.4.5 open-vm-tools container build
Spike - 3.6 Insertion of azure.cfg is failing
(5) Add ansible setup of azure blob storage for OCP
SPIKE - CI/CD Discussion for automated full system test of OCP
(1) Reorder RHV openshift-install playbook
(3) Validate OCP on CentOS on RHV for QE/CI [3.9-OCP-SUP][epic-rhv]
(5) Gather and report RFEs for OpenShift Ansible installer based on GCP ref. arch.
(5) AWS EFS [epic-aws][3.9-OCP-SUP]
(2) ShiftStack meetup
(3) OCP 3.6 on OSP 10 feedback
(1) Validate vmware cloud provider fix
Sprint 145 (65 pts)
(2018-03-26 - 2018-04-13)
(13) Test 3.9 AWS deployment
(5) AWX/Tower training
(2) Add "controller verification" chapter to day 2 ops guide
(3) Add more objects to the project backup in day 2 ops guide
(3) Training for Ansible Exam
(1) Sebastion summit environment
(1) deploy openshift in OSP
SPIKE: Ansible Tower
(2) SPIKE: CNS failure [epic-stretch]
(3) Geo-replicated cluster testing [epic-AWS]
(3) Deploy OpenShift environment to azure
(1) tech exchange
(5) Add vsphere-volume support for OCP services: registry, logging, metrics
(1) Final compose and build for open-vm-tools 7.4.5
(1) Ensure that deploy-host playbook works for CentOS hosts
(3) Update RHV RA to reflect changes in ovirt-ansible roles [epic-rhv]
(2) Add details to OCP on OSP topology diagram
(8) - Upshift engagement
(8) - Upshift engagement
Sprint 146 (52 pts)
(2018-04-16 - 2018-05-04)
(1) Adjust common executive_summary doc [epic-AWS-doc]
(3) SPIKE: Deploy 3.9 code on AWS [3.9-OCP-SUP] [epic-AWS]
(5) Solution validation OCP 3.7 on RHV [epic-rhv]
(3) - VMworld 2018 abstract - Utilizing vSAN
(1) summit GCE env
(1) summit AWS env
(5) AWS provisioner and installer fail to apply node labels
(8) Create OSP Administrative Ansible Playbooks
Faulty A1 switch on chassis Dell M1000e @ W-L4-B17-u11 -- randomly shuts off
(3) SPIKE: Deploy 3.9 code on OSP [3.9-OCP-SUP] [epic-OSP]
(1) - Upshift engagement
(3) Deploy wildcard certs for summit
(5) Provision vSphere on 3 new blades on the b17u11 chassis
SPIKE: Deploy 3.9 code on Azure [3.9-OCP-SUP] [epic-Azure]
(5) Solution Validation OCP 3.9 on RHV [epic-rhv]
prereq chicken and egg
(3) Publish test playbooks and variable files for RHV env [epic-rhv]
(5) Make OCP on RHV fully automated for CI [epic-rhv]
Sprint 148 (81 pts)
(2018-05-07 - 2018-05-25)
(3) [Section 2] Add subcategory for awcli deployment [epic-AWS-doc]
[Section 2] move AWS components under a subcategory to facilitate a common hierarchy to enable programmability across all ref archs [epic-AWS-doc]
(1) [Section 2] Add a subcategory for AWS Cloud Provider features [epic-AWS-doc]
(3) Finish GO class
(3) Collaborate 18 - Reworking Slides
[Section 2] move OpenShift components under a subcategory to facilitate a common hierarchy to enable programmability across all ref archs [epic-AWS-doc]
(3) - RH Summit - Update slides
(8) - Finish gluster class for stretch cluster
(3) [Section 2] reorder items so that common ref arch items are in Components and Considerations [epic-AWS-doc]
(5) Design an active/active haproxy configuration usable by customers in an OCP stretch cluster
(3) Update the hand off between Executive Summary and Ref Arch Overview [epic-AWS-doc]
(13) SPIKE: Deploy 3.9 code on VMW [3.9-OCP-SUP] [epic-VMware]
(1) Fix instance names in OCP3.9 on provider docs
(1) Change instances of role to region across docs
(3) Change host/node/instance terminology
SPIKE Fix deprecation of is_atomic variable in ocp 3.9
PR request to change Diagnostic Tool chapter officially in OpenShift-docs
(8) Finish refarch OCP 3.9 on vSphere
windows nodes in OCP
implement day 2 feedback from Thomas
(3) SPIKE: Deploy 3.9 code on RHV [3.9-OCP-SUP] [epic-RHV]
(3) SPIKE: Deploy 3.9 code on GCP [3.9-OCP-SUP] [epic-GCP]
(3) Deprecate glue code - RHV [3.9-OCP-SUP] [epic-rhv]
Update Reference Architecture doc RHV [3.9-OCP-SUP] [epic-RHV]
Deprecate glue code - Azure [3.9-OCP-SUP] [epic-Azure]
(8) Create OpenShift chapter "store"
(3) OpenStack Network config update
Update openshift_container_platform doc for aws provider / Section 16.5
Fix `openshift_logging_es_number_of_replicas` for aggregated logging deployments
Update Reference Architecture doc AWS [3.9-OCP-SUP] [epic-AWS] [epic-AWS-doc]
Update Reference Architecture doc VMWare [3.9-OCP-SUP] [epic-VMWare]
(3) - Update vsphere documentation to include excerpt explaining short hostnames for OCP installation
[Section 6] Remove. Extending the cluster should be in Day 2 Ops guide. [epic-AWS-doc]
[Section 3] Add subcategory for Ansible deployment (installer AWS Provisioning, RHMAP code or roll new??) [epic-AWS-doc]
Sprint 149 (7 pts)
(2018-05-28 - 2018-06-15)
Azure storage class created at installation [3.9-OCP-SUP] [epic-Azure]
Executive Summary - Update architecture image to reflect use of AWS components [epic-AWS-doc]
(1) Azure default storage provider in openshift-ansible [epic-azure][3.9-OCP-SUP]
Update vmw playbooks for 3.9 support deprecating python code that provides some of the automation.
OpenStack Summit - May 21-24 - Managing OSP with Ansible, hands-on workshop
Update Reference Architecture doc Azure [3.9-OCP-SUP] [epic-azure]
Update Reference Architecture doc - OSP [3.9-OCP-SUP] [epic-OSP]
Cloud provider must enable service broker if there is one [3.9-OCP-SUP]
Deprecate glue code - AWS [3.9-OCP-SUP] [epic-AWS]
Update Reference Architecture doc - GCP [3.9-OCP-SUP] [epic-GCP]
Deprecate glue code - GCP [3.9-OCP-SUP]
(1) Add chapter for EC2 type why/when topic [epic-AWS-doc]
(5) - Test multiple vCenter for Kubernetes 1.9
Sprint 150 (28 pts)
(2018-06-18 - 2018-07-06)
CloudForms Integration [3.9-OCP-SUP]
(3) - Submit PR to address 3.10 missing cloud-config
(1) Add prometheus to OpenShift test drive
Set up monitoring on hosted environments [epic-stretch]
(3) - Update openshift docs to include vsphere-volume steps for registry
deploy registry storage [3.10-OCP-SUP] [epic-stretch]
deploy app storage [3.10-OCP-SUP] [epic-stretch]
Install OCP [3.10-OCP-SUP] [epic-stretch]
Deploy OS, prereqs, and repositories [epic-stretch][3.10-OCP-SUP]
(2) Spike - OCP with CRI-O
(5) Update Ceph 2 to Ceph 3
Implement (extra device support) in openshift-ansible
(5) Stretch - Explore DR on secondary DC2
(1) - Submit PR to address bugzilla on length vs. initialized storageclass var
(3) - Add OpenShift Ansible PR to address issue with vSphere svc account creation
(5) SPIKE: etcd failure [epic-stretch]
Sprint 151 (14 pts)
(2018-07-09 - 2018-07-27)
(1) Write KB article for vSphere cloud provider for ESXi hardware compatibility issues with 6.5
(5) Spike - Switch to use kube-ovn as sdn solution for windows
Marriot Intl customer engagement
Cloud provider setup steps for GCE [epic-refarch-ga]
Add inventory for GCE to Reference deployment subsection [epic-refarch-ga]
Post installation verification GCP [epic-refarch-ga]
registry setup GCE [epic-refarch-ga]
[stretch] Document some proposed use cases for VMware usage in stretch clusters
(8) Stretch Explore disaster recovery on primary DC1
In Progress (77 pts)
(2018-07-30 - 2018-08-17)
(1) (OCP Hybrid) Pin openvswitch versions to survive "yum -y update"
(3) (OCP Hybrid) Fix network interface hard coding
(3) (OCP Hybrid) Fix windows host name hard coding
Active/Active Keepalived Blog Post [epic-stretch]
(5) - Larger latency testing [epic-stretch]
(3) (OCP Hybrid) Move to openshift-windows repo
SPIKE (3) - OCP Windows Hybrid -I would like to be able to use any revision of windows container on a specific version of widnows base os
(3) (OCP Hybrid) - As a developer, I'd like to be able to evaluate openshift and windows in a minimal fashion.A 2 node config with one linux and one windows would be idea.
(5) - Deploy PCI refarch environment on vSphere for Erik Jacobs
SPIKE: Deploy 3.10 code on Azure [3.10-OCP-SUP] [epic-Azure]
(3) (OCP Hybrid) As a cluster admin I want to be able to create a standalone cluster and pass paramters to the script
(1) (OCP Hybrid) Verify services and routes work in Windows Nodes
Deploy process automation manager on OCP stretch cluster
SPIKE: Deploy 3.10 code on GCP [3.10-OCP-SUP] [epic-GCP]
(5) Creating a CI/CD process that installs OpenShift via Jenkins in GCP
(3) - Create Glenn's DNS entries and DHCP reservations
(8) Lab Work: Install OSP 13 on available blade servers
(3) (OCP Hybrid) Build new lab environment
(3) (OCP Hybrid) Test KVM Using Scripts
SPIKE: openshift-ansible AWS Deployment code
(5) RHV flex volume/cloud provisioner [epic-rhv]
(5) Creating a CI/CD process that installs OpenShift via Jenkins
(13) ocp on osp openshift ansible validation [3.10-OCP-SUP][epic-osp]
(2) (OCP Hybrid) As a developer I'd like to know how to create a windows containers in a openshift environment.
(3) (OCP Hybrid) Test Azure Using Scripts
SPIKE: Deploy 3.10 code on RHV [3.10-OCP-SUP] [epic-RHV]
Next (17 pts)
(3) Add information on setting up non admin user for RHV [epic-rhv]
Cloud provider setup steps VMW [epic-refarch-ga]
Cloud provider setup steps OSP [epic-refarch-ga]
Cloud provider setup steps for AWS [epic-refarch-ga]
Cloud provider setup steps RHV [epic-refarch-ga]
Cloud provider setup steps Azure [epic-refarch-ga]
registry setup AWS [epic-refarch-ga]
registry setup VMW [epic-refarch-ga]
registry setup OSP [epic-refarch-ga]
Registry setup Azure [epic-refarch-ga]
Add inventory for Azure to Reference deployment subsection [epic-refarch-ga]
Add inventory for RHV to Reference deployment subsection [epic-refarch-ga]
Add inventory for VMW to Reference deployment subsection [epic-refarch-ga]
Add inventory for OSP to Reference deployment subsection [epic-refarch-ga]
Add inventory for AWS to Reference deployment subsection [epic-refarch-ga]
Post installation verification VMW [epic-refarch-ga]
Post installation verification Azure [epic-refarch-ga]
Post installation verification RHV [epic-refarch-ga]
Post installation verification OSP [epic-refarch-ga]
Post installation verification AWS [epic-refarch-ga]
Application deployment using process automation manager [epic-stretch]
Implement openshift-docs team feedback on GCP [epic-refarch-ga]
(3) (OCP Hybrid) Issues from Martin
(3) (OCP Hybrid) 1803 Support
SPIKE: Deploy 3.10 code on OSP [3.10-OCP-SUP] [epic-OSP]
SPIKE: Deploy 3.10 code on AWS [3.10-OCP-SUP] [epic-AWS]
SPIKE: Deploy 3.10 code on VMW [3.10-OCP-SUP] [epic-VMW]
SPIKE: Deploy 3.10 code on GCP [3.10-OCP-SUP] [epic-GCP]
Problems with different AZs when integrating with OpenShift.
(8) OCP on RHHI [epic-rhv][contrib-code]
Backlog (Top) (8 pts)
OCP Windows Hybrid - As a admin I would like to be able to auto deploy a complete mixed windows linux cluster with GA bits. [epic-windows
OCP Windows Hybrid - As a developer, when I launch windows container images, I prefer a seemless user experience. (SCC Problem) [epic-windows]
OCP Windows Hybrid - As a admin I would like to be able to create a new windows project using oc new-app using a docker build (Openshift Builder For Windows) [epic-windows]
(5) SPIKE: OCP Monitoring with Prometheus [3.12-OCP-SUP] [epic-day2-ops]
(3) SPIKE: Identify potential "how to fix" steps for day 2 ops docs
Velocity: 47 / sprint


Sprint 142 (10 pts)
(2017-12-11 - 2017-12-29)
(3) Change fluentd buffer queue and chunk limits to more reasonable values[logging][epic-ois-agl-perf39]
(2) Tune Buffer Chunk Limit [logging][epic-ois-agl-perf39][cda]
(2) Track prometheus productization
(3) Release Runner
Sprint 143 (11 pts)
(2018-01-01 - 2018-01-19)
(1) buffer_queue_full_action block always[logging]
(5) More sane openshift_logging defaults based on install
(2) [SCCFSI39] control webconsole banner advertisement of service version
(3) Release Runner
Sprint 144 (0 pts)
(2018-01-22 - 2018-02-09)
Sprint 145 (16 pts)
(2018-02-12 - 2018-03-02)
(3) Release Runner
(5) Create integration test for bulk indexing rejections[epic-ois-agl-perf39][cda]
(8) Prototype mmkubernetes to make sure it collects all of the data we need [epic-ois-rsyslog]
Set up rsyslog to mimic Large Customer deployment[epic-ois-rsyslog]
Sprint 146 (19 pts)
(2018-03-05 - 2018-03-23)
(5) [online-crio39] Fluentd understands the CRI log format [logging][epic-crio][CRI-O39]
(8) Expose Metric component metrics in Prometheus format [epic-ois-met-exp][hawkular]
(3) package HOSA [hawkular]
(3) Release Runner
Sprint 147 (43 pts)
(2018-03-26 - 2018-04-13)
(8) [SCCFSI310] docker events and API calls need to be logged[logging][epic-ois-agl-exp]
(5) build/port openshift-elasticsearch-plugin to 5.x [logging][epic-ois-es5310]
(5) [Techpreview] update fluentd to work with ES5.x [logging][epic-ois-5]
(3) Release Runner
(1) Add content sets [epic-ois-td]
(5) [Techpreview] Update openshift-ansible for ES 5.x [logging][epic-ois-es5310]
(5) [Techpreview] Update kibana to 5.x [logging][epic-ois-es5310]
(3) [Techpreview] Update curator to work with ES 5.x [epic-ois-es5310][logging]
(5) [Techpreview] Update ES to 5.x [logging][epic-ois-es5310]
(3) [Reliability310] SRE Intro
Sprint 148 (10 pts)
(2018-04-16 - 2018-05-04)
(3) Upgrade prometheus from 2.0.0 to 2.1.0 for openshift 3.7 - 3.9
(2) Determine overhead of mmkubernetes [epic-ois-rsyslog]
(5) [Reliability310] Audit Metrics, alerts, SOPs
Sprint 149 (4 pts)
(2018-05-07 - 2018-05-25)
(3) Remove hawkular-alerts from hawkular-metrics
(1) [CM-OPS-Tools310] Integration Services Prometheus endpoint coverage
Sprint 150 (0 pts)
(2018-05-28 - 2018-06-15)
Sprint 151 (0 pts)
(2018-06-18 - 2018-07-06)
Sprint 152 (8 pts)
(2018-07-09 - 2018-07-27)
(5) Include and support fluentd-syslog-plugin[logging]
(3) Allow cluster-reader/cluster-admin to view Elasticsearch cluster/monitor endpoints[logging][epic-ois-agl-ux][epic-diagnostics]
docker deleted file bug[epic-ois-rsyslog]
journal fd leak bug[epic-ois-rsyslog]
In Progress (84 pts)
(2018-07-30 - 2018-08-17)
(5) Ansible openshift_logging_elasticsearch work for operator [epic-operator]
(2) Document Message Collection Guarantees
(2) Deprecate Ops Variables
(5) Prototype elasticsearch-operator [epic-operator]
(3) Opt-in Application Logging [epic-rnd]
(3) Support keepalive in fluentd es plugin by adding custom "Sniffer" class [logging]
rsyslog duplicate messages bug[epic-ois-rsyslog]
(5) omelasticsearch - retry rejected operations and redirect hard failures[epid-ois-rsyslog]
(5) rsyslog - implement support for client cert auth in omelasticsearch [logging][epic-ois-rsyslog][cda]
(8) rsyslog imfile support for symlink wildcard combination [epic-ois-rsyslog]
(3) Implement Single Searchguard Index [epic-ois-es5]
(5) Prometheus plugin for fluentd[logging][epic-diagnostics]
(3) Remove Logging ES5 tech-preview [epic-ois-es5]
(8) Persistent ES logs [epic-ois-agl-perf][logging]
(8) rsyslog kubernetes metadata filter [logging][epic-ois-rsyslog][cda]
(3) Productize upstream curator 5.2 [epic-ois-es5]
(5) use oauth-proxy in Kibana [epic-ois-td]
(8) Productize elasticsearch [epic-ois-es5]
(3) Productize kibana [epic-ois-es5]
(?) Prometheus Operator
Cluster Monitoring GA
Prometheus upgrade to 2.2.1
Next (23 pts)
(8) [Reliability] Implement Metrics, alerts, SOPs
(5) Determine Requirements to Move to full Elastic stack [epic-rnd]
(8) Separate ops from app queues [epic-ois-agl-perf]
(2) Document how to handle stack trace log entries from java based containers [logging][epic-ois-lux][cda]
Backlog (Top) (20 pts)
(?) Close Indices to extend retention time
(8) Update ES deployment to be an Operator [epic-operator]
(5) Limit ES pods to at most eligible masters [epic-stability]
(5) Removal of openshift_logging_use_ops variable
(2) Document Fluent TCP Plugin [epic-ois-td]
Velocity: 11 / sprint


Sprint 142 (5 pts)
(2017-12-11 - 2017-12-29)
(5) [cli] [cli-printers] Limit amount of exposure / methods to cli printers
Sprint 143 (26 pts)
(2018-01-01 - 2018-01-19)
[cli] [cli-printers] Sanitize printing options
[SCCFSI39] Audit log needs to contain more information from the payload
(3) [SCCFSI39] audit log needs to record privileged operations
(3) Add verify script for client-go and api
(5) Document how to recover etcd from disasters
(9) 1.9.0 rebase
(3) Fix staging repo publishing scripts in
(3) Dynamic admission follow up
Sprint 144 (5 pts)
(2018-01-22 - 2018-02-09)
(5) Use publisher-bot to synchronize vendor with fork repositories
Sprint 145 (34 pts)
(2018-02-12 - 2018-03-02)
(5) [upstream] Generic object count quota
(2) [CM-OPS-Tools39] Master Prometheus endpoint coverage
(5) Import signatures from upstream registry images [signing-images310]
(21) Reduce cost of 'oc' rebase
(1) Allow local development in 3.10
Sprint 146 (20 pts)
(2018-03-05 - 2018-03-23)
(1) Update docs for StatefulSet coming out of beta
(3) Add support for Deployments to oc status
(8) [upstream] Server side printers in CLI
(5) Dependency management tool `tools/depcheck`
(3) [upstream] Client-go dep support for 1.10 in publisher-bot
Sprint 147 (22 pts)
(2018-03-26 - 2018-04-13)
(5) [upstream] Client-go 7.0 release preparation: release notes, testing, tagging, maybe blog post
(13) 1.10 rebase
(4) Securely serving /metrics+/debug from controller-manager
Sprint 148 (10 pts)
(2018-04-16 - 2018-05-04)
(5) [split] Create separate openshift commands
(5) [upstream] kubectl refactorings - printing
Sprint 149 (11 pts)
(2018-05-07 - 2018-05-25)
(0) [Cloud Native Infra310] component break out
(8) [split] Update cluster-up to run all processes separately
(3) Securely serving /metrics+/debug scheduler
(?) [upstream] apimachinery + kubectl cleanups to support Unstructured consistently
Sprint 150 (0 pts)
(2018-05-28 - 2018-06-15)
Sprint 151 (19 pts)
(2018-06-18 - 2018-07-06)
(1) docker pull secret controller respect master-config internal/external registry
(5) Prepare oc commands for 1.11 rebase
(13) 3.11 rebase
[cli][1.11] Remove kubectl reapers
[cli][1.11] Clean upstream factory
[1.11][upstream] kubectl refactorings - server side print
Sprint 152 (37 pts)
(2018-07-09 - 2018-07-27)
(3) Document deployment topology changes in openshift
[cli][1.11] kubectl wait
(13) [upstream] CRD field removal
(21) [post-rebase] Wire upstream printers
In Progress (30 pts)
(2018-07-30 - 2018-08-17)
(5) post-3.11-rebase tasks
(8) [split] Fix openshift config types
(3) Finish upstream proposal for lifecycle hooks and get it merged
(13) service serving cert signer
Formal documentation for Operator SDK
(1) document usage of kubectl w/ openshift
Operator Lifecycle Manager installed in openshift-ansible
etcd Operator
Next (5 pts)
(5) OpenShift Online Upgrade Runner
R&D: Move oapi objects on disk to groupified API
[upstream] Make kube-scheduler options testable
[upstream] CRD OpenAPI schema publishing via kube-apiserver
[upstream] https+authz/n for kube-scheduler enabled by default
[upstream] Create dynamic listers and informers
[evangelism] Prepare GopherCon UK workshop about developing against Kube/OpenShift
[upstream] CRD defaulting
Backlog (Top) (19 pts)
(3) Prepare admission webhooks for QA
Publish JSON Schema to make client validation possible [evg]
(3) [developeradvocacy] Developer oriented Blog about admission webhooks.
(8) [upstream] CR quota support
(5) Allow to disable OpenShift features
Velocity: 17 / sprint


Sprint 139 (16 pts)
(2017-12-11 - 2017-12-29)
Sprint 139 (Bug Fixing Sprint)
(13) Make the cluster IP range more flexible by allowing multiple subnets for host [sdn][operations][supportability][net-reconfig][demo]
(3) fix problem in A/B weight algorithm.
(?) Spike: Project Woodshed
Sprint 140 (13 pts)
(2018-01-01 - 2018-01-19)
(8) Semi-automatic namespace-wide egress IP [egress]
(5) Make sure that we don't lock the router state for the duration of a reload
Sprint 141 (8 pts)
(2018-01-22 - 2018-02-09)
[epic] Bring NetworkPolicy to GA [sdn][policy]
(5) Fix build-container networking security [security][sdn][policy]
NetworkPolicy docs stuff for GA [policy]
(3) HA Setup For Egress Pods [docs][egress]
Sprint 142 (3 pts)
(2018-02-12 - 2018-03-02)
Spike: Microsoft assistance
(3) Support selection of interface when using MACVLAN [demo]
Sprint 143 (0 pts)
(2018-03-05 - 2018-03-23)
Update documentation to say NetworkPolicy is out of Tech Preview
Research http/2 support [functionality][spike]
Spike: Performance testing of iptables INPUT and OUTPUT chains
Sprint 145 (5 pts)
(2018-03-26 - 2018-04-13)
(5) Replace event queue based openshift sdn resource watches to shared informers [sdn]
Sprint 146 (19 pts)
(2018-04-16 - 2018-05-04)
OVS 2.9
(1) Update IPsec documentation to account for newer libreswan
OpenShift/NFV PoC prototype NUMA and CPU affinity [psap310]
(13) OpenShift/NFV PoC expose multiple interfaces inside a pod [functionality][psap310]
(5) POC: Implement Kubernetes multi-network specification [upstream][sdn][multinet][psap310]
NetworkPolicy / Router integration [policy][spike]
Spike: Explore a Envoy router backend (2)
Sprint 147 (23 pts)
(2018-05-07 - 2018-05-25)
[spike] Investigate how to use multiple CPUs with the haproxy router [performance][router][operations]
(3) Document the metrics the router exposes
(13) Implement haproxy 1.8 seamless reload [router][scale][demo]
(1) Shepherd in max connections to pod PR
(1) Investigate getting the routingConfig out of master-config.yaml
Spike: Microsoft assistance
(5) Do OVN Performance testing [ovn]
Sprint 148 (14 pts)
(2018-05-28 - 2018-06-15)
(1) Update OpenShift Networking Requirements doc to include daemonset [docs]
(5) Minimize direct API calls in SDN master using shared informers
(5) Add OVN CI/CD
(3) [spike] Deprecate F5Router in favour of container connector[router]
Sprint 149 (5 pts)
(2018-06-18 - 2018-07-06)
(5) Change the router's ingress support so it does not need to do a list/watch on secrets [ingress]
Spike: Investigate SSL/TLS client certificate validation for OpenShift router
Obscure HAProxy Stats Password in DC
Improve health checks so a bad router controller can be detected and killed [router]
Sprint 150 (20 pts)
(2018-07-09 - 2018-07-27)
(5) Test CRI-O (internal)
(8) Harmonize ovn-kubernetes config handling [ovn]
Port NFV PoC to Custom Resource Definitions
(5) Do OVN Performance testing [ovn]
Spike: Microsoft assistance
(2) [azure310] Determine how to get a source IP through the azure load balancer [ops-rfe310]
In Progress (129 pts)
(2018-07-30 - 2018-08-17)
Implement Service External IP for OVN [ovn]
Spike: Track Multus + CRD Tech Preview
Add GET support to CNI reference plugins
(13) Produce v1 multi-network de-facto specification [nfv]
PoC routing-based OVN gateway [ovn]
(8) Create the operator scaffolding
(8) Support our own haproxy RPM for consumption by the router
(5) [SCCFSI] HAProxy statistics page password is stored in cleartext [router][security]
OVN - dev preview docs[ovn][installer]
Automatic namespace-wide egress IP [egress][epic]
(8) HA for Auto Egress IP [egress]
(8) Fully automatic namespace-wide egress IP [egress][demo]
Cards that need QE remain here until QE is complete [info]
Add unit testing to ovn-kubernetes [ovn]
(13) Add GET request to CNI [upstream]
Implement bandwidth shaping for OVN [ovn]
Clean up Multus delegate handling code
(8) Improve iptables proxy performance [performance][scale]
Spike: Measure iptables performance with 3.7
ovn-kube container image release [ovn][installer]
Fix pod Update() after kube 1.6 rebase
[Epic] Bring OVN to dev preview for clusters with Windows nodes [ovn]
(8) [online-crio] Spike: CRI-O assistance for networking support
OVN - check failure modes
(5) NGINX Router Integration [demo]
(5)? Add ExternalIP support to OVN [ovn][sdn]
(5) Test F5 container connector [demo]
Document and test a supported way of expanding the serviceNetwork [docs]
(5) Allow DNS names for egress routers [human names] [egress][demo]
SDN as Daemonset
(3) Work out how to do ipfailover for more than 254 addresses [ingress][operations][scale]
(13) Make a daemonset for OVN [installer][ovn]
(1) Default domain for route from `oc expose `
Fix MTU and DNS issues on ovn-kubernetes for Windows
Explore: Auto egress IP on AWS/VMware/etc? [egress]
Explore: Allow changing ServiceNetworkCIDR [sdn][operations][net-reconfig]
(5) Allow the VXLAN port to be changed [operations]
(5) HA for Fully-Automatic Auto Egress IP [egress]
Cards are in limbo until committed by upstream [info]
Write CNI firewall plugin to allow outgoing traffic [CRI-O]
allow cluster to have multiple cidr ranges to OVN (as is currently supported in multitennant)
(3) Document Network Isolation Integration with Service Linking (Related to Service Catalog) [sdn][docs]
Next (19 pts)
Cards committed to completing within the current sprint [info]
Work out how we will do unidling with OVN
Be consistent/explicit in docs about VNID 0 [sdn][supportability]
(8) Review of OpenShift in an IPv6 environment [ipv6]
(3) Improve OVN informer overhead
Implement HostPort for OVN [ovn]
(8) Write up use cases & design doc for operator configuration type
Backlog (Top) (18 pts)
=== ^ Important, Not Tagged [info]
(?) [Reliability] Audit Metrics + Alerts + SOPs for SDN
(5) Minimize direct API calls in SDN node using shared informers [sdn]
(13)? Make an operator for OVN and integrate it with the installer [installer][ovn]
Operator Installer for openshift-sdn [sdn]
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Sprint 149 (0 pts)
(2018-06-18 - 2018-07-06)
[info] Sprint 149
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Sprint 150 (0 pts)
(2018-07-09 - 2018-07-27)
[info] Sprint 150
Spike: Istio and OpenShift Networking - Istio must be able to use the OpenShift SDN without compromising the overall cluster network.
In Progress (42 pts)
(2018-07-30 - 2018-08-17)
[info] QE will move cards here when the tests have been validated and passed.
(3) Implement router http/2 support (terminating at the router) [router]
(3) Implement nbthreads for haproxy router [router][performance][operations]
(5) Make network diagnostics work with CRI-O runtime
(13) [router][scale] Implement dynamic changes to the router
(13) Add network diagnostics utility in openshift-ansible [supportability]
(5) [router] Implement SSL/TLS client certificate validation for OpenShift router
(?) Router (HAProxy) logs should be captured by Aggregated Logging/EFK [demo]
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[info] Sprint 151
An engineer moves cards here when they are actively working on a card.
Implement tls-ticket-keys for haproxy
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(8) Allow segregating cluster traffic from management traffic [sdn][functionality]
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Reflect route status to ingress
[info] This column represents work that the team has taken a first pass through and added some details. No commitments to completing the work have been made. The top ten cards should reflect priority order.
(1) [Reliability] SRE Intro
(5) Make network diagnostics work with openshift-ovs-networkpolicy plugin [demo]
(3) [docs] Migration link for F5 router to Container Connector
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Sprint 140 (0 pts)
(2017-10-30 - 2017-11-17)
Sprint 141 (0 pts)
(2017-11-20 - 2017-12-08)
Sprint 142 (0 pts)
(2017-12-11 - 2017-12-29)
Sprint 143 (0 pts)
(2018-01-01 - 2018-01-19)
Sprint 144 (0 pts)
(2018-01-22 - 2018-02-09)
Sprint 145 (0 pts)
(2018-02-12 - 2018-03-02)
Sprint 146 (0 pts)
(2018-03-05 - 2018-03-23)
Sprint 147 (0 pts)
(2018-03-26 - 2018-04-13)
Sprint 148 (0 pts)
(2018-04-16 - 2018-05-04)
Sprint 149 (0 pts)
(2018-05-07 - 2018-05-25)
Sprint 150 (0 pts)
(2018-05-28 - 2018-06-15)
Sprint 151 (0 pts)
(2018-06-18 - 2018-07-06)
Sprint 152 (0 pts)
(2018-07-09 - 2018-07-27)
In Progress (0 pts)
(2018-07-30 - 2018-08-17)
Enable operational metrics via Prometheus
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Sprint 126 (31 pts)
(2017-01-09 - 2017-01-24)
(5) [multi-host-mgr-2] Implement BDD test suite for backend services
(3) [multi-host-mgr-2] Object Not Found Exceptions
(5) [AH] SELinux policy in /var workaround
(3) [a-h-t] Create automated test for system containers
(3) [CI] [a-h-t] Add admin unlock and package layering sanity test to improved sanity tests
(3) deploy testing homu in openshift CI
(3) [F25] ah iso EFI
Allow users to rebase to a specific version
(3) [CI] Set up a basic promotion pipeline in the Centos CI infra
(3) Fix CAHC docker SELinux issues
Sprint 127 (43 pts)
(2017-01-30 - 2017-02-14)
[spike] [multi-host-mgr-2] Investigate Tang and Clevis
(3) Check that AH uses sha256 passwords as part of [a-h-t] sanity test
(3) [fedora-docker-min] get microdnf rpm into fedora repositories
(2) [multi-host-mgr-2] Create a slide deck for commissaire
(2) Make sure we have jobs to test the Fedora daily and 2 week compose
(3) Pull popular images from Docker Hub and run them as part of [a-h-t]
(5) [multi-host-mgr-2] Refactor to allow for future pass-through APIs
(2) BZ#1186757: Atomic Host only supports the en_US locale
(5) BZ#1259596: Client-side initramfs generation during deployment to i.e. include multipath related configuration
(5) [a-h-t] Create a basic test suite for docker swarm functionality
(3) [CI] improve rpm-ostree testing
(5) [rpm-ostree] Add support for non-root users & groups for package layering
(5) [a-h-t] Create a basic test suite for docker-latest functionality
Sprint 128 (34 pts)
(2017-02-20 - 2017-03-07)
(3) [multi-host-mgr] Add bdd back to travis
(5) [f25-2wk] - release ostree updates only when we do 2wk releases
(8) Run upstream Docker unit tests on Atomic Host for each pa/docker PR
(2) [multi-host-mgr-2] Release Commissaire 0.0.2
(3) [syscontainers] add images to fedora registry
(2) Add test for running rpm-ostree daemon on unsubscribed system
(5) [a-h-t] Create basic test suite for runC functionality
(1) [multi-host-mgr-2] Update Ansible requirements per CVE-2016-9587
(5) Refactor rpm-ostree internals in preparation for local RPM installs
Sprint 129 (60 pts)
(2017-03-13 - 2017-03-28)
(3) [a-h-t] Create test(s) for verifying SELinux contexts on Atomic Host
(3) [CI] Report the role which failed in the email notifications for the [a-h-t] CI jobs
(2) Add additional tags to 'improved-sanity-test' to allow for testing of cloud-image
Create FAHC
(2) [f26] atomic host ISOs
(3) Style cleanup of [a-h-t] playbooks
(2) Update [a-h-t] package layering test to support non-root packages
(5) [rpm-ostree] Add support for local RPM installs
(1) [atomic] fix filtering
(5) [multi-host-mgr-2] Integrate container mgr config into bootstrap
(2) [multi-host-mgr-2] Update documentation for using Host.source
(2) RHELAH - Rebase atomic-devmode for 7.3.4
(2) RHELAH - Rebase rpm-ostree for 7.3.4 [rpm-ostree]
(3) Ensure image build process can embed sys containers [GCE]
RHELAH - Rebase ostree for 7.3.4 [ostree]
(3) Create a version of the [a-h-t] callback plugin that is compatible with Ansible 2.2
(3) Make the [a-h-t] playbooks compatible with Ansible 2.2
(2) Update semanage test in [a-h-t] to use alternate directory
(5) Expand rpm-ostree package layering tests in [a-h-t] to cover more scenarios
(3) [multi-host-mgr-2] Honor source in Host model when defined
(3) [CI] Rework RHELAH notifications job to use refactor of improved sanity test jobs
(3) Fix AH installer so that it only shows supported languages
(3) Migrate 'docker build' playbook to upstream [a-h-t] repo
Sprint 130 (33 pts)
(2017-04-03 - 2017-04-18)
(2) Blog about recent rpm-ostree features
(2) [KMOD] Check that doing a simple rpm-ostree install works as intended
(5) Enable package-layering in %post for kickstart
(5) [rpm-ostree] Allow install/uninstalling packages at the same time as deploy/upgrade/rebase
(1) [CI] Capture connection issues with callback plugin
(5) Configure a-h-t [CI] jobs to report the logs/results publicly
Outside Commitment: Red Hat Summit Lab
[Community] cloud-init fixes needed to support Atomic in DigitalOcean
(3) Clean up [a-h-t] repo
(5) [openshift-ansible-on-ah] Test openshift-ansible PRs against stable Fedora AH
(2) [syscontainers] fix system containers for fedora registry
(3) Fix [a-h-t] k8-cluster test
Sprint 131 (53 pts)
(2017-04-24 - 2017-05-09)
(2) Add test to [a-h-t] to verify non-root users can use 'rpm-ostree status'
(3) Fix package layering test to support new requested packages
(3) Fix SELinux context test in [a-h-t] to properly support F26
(3) [redhat-ci] Make sure testers make use of the latest images for Fedora, CentOS, and RHELAH
(3) [CI] Fix rhelah early compose CI job
(5) [redhat-ci] Make more resilient to CI message bus failures
(2) Make sure package-layering of kmods works in kickstart %post
(3) [CI] Fix rhelah early notifications job
(3) Rebase rpm-ostree [rpm-ostree]
(3) Rebase ostree [ostree]
(3) [rpm-ostree] Invalidate pkgcache on rpm checksum, not just NEVRA
(5) [multi-host-mgr-2] Notification messages for storage changes
(3) [atomic] improve syscontainer tests
(5) [CI] Capture the journal from a system when [a-h-t] test fails
(2) [syscontainers] investigate containerized kube
(3) update runc config files [system-containers36]
[spike] [KMOD] Determine next steps for KMOD
(2) [f26-2wk] clean up kickstart files
Sprint 132 (19 pts)
(2017-05-15 - 2017-05-30)
(5) Land initial experimental live updates for rpm-ostree
(3) [redhat-ci] Be smarter about caching RPMs
(5) sd-notify from a container
(2) [atomic] fix filtering
(2) Enable internal Jenkins jobs to monitor for RHELAH 7.4 composes
(2) [fedora-atomic] bring rawhide in order
[redhat-ci][spike] Investigate Fedora STI docs
Sprint 133 (36 pts)
(2017-06-05 - 2017-06-20)
(2) [atomic] fix image tagging
[f26-2wk] [spike] come up with strategy for running kubernetes
Rebase rpm-ostree for 7.4
Fix atomic-devmode for 7.4 and 7.3.6
(3) [multi-host-mgr-2] Add Custodia to E2E test environment
(2) OSTree glib2 dependency fix for 7.3.6 and 7.4
(3) build docker-fedora system container
(3) Configure [a-h-t] PAPR to validate changed roles/tests
(5) Create rpm-ostree test
(5) [rpm-ostree] Add experimental support for removing base packages
(3) [papr] Rename redhat-ci to papr and move it to the projectatomic org
(5) Run the stable OpenShift Ansible installer as an [a-h-t] test on unstable streams
(2) Document how to contribute to the [a-h-t] repo
(3) [multi-host-mgr-2] Store service forwards secrets to Custodia
Sprint 134 (32 pts)
(2017-06-26 - 2017-07-11)
(3) [rpm-ostree] Fix rpm-ostree composes never updating its cache
(2) [f26-2wk] verify commit signing is working and enable it in our images
(2) Enhance [a-h-t] network roles to implement retries
(1) Create Docker system container in fedora
Prepare talking points for linuxcon
(3) Tweak RHELAH build process for new subman and verify
(5) [f27-2wk] Rework AH storage
(2) try to wrangle bugs in Fedora 26 atomic host until release.
(3) [papr] Add Fedora 26 AH stream for early testing in projects
(8) [rpm-ostree] Add experimental support for replacing base packages
(3) [fedora-docker-min] create fedora-docker-min base images
Sprint 135 (21 pts)
(2017-07-17 - 2017-08-01)
(3) Add system-container test to [a-h-t] sanity tests
(1) [a-h-t] handle new docker registries editing
(2) Metadata expiry date is not recognized
(3) [PAPR] Add support for FAH 26 TWRs
(5) Refactor the [a-h-t] sanity test to only require the HEAD commit to be deployed
(3) Add [a-h-t] test case to verify default docker storage driver
(2) Blog post for rpm-ostree v2017.7
(2) [release engineering] hold breakout session
Sprint 136 (28 pts)
(2017-08-07 - 2017-08-22)
(2)End Of Life notification
(5) [rpm-ostree] Port RHEL anaconda patch to Fedora to make GUI only show available locales
(3) Add checks for AVC denials as part of the [a-h-t] sanity test
(2) Fix incorrect values for VERSION/PRETTY_NAME in the latest 7.4 imgs
(2) [f25-2wk] Investigate and document current state of releasing Fedora AH
[f25-2wk] Switch Fedora ostree and image creation to a 2 week cadence
[fedora-docker-min] Minimal Docker image efforts for upstream
(2) Fix callback plugin to suppress stdout when 'no_log: true' is used
(1)Add more help output to rpm-ostree
(5) Add Fedora dist-git tests for rpm-ostree
(3) Add a check for RPM signatures to [a-h-t]
(3) [system containers] investigate system containerized cri-o
In Progress (58 pts)
(2017-08-28 - 2017-10-04)
[spike] Investigate options for building an Atomic Host without MBS
Bring a RHEL7 based koji builder online in brew to prepare for fully automated artifact generation.
(5) [a-h-t] Create a basic test suite for atomic images + atomic containers
(5) Create Jenkins jobs to run 'next tier' of [a-h-t] tests
(5) [PAPR] Convert remaining non-Python parts of PAPR to Python
(3) include releasever and arch in cachedirs
[Spike] - Investigate Fedora Atomic Host Module
(5) dbus api to change kernel arguments
(3) fedora rawhide grub2 rework
(3) Fix bugs in Fedora 27 Atomic Host
[spike] net-snmp system container
(5) net-snmp system container
(3) use json_query in the a-h-t tests when dealing with 'rpm-ostree status'
(3) Improve livefs
(3) improve output from 'journal_search' role in [a-h-t]
(3) fix package layering test in i-s-t on CentOS AH
(3) fix kube test/roles in a-h-t to work with 1.5 and 1.6
RHELAH Satellite mirroring
(2) [ostree] RHELAH 7.4.2 rebase
(2) [rpm-ostree] RHELAH 7.4.2 rebase
(5) Support for layering pkgs with their own SELinux modules
Next (24 pts)
Build a Fedora Atomic Module that depends on P&H
Create initial POC of pungi configuration to generate RHELAH artifacts
Script/automate ostree creation, including signing the resulting tree
(5) Initial prototype for updates gating in Fedora Atomic Host
(3) Create unified ostree repository for Fedora Atomic Host
(5) [f26-2wk] get bodhi building ostrees
(3) Add Fedora dist-git tests for ostree
(3) [rpm-ostree] Don't download rpm-md when removing pkgs
(3) GRUB2 woes on Fedora AH rawhide & 26
(2) [atomic] fix system container update failures
Backlog (Top) (18 pts)
(8) [papr] Add support for building and integrating RPMs
(5) [PAPR] Add some basic tests using PAPR
(5) Enable package-layering with Anaconda in fedora
Use ostree content by default for ISOs even for kickstarts
Velocity: 35 / sprint


Sprint 142 (8 pts)
(2017-12-11 - 2017-12-29)
(3) [node] [psap39] Device plugins (Alpha)
(5) Deploy descheduler in starter cluster in dry-run
Sprint 143 (0 pts)
(2018-01-01 - 2018-01-19)
Sprint 144 (50 pts)
(2018-01-22 - 2018-02-09)
(13) [psap39] [node] Static CPU pinning support
(5) [node] [online-crio39] ImageFs management of docker when using CRI-O
(8) [control-plane] API server event spam protection
(8) [psap39] [node] HugePages support
(13) Implement basic descheduler
(3) [schedule] Rebase descheduler to 3.9
Sprint 145 (25 pts)
(2018-02-12 - 2018-03-02)
(3) Create flannel container
(3) [autoscaling] Custom Metrics API move to beta version
(3) [autoscaling] Fix Scale client to actually use GVR to make the REST calls
(13) [autoscaling] Extensible metric driven HPA (Alpha)
(3) [autoscaling] HPA v2 API to move to beta API version
Sprint 146 (8 pts)
(2018-03-05 - 2018-03-23)
(3) Make scheduling consider limits
(5) [node] Image Policy Admission Plugin for qualifying image names
Sprint 147 (0 pts)
(2018-03-26 - 2018-04-13)
[node] Promote Hugepages to supported
Sprint 148 (12 pts)
(2018-04-16 - 2018-05-04)
(8) e2e node tests upstream
(3) Remove experimental upstream description from containerized nodes
(1) Ability to opt-out of shared pid namespace on a per pod basis
Promote CPU manager pinning to supported
Sprint 149 (3 pts)
(2018-05-07 - 2018-05-25)
(3) RFE: release quota for a pod if its terminating and exceeded grace period
Sprint 150 (23 pts)
(2018-05-28 - 2018-06-15)
Let containers specify success or failure on exit
(8) [node] Deliver node-problem-detector for tech preview
(3) [node] Prevent abuse of Local Ephemeral Storage
(5) [scheduler] stop vendoring cluster capacity in openshift/origin
(1) [Reliability] SRE Intro
(5) [scheduler] Deliver descheduler for tech preview
(1) [Cloud Native Infra] Component Break Out
Sprint 151 (0 pts)
(2018-06-18 - 2018-07-06)
Sprint 152 (2 pts)
(2018-07-09 - 2018-07-27)
[node] Document Improve local storage management
[1] [scheduler]Need documentation that ExperimentalCriticalPodAnnotation is being enabled by default and "": "" annotation is restricted to openshift-* projects. Document critical pod annotations
Document how nodes get their configuration in 3.10
(1) Debug failing upstream containerized kubelet tests
(1) Document the e2e node CI and TestGrid infrastructure
In Progress (93 pts)
(2018-07-30 - 2018-08-17)
(5) OpenShift Online Runner
(3) [node] R&D Use Dynamic Kubelet Config
Getting github membership in the kube community (if you don't already)
(1) Add aos-pod email notification on RHEL node-e2e failures
(5) [autoscaling] Fake custom metrics adapter for e2e tests
(5) [idling] refactor idling controller
[autoscaling] (8) Deliver cluster-autoscaler in aws
(?) [node] Work with Ops team to roll out Node Problem Detector to an online cluster
(8) Global user namespaces support
(5) [node] promote sysctl annotations to actual fields
[13] cluster autoscaler support
(5)[scheduler] Include volume count on for balanced resource allocation
(3) Consuming Priority In OpenShift
(5) [eviction] kubelet observes memory pressure w/ low latency
(2) [CM-OPS-Tools] Kubernetes Prometheus endpoint coverage
(8) [psap] Promote Device Plugin to Beta
(3) [?] Check LimitRanges when apply CRO policy
(8) [scheduler] Move Priority/Preemption to Beta
(3) [node] Priority + Kubelet Memory Eviction
(3) [tolerations] Move taints and tolerations from beta to v1 [Beta to v1]
(13) [scheduler] Priority/Preemption Scheduling
(3) [scheduler] system critical and node critical priority classes should be restricted to few namespaces.
(5) Adopt metrics-server in favor of heapster
Next (0 pts)
(0) [Cloud Native Infra] Component Lifecycle
Backlog (Top) (20 pts)
(8) [node]Evaluate 500 pods/node
(3) [quota] LimitRange can define a max for pod termination grace period
(3) [quota] ClusterResourceQuota and limited resources
(3) [quota] Make it easier for LimitRange to constrain requests/limits
(3) [node] Author a kubelet node e2e test that verifies live-restore functionality in docker
Velocity: 11 / sprint


Sprint 146 (0 pts)
(2018-03-05 - 2018-03-23)
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Sprint 147 (0 pts)
(2018-03-26 - 2018-04-13)
Sprint 148 (0 pts)
(2018-04-16 - 2018-05-04)
Sprint 149 (0 pts)
(2018-05-07 - 2018-05-25)
Sprint 150 (0 pts)
(2018-05-28 - 2018-06-15)
Sprint 151 (0 pts)
(2018-06-18 - 2018-07-06)
Sprint 152 (0 pts)
(2018-07-09 - 2018-07-27)
In Progress (0 pts)
(2018-07-30 - 2018-08-17)
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An engineer moves cards here when the work has been completed.
QE will move cards here when the tests have been validated and passed.
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Backlog (Top) (0 pts)
This column represents work that the team has taken a first pass through and added some details. No commitments to completing the work have been made. The top ten cards should reflect priority order.
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Sprint 142 (19 pts)
(2017-12-11 - 2017-12-29)
Sprint #142
(3)[Grafana] set up ocp secured route for grafana pod.
[8][psap39][3.7-OCP] STAC-A2 benchmark Bare-Metal vs Openshift [demo]
(5) [psap39] CPU Manager Documentation
deploy grafana instance using oauth on the online env.
(5) [docs][3.7-OCP] add a section on docker graph driver feature comparison
(3) [tools] - quantify node-exporter resource usage
(3) [scale] Convert App sizing section of whitepaper over to openshift-docs
Sprint 143 (10 pts)
(2018-01-01 - 2018-01-19)
Sprint #143
(5)Request: [node] [online-crio310] ImageFs management of docker when using CRI-O
(5) v0.47 pbench official release
Sprint 144 (84 pts)
(2018-01-22 - 2018-02-09)
Sprint #144
(3) [scale-ci] Move the automation to the official openshift-ansible code
(5) [scale-ci] run the conformance test on the new OCP cluster
(2)[tools] Modify scripts to run node vertical using golang clusterloader
(1) [scale-ci] Add htpasswd authentication to the cluster
(3) [tools] Pbench v0.48 official release
(3) [3.8-OCP] CRI-O 1.0.4 Report & Blog
(8) [tools] Cluster Loader: ensure master vert test runs with golang clusterloader
Create process for cassandra database tests with cassandra-stress
(1)[scale-ci] Set MaxSessions 100 in ansible-host sshd_config
(8)[psap39] Research how to use DevicePlugin (DaemonSets) on RHEL Atomic & RHEL
(3) [scale-ci] Point the jenkins jobs at redhat-performance rather than mbruzek repos
Add support for AWS "5"-series instances to gold images
(1)[scale-ci] Make the aos.repo point to matching puddle
(5)[scale-ci] Fix the openshift-ansible subnet limitation of /24 addresses
(5)[scale-3.9][security] execute uperf test
(5)[scale-3.9][security] execute http test
(1)[scale-ci] fix openshift_web_console_prefix in inventory
(5) [scale-ci] Harden OpenStack automation on new hardware
(3)[scale-ci] Work on a spectre and meltdown switch for the scale-ci cluster.
(3)[tools] Jenkins job to setup tooling on openshift after scale-ci sets up the environment
(8) [scale-ci] Scale up the OCP cluster to the target worker nodes
(1)[scale-ci] yum update selinux-policy in image_provisioner
[scale-ci] - use ansible grafana deployment in the scale-ci
(5) Grafana API Automation
[grafana] - update the origin grafana deployment
[Grafana] - generate sa token for prometheus view permissions via ansible.
[Grafana] Grafana dashboards and node exporter
Update mojo docs
(5)[scale-3.9][security] execute node vertical
Sprint 145 (54 pts)
(2018-02-12 - 2018-03-02)
Sprint #145
(8) [tools][3.7-OCP] HTTP Workload generator for Cluster Loader golang
(5) [psap39] Hugepages Documentation
(5) [scale-ci] Jenkins job to run nodevertical using golang clusterloader, non-containerized and containerized pbench
(3) [psap39] Create templates for node-feature-discovery to work on openshift
(3) [scale-ci] Update and install the tool that changes the spectre/meltdown settings
(2) [tools] Modify Scraper & R2R to use JSON and common structs
(3) [tools] script to label openshift nodes, generate an inventory on fly
(3) [scale-ci] Create the latest OCP VM gold image with 829 kernel and docker 1.13
(3)[scale-ci] Allow root login to all VMs
(3) [scale-ci] Redeploy the cluster with the latest OCP image and fixes/improvements to the automation
(3) [scale-ci] Fix the OpenStack Ceph setup for the cluster
(3) [scale-ci] Install OpenStack on the Alderaan hardware
(3)[scale-ci] Ensure proper time sync and unified time zone settings at all layers.
(1)[scale-ci] uncomment log_path in ansible.cfg so we get timestamps
(1) [scale-ci] fix, remove metadata from NVMe devices before xfs formatting them
(3)[scale-ci] Ensure network tests work (codify any changes to OSP security groups)
(2) 3.9 Cluster Limit Doc Updates
Sprint 146 (54 pts)
(2018-03-05 - 2018-03-23)
Sprint #146
(1) configure image_provisioner AMIs to point to new pbench server
(3)[tools][scale-3.10] Cluster loader: Duration logging
(13)[scale-3.9] Re-qualify Elasticsearch and fluentd performance in OCP 3.9
(5)[psap310] GPU/Device Plugin Documentation
(3)[scale-ci] Ensure Prometheus is always deployed via openshift-ansible
(1) [scale-ci] Make sure NVMe devices are not claimed by multipathd.
(1) [scale-ci] Make sure service catalog does not break the automatic installation.
(5) [scale-ci] Create scale up automation for the scale-ci cluster.
[scale-3.9][security] execute master vertical
(1) [scale-ci] Allow root login on the ansible-host.
(3) [tools] pbench v0.49 release
(5)[tools] Grafana - research and develop grafyaml module
(8) Incorporate Thomas Herve heat scalability suggestions
(5)[psap310] Get up to speed with running STAC-N1
Sprint 147 (46 pts)
(2018-03-26 - 2018-04-13)
Sprint #147
(3) [psap310] Modify node-feature-discovery to add a selinux label
(3)[tools] Add cri-o support to image provisioner
(5) [scale] Make sure Prometheus is installed and running in our Scale CI environment [3.7-OCP]
[5][scale-ci] Jenkins job to run Mastervertical.
(5)[scale-ci] Scalability tuning up to 1k OCP nodes
(3)[scale-ci] Ensure we have adequate disk space for pbench data collection.
[tools] Modify pbench-client to add user defined post process step
(3)[scale-ci] Ensure CNS Block is always deployed.
(3) [scale-ci] Create pipeline scripts for osp, browbeat, ocp_scaleup
(3) [3.9-OCP] CRI-O Code change performance evaluation
(3) [scale-ci] Jenkinsfiles to automate scale-ci pipeline ( tooling and nodevertical )
(2)[scale-ci] ansible-host fixups
(5) [scale-ci] Improve DNS configuration.
(3)[scale-ci] Make sure OSP telemetry is disabled in our deployment templates
(5)[scale-3.9][security] execute fio test
Sprint 148 (21 pts)
(2018-04-16 - 2018-05-04)
Sprint #148
[scale-ci](1) Unify instance naming between AWS and OSP
(5) [scale-ci] Request a staging environment and make changes to installer for this environment
(8)[scale] Capacity Planning - overload Jenkins sync plugin
(3) [scale-ci] Add support in svt to run logging tests.
(5) [scale-ci] Demonstrate automated scale-ci deploy pipeline
Sprint 149 (68 pts)
(2018-05-07 - 2018-05-25)
Sprint #149
(5) [scale-ci] Compare the current results with other runs
(3)[psap310] Build a prototype with solarflare deviceplugin and simple stac-n run, not optimized
[CNS]ycbt tool running on top of mongodb pod on OCP platform with mongodb using CNS storage as datastore
(3)[scale-3.10] Run logging tests
[scale-3.10] Pullthrough/local reference perf testing in support of authenticated redhat registry
(8)[scale] Capacity Planning for Jenkins
(5) [tools][scale-ci] Build cluster-config-mirror MVP
(3)[scale-3.10] Run http tests using automated pipeline job
(3)[scale-ci] ansible-host fixups
(1) Tuned profiles, pid_max
(5) [scale-ci] A Jenkins job to run HTTP(s) tests
(8)[psap310] Build/Setup the STAC-N Benchmark for an audit-run with Openshift + SolarFlare DevicePlugin
(5)[scale-ci][scale-3.10] provision ocp-on-osp 2000 node cluster
[2] [tools] Modify openshift-labeler to look at the labels instead of inventory.
(3) [tools] Update pbench indexing script to correctly index pidstat data
[tools] grafyaml openshift adaption PR's
(1) [tools] Test and modify Image builders to use RHEL 7.5 as the base image.
(1) [tools] automate updating the reg-aws token used by image builders.
(2) [tools] Update pbench indexing script to correctly index sar data
(3) [tools][scale-ci] Refine cluster-config-mirror replay parity
(3) [scale-ci] Add support for CNS block.
(3) [scale-3.10] Run master vertical using automated pipeline job
(3) [scale-3.10] Run node vertical using pipeline job
Sprint 150 (21 pts)
(2018-05-28 - 2018-06-15)
Sprint #150
(5)[scale-ci] Determine precise Ceph PG count
[tools] Add pbench stdout file parsing for misc metrics to pbench scraper
Request: Tolerate auth-enabled redhat registry [builds]
[scale-ci] (5) Sprint #150 scale ci environment
[scale-ci] (5) Public addressable IPs in Staging Environment
develop proposal for dashboard internship project
(5)[scale-ci] Make public IPs work on the production environment
[docs](1) Update cluster_limits page for 3.10
(8)[psap] Tune the STAC-N Benchmark for an audit-run with Openshift + SolarFlare DevicePlugin
[docs](1) Update docs with 3.10 router data
(3)[scale] Document the performance benefits of running HAProxy nbthread > 1
Sprint 151 (33 pts)
(2018-06-18 - 2018-07-06)
Sprint #151
[scale-ci] (1) spike look into a scale down operation for OpenShift
[tools] grafana - standardise oauth caps into grafana datasource
(8) [logging] Initial performance testing of rsyslog metadata filter
(5) Create JJB templates for all the existing scale-ci jenkins jobs
[CNS](3) Pgbench Postgresql performance tests running inside OCP pod when using CNS as storage backend for Postgresql
(8)[scale-3.11] Evaluate what more needs to be done for scale testing of Prometheus
[docs] update openshift table with builds info
(5)[scale] (Spike) Investigate and document current options for OCP router horizontal scalability
[tools][scale-ci] Tie in pbench scrape & R2R to jenkins jobs
(2) [tools][scale-ci] Create a master whitelist for the processes and devices to be included in pbench-scraper
(5)[tools]Design arbitrary workload onboarding process
[scale-ci] (3) Update the 3.10 installer with the new labels
[scale-ci] Create a test to check the max number of pods per namespace.
Sprint 152 (0 pts)
(2018-07-09 - 2018-07-27)
Sprint #152
In Progress (107 pts)
(2018-07-30 - 2018-08-17)
Sprint #152
How this column is used
(3) [tools] [scale-ci] Add tests to check if a image is good or not
(8) [tools] enforce tagging on AWS objects for billing purposes [3.7-OCP]
[CNS] (5) Jenkins test using CNS storage as datastore
[scale] - Run containers as nodes POC
(5) [scale][scale-3.10] performance testing of CNS block storage PV feature
(5)[psap] GPU Blog Post, Openshift-3.10 + DevicePlugin
[scale-ci] (5) Docs for Scale CI Automation
[tools] (?)cluster loader - make sure we can generate builds for certain template / builds config
(5) [tools] Update pbench indexing script to correctly index oc tool data
[dashboarding] - dashboard gaps analysis
[dashboarding] - tweak the cluster-monitoring to run latest image.
[scale] Investigate the qps/burst default values issue by running NodeVertical on 3.9 and 3.10
(8) [tools] Investigate pod startup latency
(3) [tools] Refactor supplemental metrics (de)/serialization in CL libs
(2) Remove the private stuff from all the pipeline jobs.
[scale-3.11] Prometheus Capacity PL Docs
[scale-ci] Create a cluster-config mirror test and add it to the Alderaan pipeline
[tools] - pbench add Prometheus tsdb metrics
How this column is used
(5)[scale-ci] Create a test to check the max number of namespaces.
(2) [tools] Modify R2R comparison to compare dissimilar host patterns
(5)[scale-ci] Create a test to check the max deployments possible for ns.
(3) [tools] Change R2R behaviour and output to be more verbose
[scale-ci] (3) Adjust the pipeline jobs to call the OpenStack and OpenShift jobs correctly
(13) [scale-ci] Run the “online first” System Verification Tests
(3) [scale-ci] Create automated pipeline job to run master vertical
[scale 3.11] Prometheus test features
(3)[scale] Run a HTTP test in a horizontally scaled router environment.
[scale-ci] (1) Add pbench-web-server to ansible-host
[scale-ci] (2) Per Sprint Schedule for Alderaan usage
[scale-ci] [tools] (5) Upgrade to OSP13
[scale-ci] (3) Copy and convert current nic-configs to OSP13 format
[scale] Investigate if we can get to more than 15000 pods per namespace.
[docs](1) Add table indicating workload to CNS block/file guidance
(2) [scale-ci] Modify nodevertical to schedule the pods on the core app nodes.
Request: [FUTROUBLE] Parallelize API storage migration
[psap](3) CI Job for GPUs in Origin CI
How this column is used
(5) [tools] Add the ability to index mpstat tool output in pbench
(5) [tools] Add the ability to index vmstat tool output in pbench
(8) [tools] add parallel support to golang cluster-loader
(3)[scale-ci] Ensure Logging is always deployed.
[tools] pbench collect JVM stats
(8)[tools] Merge to SVT and port to 3.10 compatibility
(3)[tools] Test cri-o with ocp
Next (24 pts)
How this column is used
(3) [tools] Add process aliases for R2R comparison
(5) [tools] Add CRI-O tests to node-perf-dash
[tools] Containerize pbench server
(2) [scale-ci] Add support to clean up projects for master vertical and ns_per_cluster tests
[scale-3.11] Prometheus CPU enhancements for concurrency
(3)[tools] pbench v0.51 release
(8) [tools] Fix race condition in CL
(3)[scale-ci] Ensure Registry is always deployed and backed by CNS File
[scale-ci] Add support to create jobs submitted by other teams in our pipeline.
Backlog (Top) (14 pts)
How this column is used
(5)[scale] Review OCP-on-OSP refarch from a scalability POV
(3)[tools] Prototype usage of process exporter for Prometheus (replaces pidstat)
(3)[Grafana] - research and develop prometheus queries for capacity planning.
(3) [tools] Fix prometheus metrics ES indexing in pbench
Velocity: 37 / sprint


Sprint 142 (0 pts)
(2017-12-11 - 2017-12-29)
Sprint 143 (26 pts)
(2018-01-01 - 2018-01-19)
(13) [SCCFSI39] inactivity timeout needed for API token
(13) [SCCFSI39] Secrets from external vault
Sprint 144 (17 pts)
(2018-01-22 - 2018-02-09)
PSP: implement AllowedFlexVolumes
(8) [SCCFSI39] flexvolume injection interface for non-storage use cases
(3) [FUTROUBLE] Fix issues with `oc adm migrate authorization`
(3) Add oauth-proxy to CI/CD process
(3) [Keycloak] R&D: Determine if RHT SSO can fulfill the OAuth server requirements in Origin
Sprint 145 (15 pts)
(2018-02-12 - 2018-03-02)
(5) [CM-OPS-Tools39] Security Prometheus endpoint coverage
(5) [FUTROUBLE] Add logging to osin
(5) [security] R&D: User Namespaces - Origin support (policies)[user namespace]
[FIPS] Investigate and coordinate efforts to achieve FIPS certfication for Openshift
Istio and OpenShift Security. The use of Istio in OpenShift should not compromise the overall cluster security.
Sprint 146 (8 pts)
(2018-03-05 - 2018-03-23)
server relative URL enforcement
(8) PodSecurityPolicy should be migrated from extensions api group
[R&D] SCC -> PSP migration
[CA] R&D Use external-issued certificates for infrastructure
Sprint 147 (0 pts)
(2018-03-26 - 2018-04-13)
Sprint 148 (12 pts)
(2018-04-16 - 2018-05-04)
(2) [PSP] Allow SCC Access via RBAC
(5) [UPSTREAM] PSP: continue migration away from extensions API group
(5) [R&D] spike to investigate usage of admission controller for image signing use cases
Sprint 149 (3 pts)
(2018-05-07 - 2018-05-25)
(1) [Reliability310] Erica's SRE Intro
(1) [Reliability310] Simo's SRE Intro
(1) [Reliability310] SRE Intro for Matt
Sprint 150 (23 pts)
(2018-05-28 - 2018-06-15)
(3) [Keycloak] Support external token review
(3) [Keycloak] Support external OAuth server
(0) [FUTROUBLE] Fix docs around form based Apache IDP proxy
(8) [Authz] RBAC Migration Followups for 3.8+
(1) [Reliability] Mo's SRE Intro
(8) UPSTREAM User Namespaces [user namespace]
(?) [UPSTREAM] PSP: graduate sysctl support to Beta
Sprint 151 (3 pts)
(2018-06-18 - 2018-07-06)
(0) [FUTROUBLE] Parallelize API storage migration
New Member Onboarding (slaznick)
Fix `kubectl describe` to show info about the new sysctl field
(3) [CA] [R&D] Automated node TLS bootstrapping and rotation
Sprint 152 (9 pts)
(2018-07-09 - 2018-07-27)
(3) [FUTROUBLE] Warn when a user runs a RBAC command that does not make sense
(3) GitHub Enterprise as Auth Provider
Add forbiddenSysctls and allowedUnsafeSysctls options to SCCs
(3) Review and document OpenShift specifics for CIS Kubernetes Benchmarks
In Progress (30 pts)
(2018-07-30 - 2018-08-17)
(5) [FUTROUBLE] Implement deny authorizer for online
Make Cluster Reader an aggregated cluster role
Improve ReconcileSCCOptions.ChangedSCCs
(1) [PSP] Document allow SCC Access via RBAC
(5) As a cluster administrator, I can configure OpenShift to consume group membership information from an identity provider
Add --remove-extra-* flags to auth reconcile
(3) [keycloak] External OAuth options followups
Implement optional PSP strategies
(5) [UPSTREAM] Promote encryption at rest with static configs to Beta
[3.11] Upgrade `oc` to use RBAC instead of proxied endpoints (backwards compatibility)
(3) No New Privs add -dry-run to auth reconcile
(5) [SCCFSI] Windows oc Kerberos Support
(3) Move GitLab to OIDC
Next (13 pts)
Cluster reader and custom resources
(0) [FUTROUBLE] Improve upstream global error handling
(0) [Reliability] Standa's SRE Intro
[FIPS] Add OCI hook to bind mount /etc file to enable FIPS mode in conformant containers
(5) [CA] client revocation for master (CRL)
(8) [PSP] PoC migrate scc to psp command
Backlog (Top) (1 pts)
[CA] [ACME] ACME client plugins
[CA] [ACME] ACME server proxy
(1) Improve developer and user documentation for oauth-proxy
Origin to/from Kube conversions for SAR
[FUTROUBLE] Warn when adding permissions to something that doesn't exist
Velocity: 10 / sprint


Sprint 142 (3 pts)
(2017-12-11 - 2017-12-29)
(3) [multi] federation control plane: gap analysis
Sprint 143 (1 pts)
(2018-01-01 - 2018-01-19)
Rewrite non-cloud e2e tests as integration tests
(1) [catalog39] stabilize CI in origin
Sprint 144 (10 pts)
(2018-01-22 - 2018-02-09)
(5) [multi] Implement delegated authn/authz
[multi] Add crinit aggregated unit tests to cluster registry
(5) [catalog39] Improve integration testing in service-catalog
Sprint 145 (5 pts)
(2018-02-12 - 2018-03-02)
(L) [catalog39] Update OpenShift Ansible Installer for Catalog 1.3(?) update
(5) [multi] Integration between kubectl and cluster-registry
Sprint 146 (6 pts)
(2018-03-05 - 2018-03-23)
(5) [catalog39] Async Bindings
(1) Add opaque token auth to OSB API
[multi] Improve kubectl experience for cluster registry
(S) Help write spec for test cluster api
Sprint 147 (11 pts)
(2018-03-26 - 2018-04-13)
(1) [federation310] Update federation to release 1.7 (Alpha)
(5) [catalog310] Control access to Service Classes / Plans PROPOSAL
(5) [catalog310] Tech Debt
[multi] Implement Deployment resource for Fnord
Sprint 148 (16 pts)
(2018-04-16 - 2018-05-04)
(3) [catalog310] Investigate metrics and monitoring
[catalog310] Catalog Controller should listen and serve metrics securely
(5) [catalog310] allow users to rename bind credential secret keys
[multi] Implement Federated K8s Namespace resource for federation V2 API
[multi] Ability to join multiple K8s clusters into federation v2
(8) [catalog310] stop vendoring service catalog in openshift/origin
Sprint 149 (0 pts)
(2018-05-07 - 2018-05-25)
[catalog310] Better credentials remapping (w/ JSONPath templates)
[multi] prepare for kubecon presentation
[multi] Work on Summit demo
Sprint 150 (15 pts)
(2018-05-28 - 2018-06-15)
(5) [catalog310] Reconciliation loop rework
[catalog-3.10] Add svcat CLI to service-catalog in OpenShift
(5) [multi] Add support for federating CRD to fedv2
(5) [multi] Prototype federation v2 api
(M) [multi] Finalize Cluster registry API
Sprint 151 (0 pts)
(2018-06-18 - 2018-07-06)
Sprint 152 (0 pts)
(2018-07-09 - 2018-07-27)
In Progress (31 pts)
(2018-07-30 - 2018-08-17)
(5) [catalog] Add pod-preset to Catalog API Server
(5) [multi] Multi-cluster Ingress API proposal
(8) [catalog] Health Check
(M) [multi] Transition fedv2 to kubebuilder
[catalog] Add a way to filter which service classes and plans are created for a broker
(13) [catalog] Enhance kubectl get experience
(XL) [catalog] Namespace scoped service catalog
Next (9 pts)
(1) [template] Update service catalog that is vendored in Origin to 0.0.X
[multi] Create and Validate Cluster Registry CRD
(M) [multi] Simplify placement
(8) Reduce the cost of federation pre-submit e2e
Backlog (Top) (0 pts)
[catalog] Quota for ServiceInstances and ServiceBindings
(S) Distribute knowledge about API machinery / code generation / API conventions
(M) [catalog] Distribute knowledge to rest of community
[catalog] Allow triggers for Deployments on Binding
(XL) [catalog] RBAC for Service Instances
Velocity: 6 / sprint


Sprint 126 (33 pts)
(2017-01-09 - 2017-01-25)
(1) [34backport] kubernetes: #31948 - Failed to delete dynamic provisioned volumes in different zones with master (Issue)
(3) Add documentation for changing of PV reclaim policy
(5) Refactor binder indexer tests
Create design proposal for ACL for OSE storage (3)
(8) [techdebt] refactor newRecyclerFunc from volume plugins
(5) [NFS Provisioner]Provisioner to work on service on top of Kubernetes
(8) [NFS Provisioner]NFS Provisioner project cleanup and refactor
(3) e2e test for configmap
Sprint 127 (57 pts)
(2017-01-30 - 2017-02-15)
Glusterfs dynamic storageclass does not accept endpoint parameter(8)
tsmetana AOS Team Member Onboarding
GlusterFS provisioner should be able to accept 'clusterid' and `volumetype` in its storage class parameter (3)
(1) Investigate using emptyDir backed by XFS limited with quota.
(2) e2e test for external dynamic provisioning
(3) Investigate a fix for volumes and any_uid SCC
(5) kubernetes: #31511 - Race condition during cinder volume detach and delete (Issue)
(21) Implement a Azure Block Provisioner [ops-rfe35][azure35]
(5) Documentation : NFS Provisioner & External Provisioners
(13) RFE: Enable Azure disk support storage class and dynamic provisioning [azure35]
(2) Document the scenarios that work with "pre-bind"
(5) Create Implementation for External Provisioners
Sprint 128 (45 pts)
(2017-02-20 - 2017-03-08)
(1) Investigate QE gap for openshift online
(21) [NFS Provisioner] - Decoupled & standalone NFS provisioning
(5) [e2e tests] Ensure that pods that are not in the controller's pod informer cache are detached even delete event is not recieved.[5]
(3) [Spike] OpenShift installer
(8)[SPIKE] User namespace UID/GID support in Volume plugins [namespace-gid]
(5) Persistent Volume Controller should use Shared Informer
(2) LimitRange with defaults e2e tests are failing [2]
Sprint 129 (20 pts)
(2017-03-13 - 2017-03-29)
Deprecate Recycle function starting OSE 3.6
(5) Add exponential backoff to AWS cloud provider
(5) Refactor external provisioner repo
(5) Add safe os.RemoveAll() that does not cross mount boundary.
(5) Update external provisioner library to be compatible with 1.6
Sprint 130 (21 pts)
(2017-04-03 - 2017-04-19)
(3) [spike]Package Installers for external provisioners
(13) [dp-framework] Update the e2e test for dynamic provisioning
(5) Ensure that OpenShift installer Storage is idempotent.
Sprint 131 (18 pts)
(2017-04-24 - 2017-05-10)
(1) Detangle attaching from FLEX plugin, use new interface [FLEX]
(1) Document external provisioners for the Kubernetes 1.6 release
(1) Write a script that detects pods stuck in ContainerCreating state for more than 5 mins
(8) Ceph RBD - Attach/detach interface refactoring
(2) Openshift Online - OPS force detach EBS [steve]
(0.5) Write a script to automate detection and deletion of pods in deadline exceeded state
(2) Enable quotas for total volume size per Namespace[ops-rfe36]
(3) Rename RBD to Ceph RBD in our documentation
Sprint 132 (63 pts)
(2017-05-15 - 2017-05-31)
(13) Ship kubernetes with default StorageClasses
(5) Add checks and documentation about template pods for recycling
(13) Azure e2e and stress tests
(5) Add worker threads to PV controller
(13) AWS EFS Shared File storage provisioner
(13) As a Openshift user I should be able to use mount options
Vsphere plugins in Openshift 3.5 and Openshift 3.6
(1) Backport vsphere fixes to openshift
Support NFS mount options
Sprint 133 (41 pts)
(2017-06-05 - 2017-06-21)
(2) Attach / Detach controller docs, configs and troubleshooting.
(5) Fix GCE provisioning during controller restart
(13) [kubernetes] Move StorageClass from Beta to stable
(13) Validation mount options when PVs are being created.
(3) Internal provisioners should report success as an event
(5) [storage-classes] Quota usability for access control of StorageClass in OpenShift
Sprint 134 (30 pts)
(2017-06-26 - 2017-07-12)
(8) Enable cloudprovider configuration in admission controller
(8) [openshift] Move StorageClass from Beta to stable
(1) Improve recyling of device names in AWS
Speed up attach/detach integration tests
(1) Update the Openshift NFS setup doc remove no_wdelay
(2) Document cloudprovider metrics for Kube 1.7 release
(5) OpenShift installer and default StorageClass
(5) Package Installers for external provisioners
Sprint 135 (110 pts)
(2017-07-17 - 2017-08-02)
(3) Write a script for fixing stuck volumes in starter clusters
(0.5) Document EBS device limit
Build a tool for cleaning up failed volumes in Online
(13)Implement CSI external attacher
(3) Improve messaging around when file system resizing happens
(3) Create a script for detaching dangling volumes from openshift online
(5) Add local storage PV
(5) Create design proposal in order to provide a means to increase the Storage Capacity of a PV [OpenShift Online][ops-rfe310] [resize]
(13) Increase storage capacity development work
Create a scratch build for fixing Cinder bug
(8) Write a proposal for Volume metrics
(8)[mount containers] Update volume plugins
(3)[mount containers] Add VolumeHost.GetExec method
(3)[mount containers] Add pluginName to VolumeHost.GetMounter
(5) Add E2E tests for FLEX volume plugin.
(13) [Manila External Provisioner] Implement missing Manila API calls into gophercloud library
(8) Create and merge an upstream design proposal for Snapshotting [snapshot]
Update CSI proposal to include ASYNC calls
(3) Implement volume metrics
[resize] Update volume plugin interface to support growing volumes
(1) Add e2e test for volume metrics
(2) E2E tests for reclaimPolicy and mountOptions
(3)Fix recycler check
(8) [snapshot] Testing infrastructure + tests
Determine performance characteristics on AWS EBS attach/detach
OSO Benchmark next steps
[13] Implement raw block storage design proposal
[3] [Product Quality] Investigate adjusting the poling timeout to increase attach performance on AWS.
Add E2E test for Resizing
Review CSI (container storage interface) doc upstream [csi-impl]
Sprint 146 (10 pts)
(2017-08-07 - 2018-03-26)
iSCSI PV Spec refactor to allow namespaces for secrets and endpoints
(2) PVC Protection: Scheduler
Document resizing feature for kubernetes 1.9 release
(8) [Product Quality] Prevent PVC deletion if PVC in use by a POD.
In Progress (196 pts)
(2018-04-02 - 2017-09-15)
Fix zabbix alerts to remove false alerts
Fix external-storage layout [tech debt]
CSI EBS Driver
(1) [Reliability] SRE Intro
[Reliability] [metrics] Implement Metrics + Alerts + SOPs
[Reliability] [metrics] Audit Metrics + Alerts + SOPs
[Product Quality] Make sure Kubernetes runs E2E tests for volume plugins
Design : openshift online monitoring work [metrics]
Design in-line CSI volumes
Design CSI registry
Implement a metric/alert for volumes stuck in attaching/detaching or busy state
Add a metric for counting number of in-use PVCs
Add resize support in CSI spec
Move block storage to beta
Update CSI spec to emit volume metrics
Document how to use FLEX with openshift.
[5] External provisioner - EFS and OpenShift install.
[8] Perform file system resize
(13) [snapshot] Implement the out-of-tree snapshotting controller
(8) Fix dangling volumes attached to nodes
Implement RWO attach/detach for Fibre Channel Volume
(8) Admins Can Configure Zones in Storage Class
Implement RWO attach/detach for iSCSI
[resize] (1) Update AWS-SDK version to allow resize
Add support for NVMe Drives on AWS
(8) Review and Comment on Local FS and Raw Block Device PVs
(2) EBS/AWS optimization for API quota
(8) Storage Prometheus endpoint coverage [CM-OPS-Tools37]
[8] CHAP authentication support for ISCSI
(8) Implement support for cloudprovider metrics for storage
iSCSI Multipath Support
(1) Improving logging of VolumeInUse errors
EBS volumes fail to detach when controller is restarted in HA environment
(13) Attach / Detach controller restart & VolumeManager recovery
Critical GlusterFS bugs in Openshift
Create a scratch build for [3.5] Restart of atomic-openshift-node service terminates pod glusterfs mount
(8) Design: Containerized Mount for volume filesystem plugins. [client container]
(5) Help Storage BU with Gluster Provisioner
(13) Namespaced CephFS secrets
(8) [adc blocking operation] Add multipath support for iscsi volume plugin.
(5)[mount containers] Node autoconfiguration
(5) Enforcing RWO for RBD Volume through attach and detach controller
(8) Allow configuration of reclaim policy in StorageClass
(5) Improve performance of detach followed by attach
(5) Create images for local storage daemonset
(2) Add support for quota handling to consider volume resize
[resize] Change API validation for PVs and PVCs to enable resize
(3)Convert OpenShift to require less manual tasks on rebases
AZURE PV Spec refactor to allow namespaces for secrets and endpoints
PV Spec refactor to allow namespaces for secrets and endpoints
CephFS PV Spec refactor to allow namespaces for secrets and endpoints
(8)[mount containers] Implement mount propagation in kubelet
Backport metric collection from volume operations to Openshift 3.7
(3) Add mount option support for Storage Classes
(5) Take mount options to GA
Make kube scheduler aware of attach volume limits on a node.
(2) Gluster block provisioner
Add Volumemetrics for GlusterFS plugin
(13) Implement dynamic provisioner for [Manila External Provisioner]
[Spike] [Manila External Provisioner] (5) Dynamic Provisioner for OpenStack Manila
Implement online resizing
(5) Ceph File Provisioner
Update flexvolume documentation for Openshift 3.10
Document recovery from failed resizes
(8) Create a design proposal for local block storage (not local block with FS on it)
PVC Protection 1.10 to 1.9 downgrade is broken by PVC protection
(2) Add e2e test that reproduces unmount issue on kubelet restart
(5) Namespaced Gluster Endpoints
(8)[mount containers] Update kubelet
[resize] Perform cloudprovider resize in controller
Document local storage in OSE
Ship Kubernetes infrastructure pieces for CSI in OpenShift
Fixing csi external attacher
CSI Snapshots [CSI Features]
Display allowVolumeExpansion field in oc describe sc
[resize] investigate what remaining plugins support resize.
Next (29 pts)
Add a metric for reporting number of volumes attached to a node and number of volumes that are in use on the node
Local Storage OCP install
track external cloud provider work
CSI Workloads : allow Kube metadata to pass to CSI Plugins
PVC Delete - should be possible if feature enabled then disabled
Enable Openshift E2E Tests [tech debt]
Document configuration of Volume limits for NVMe disks
[spike] Track CSI complience testing suite
CSI Volume Support [CSI Features]
Performance standard testing - SPIKE [tech debt]
[Product Quality] [SPIKE] OpenShift Online Performance ongoing Test & validation
(8) [SPIKE] [Product Quality] Improve Volume event usability
[Product Quality] Base Kubernetes framework benchmarks
Add usage notice that recycle function is being deprecated
(8) [Product Quality] Ensure OSE uses all Kubernetes volume plugins
Enable Scheduling of Snapshots
(13) [Product Quality] AWS E2E Testing In Upstream Kubernetes [techdebt]
Track and limit IOPS incurred by containers in Pods
[SPIKE] [Product Quality] Run Kubernetes E2E storage tests in OpenShift
[CNS] GlusterFS Custom Volume Name Support.
Backlog (Top) (8 pts)
Clean up provisioning error messages on AWS
Snapshot + CSI validation
Update the scheduler to take PV topology into account
Fix quota across unit conversion
(8) AWS needs stress tests for volume features
Velocity: 40 / sprint


Sprint 142 (0 pts)
(2017-12-11 - 2017-12-29)
Sprint 143 (18 pts)
(2018-01-01 - 2018-01-19)
(1) Bump ace editor
(3) R&D - Testing components with spec tests
(2) Update the monitoring page to use the new list-pf markup and styles
(2) oauth-proxy needs a login UI in style with the jenkins UI
(2) BuildConfigs env ValueFrom [build]
(3) Update project list styles based on UX feedback [usability]
(0) UX Design - Alternate Overviews [usability] [evg39]
(5) Switch to use openshift APIs under API groups - phase 2 [techdebt]
Implement suggested visual changes for overview [usability]
Sprint 144 (33 pts)
(2018-01-22 - 2018-02-09)
(3) Let users configure their preferred console home page [web-catalog]
(5) [SCCFSI39] Configurable inactivity timeout in console
(5) Projects - Updates to Add To Projects with Quick Search [web-catalog]
(20) Web console as a separate runnable image - productization [techdebt] [evg39]
Update to use RBAC APIs in membership page [auth]
Sprint 145 (22 pts)
(2018-02-12 - 2018-03-02)
(5) Browse catalog from within a project
Handle HPA objects persisted with v2beta1
(2) Build webhooks with secretRefs
(5) SRE Intro [reliability39]
(0) Basic Walkthrough Guided Tour 2 [UX-detailed-design]
(5) R&D React [techdebt]
(5) R&D Angular 5 [techdebt]
Sprint 146 (10 pts)
(2018-03-05 - 2018-03-23)
Fix CI to cluster up with right OpenShift version on enterprise-* branches [techdebt]
(5) R&D Run console smoke tests from pod [reliability310]
(3) R&D Audit Metrics + Alerts + SOPs [reliability310]
(2) Add overview support for daemon sets [kubernetes]
R&D Evaluate test stack [techdebt]
Sprint 147 (13 pts)
(2018-03-26 - 2018-04-13)
(1) Remove layout.attrs [techdebt]
(5) Let users create generic secrets [kubernetes]
(2) Let user select which route to show for an application
(3) Bump xterm.js [techdebt]
(2) Improved search algorithm in the catalog [web-catalog]
Sprint 148 (0 pts)
(2018-04-16 - 2018-05-04)
Sprint 149 (0 pts)
(2018-05-07 - 2018-05-25)
Sprint 150 (0 pts)
(2018-05-28 - 2018-06-15)
Support deploying app with private repo image on Deploy Image page
Sprint 151 (0 pts)
(2018-06-18 - 2018-07-06)
Sprint 152 (0 pts)
(2018-07-09 - 2018-07-27)
In Progress (6 pts)
(2018-07-30 - 2018-08-17)
(3) Increase size of PV [storage]
Tracking 3.11 items from JIRA
(3) Migrate from bower to yarn [techdebt]
Implementation: Run console smoke tests from a pod
Interact with new idler objects [kubernetes]
Next (0 pts)
Migrate from grunt to webpack [techdebt]
R&D Investigating Redux [techdebt]
(?) [reliability] Implement Metrics + Alerts + SOPs
Address usability concerns with tile subcategories in the catalog
R&D Feasible of topology view (discover API prereqs)
(?) Mark service classes tech-preview [service-catalog]
Let users edit secrets [kubernetes]
Namespace scoped ServiceClasses [web-catalog]
Backlog (Top) (5 pts)
Tolerate ConfigMaps containing the new binary data option
Let users pick an instance or binding parameter value from an existing secret [web-catalog]
Improve experience switching from ephemeral to persistent storage [storage]
(5) Add easy "Docker Automated Build" to Add to project options [build] [onboarding]
Let me delete my objects from the overview [usability]
Velocity: 8 / sprint

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